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When Seeking a Raise, It Pays to be Tactful
September 11, 2004 | Workopolis - Globe & Mail | by Virginia Galt.

When seeking a raise, issues like longevity, breathing, etc. don't count. Instead, demonstrate your value to the enterprise if you want to be do better than the 3.4% avg. increase that employers budget for....Employers are more than willing to top up the salaries of their top performers...the challenge for employees is to demonstrate their worth....Figure out ways of differentiating yourself, be able to create unique value in an are in charge of what people think of you.
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Many hats worn in 'portfolio career'
October 16, 2004 | Globe and Mail | Virginia Galt.

Instead of focusing on one job, more executives are finding satisfaction in multiple endeavours.
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A case study on luring investment angels - The Globe and Mail
Virginia Galt

Guelph, Ont. — The Globe and Mail

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HR getting short shrift: study
May 30, 2007 | The Globe and Mail. pg. C.1 | Virginia Galt.

"Over the past decade, there has been much talk about HR becoming a strategic business partner within the company, but we find HR is still primarily viewed as a cost centre or administrative function," Margot Thom, a partner with Deloitte Canada, said in releasing the report..."When business executives talk about HR, they focus on things like benefits, performance evaluations and HR operating efficiency. But when those same executives talk about 'people issues,' they focus on strategic challenges, such as talent management, work force productivity and leadership development - and in many cases the HR function isn't even mentioned," Ms. [Margot Thom] said, adding organizations are leaving HR "out of the loop" at their peril.
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Method not as important as the message
February 28, 2011 | | VIRGINIA GALT
Tweets and status updates offer a real connect with customers, as long
as you know your audience. "When you talk about what you need to grab
media attention, you need to have a really great story, you need to have
a story that engages people on an emotional level," said Geoff Rowan,
partner and managing director of Ketchum Public Relations Canada. The
communications method - whether it's old media or new media - doesn't
matter nearly as much as the message.
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The tricks to recruiting top talent
Oct. 04, 2010 | The Globe & Mail | VIRGINIA GALT. Top
desires of a job seeker. Money: “Most of us who deal with this have a
rule of thumb that you have to give at least a 10% increase to move
anybody,” says Toronto lawyer Stewart Saxe. An equity stake: “The real
upside is in the equity participation if you are at a senior enough
level,” said recruiter Tom Long. “What they are looking for is the
opportunity to participate … and have a home run.” Work-life balance:
“Three weeks of vacation is now pretty standard. In addition, some shops
close between Christmas and New Years, and a lot of firms are also
giving five personal days as floaters,” said Katie Dolgin .
“Flexibility, being able to work from home occasionally if they have a
sick child, is important.” A safety net: This is particularly important
for executives who leave big jobs for smaller, younger enterprises,
recruiters say. Many candidates will insist on severance clauses to
protect themselves if things go south.
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How to master the art of thinking quickly on your feet
July 10, 2004 | The Globe and Mail | by Virginia Galt. (1)
Think brevity (2) Think structure (3) Think threes (4) Think movement.
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Think brevity

Be aware that your audience values you getting to the point. They value complex ideas being explained simply. Everyone suffers from information overload. If you don't get to the point, you're adding to the overload.

Think structure

Place some kind of framework into your communication so that your audience can see you are organized and have thought about your answer. You have focused your answer into something digestible, something an audience can absorb. It forces you into brevity and clarity.

Think threes

Strong verbal messages require focus. They also require substance. One item is not enough. Seventeen items is too many. Three items is enough for you, and your audience, to retain. Three items forces you to focus on what is really important. It also focuses your audience on only having listen to three. Remember your audience's attention span.

Think movement

Demonstrate your mental ability to be logical, and to move your audience through that logic. What if someone asks a question to which you do not know the answer?
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Comeback Strategy
Jun 16, 2007 | The Globe and Mail. pg. B.18 | Virginia Galt.
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When the axe falls: Adjusting to life after job loss
June 16, 2007| The Globe & Mail pg. B18 | by VIRGINIA
GALT, WORKPLACE REPORTER. Profiles the struggles of Eleanor Clitheroe
post Hydro One where she was appointed CEO in 1999, with a mandate to
take the power transmission company private – a mandate that was later
reversed as a result of changing political priorities. In June, 2002,
the entire board of directors resigned in a power struggle with the
provincial government over executive compensation. Shortly thereafter,
Ms. Clitheroe was fired – with no severance.
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