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The United States shouldn’t take sides in the Sunni-Shiite struggle - The Washington Post
By Fareed Zakaria Opinion writer

...the most significant trend shaping the region today is something different: Sunnis vs. Shiites. That sectarian struggle now infects almost every aspect of the region’s politics....Though there always was tension, Sunnis and Shiites did live in peace, for the most part, until recently.....The pivotal shift took place in 1979. The Islamic Revolution in Iran brought to power an aggressively religious ruling class, determined to export its ideas and support Shiites in the region.....Saudi Arabia is facing a series of challenges, from the Islamic State to domestic extremists. The country’s large and active social media are dominated by radical Islamists. And as oil prices plunge, government revenue has collapsed, and the nation’s generous subsidies to its people will be hard to sustain. The regime needs greater legitimacy.
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Book Review: ‘After the Prophet’ -
SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by ERIC ORMSBY
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How Iran Could Save the Middle East
July/August 2009 | The Atlantic Online | Jeffrey Goldberg.
With Shiite Iran growing stronger, Jews and Sunni Arabs suddenly have a
potent basis for friendship. Could leveraging Sunni fears of rising
Shiite power finally solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem? The case for
a Sunni-Jewish alliance.
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Shia Crescent rising
August 12, 2006, G&M book review by NADER HASHEMI of Vali Nasr's The Shia Revival:
How Conflicts Within Islam Will Shape the Future.
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A Faith Divided
Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:01 A.M. EDT WSJ book review by MASOOD FARIVAR of Vali Nasr's "The Shia Revival."

Will Sunni-Shia war engulf the new Middle East?
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