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Know where your customers are headed - and get there first
Copyright 2012 Farm Management Canada By Glenn Cheater

It’s easy to say you believe in that all-important first principle of marketing – Know Your Customer – but it’s a lot harder to put in practice: Customers are definitely fickle creatures.

But understanding customers is critical to the success of Bay Growers Co-operative in Clarksburg in the heart of Ontario’s Georgian Bay apple country. It started up a dozen years ago when 22 local growers jointly built a storage facility, but its watershed moment came when it zeroed in on what its customers – grocery retailers – were doing.

“We could see the writing on the wall,” says co-op president John Ardiel. “The retail business was consolidating. There were fewer and fewer retailers, and the next logical step was that there would be fewer and fewer suppliers.
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Agricultural co-operatives provide incentives to perform.jpg - Google Docs
May 15, 2012 | The Globe & Mail | An Information Feature "The Power of Co-operatives"
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Co-operatives: All in this together
Mar 26th 2009| The Economist | Anonymous. How is the co-operative model coping with the recession?
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june 2009 by jerryking Two credit union bodies set to merge
Thursday, April 26, 2007 | The Globe & Mail | by RICHARD

two of the largest credit union organizations in the country are about
to tie the knot, creating a new co-operative financial powerhouse.

Credit Union Central of Ontario and Credit Union Central of British
Columbia are in the last stages of talks that will likely result in a
merger this fall, creating a huge new entity with assets of more than
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