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How to Get Wider Triceps (WORKS EVERY TIME!) - YouTube
How to Get Wider Triceps (WORKS EVERY TIME!)
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Our triceps have three parts: lateral head, long head, medial head.

For the long head:
(1) Place up overhead, down and back behind the body, do the lying tricep extension. Use ez curl bar, Don't allow the bar to come up fully ,straight up over my head.......Keep it angled backwards the entire time. Drop down to the bottom. let upper arm drop down a little.
(2) Drag pushdown. Keep the elbows as far back as you possibly can, Into extension.

Fore medial head:
The key is the full extension of the elbow.
(1) tricep pushup. Full extend the elbow
(2) Diamond cutter push-up. Add in the extra couple of inches.
(3) Dumbbell press with elbow tucked close to our sides. Thumbs up.
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december 2019 by jerryking
8 Muscle Gaining Mistakes - Men Over 40 (FIXED!!) - YouTube
(1) Start with the Warm-up, get body ready to train. Get your heart rate up. Break a sweat.
(2) Focus on building strength. Do so responsibly. Controlled strength is the focus. Commend the weight that you use. Pause reps for bench press and squats. Progressively overloading.
(3) Train the mind-muscle connection. Pursuit of the quality of each repetition. Introduction of joint stability and muscular control.. Now feed more into controlled strength.
(4) How to string quality reps into quality sets and a quality workout? Introduce metabolic training. Lighter weights on exercises and going for the burn (metabolic stress). Get THROUGH the burn.
(5) Train like an athlete. Be scientific, be purposeful. Doing athletic things. E.g. Jumping. Don't be one dimensional.
(6) Boring corrective exercises. Face-pulls.
(7) What type of cardio? Do sparing cardio. Battle ropes, sled push, Farmers carry,
(8) Nutrition and supplementation. Our metabolism changes. Reliance on consistent, high quality nutrition. Be on point with your nutrition. Focus on increasing consistency of diet.
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september 2019 by jerryking
The Official Pull-Up Checklist (AVOID MISTAKES!) - YouTube
Prerequisite list: Things that can enhance ability to do a pull-up
(1) Strong abdominals. Hang from a bar with absolute stillness. Do more hanging ab exercises.
(2) Strong deadlifts. Stronger you are at "pulling" the better you're going to be on the pull-up.
(3) Strong scapular strength. Need to be strong and stable. Straight arm scapular strength.
(4) Body fat has to be in check. Good strength-to-bodyweight ratio. Get body fat down.

The Set-up
(1) How we grab the bar. Narrow? Shoulder width? Wide grip? Go for slightly wider than shoulder width. Place shoulders in the right position. Gets elbows out in front of the body. Puts stretch on to the lats.
(2) Depth of the grip. Far end of fingers? Deep in the palm? You can do more pull-ups if you grip if you use a hook grip, but you're inviting long-term problems.
(3) Positioning of your legs matters! Keep legs together, pointing toes down towards the ground, and straight out in FRONT of you. Plug the energy leaks (i.e. actively engage your calves, squeeze quads and straighten your knees, squeeze glutes behind you, tighten your abs, ) !!! All these things plug potential places where the force that you're going to generate down to the bar can leak out of. You're whole body is one kinetic chain, with the energy flowing up and down.

The Actual Rep
(1) Look up. Look right at the bar. Get the bar to your chin, preferably to your sternum.
(2) Initiate. Squeeze the bar. Not just through the entire hand. Focus on the ring finger and your pinky finger. Those are the two weakest fingers in your grip. If you can master the weakest fingers, brings the rest of the group along for the ride.
(3) Mindset. Pull the bar down to your body! Attack the bar with your chest. Reach for it with your chest. Open your chest up. Establish thoracic extension. Make exercise easier AND Increase the safety of exercise when it comes to your shoulder.

Caveat: Potential Impact on Shoulder
Do you need to go full out dead hang on every pull up rep. Yes, straighten the elbows on every rep. DO NOT UNPACK YOUR SHOULDERS. Dead hang does NOT mean unpacked shoulders (destabilized shoulders)!!! Don't allow your traps to ride up near your ears. Pull your traps down.....Don't think that getting completely lax at the bottom of the pull-up is a good thing. Get straight at the elbows, keep the tightness there, keep the stability, and then allow that extension through the thoracic spine to still allow for the movement require to execute the pull-up properly, every single time
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september 2019 by jerryking
How to Get a Wider Chest (INNER to OUTER!) - YouTube
(1) The Dip (applying the most tension to the pec that you can by pre-positioning your body the right way, put some extra stretch on it, get away from these rounded shoulders, open the shoulders up, open your chest up, savour the stretch at the bottom--the pause dip.

(2) Bench press with dumbbells. Consciously open your chest up to set up the positioning. At the bottom of the repetition, pause for 1 or 2 seconds. When you come out of that, don't push or lead with the shoulders, instead, lead with your chest (by squeezing the biceps together).

(3) Push-ups. Use a pair of dumbbells to gain a larger range of motion (get the arm a little bit more behind the body). Apply the pause to the bottom of every single repetition. Attack the ground with the chest. Shoulders stay back, chest leads the way down to the ground. Open up and get wide.

(4) Peck Flys. Instead: USE THE CABLE MACHINE CROSSOVER (one arm, high to low) Put yourself in the same position as it would have been doing the fly. First step is to open up the chest. Get the chest further back, apply a stretch. Fully adduct. Take the pec through its entire range of motion. Alternative, do a floor fly. Use a half of a foam roller. Allow you to get a little more opening of that chest because you're up and elevated about 3 inches off the ground.
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september 2019 by jerryking
How to Increase Your Bench Press (FASTEST WAY!) - YouTube
How to increase your bench press by not actually doing the bench press. Casey Mitchell's biggest gains came from doing accessory movements that help to perform bench press better. Perform these accessory movements more often in a given training block, than the bench press itself. These work because they all us to work through our weak points.

(1) Pause bench. You have to overcome inertia. Also emphasizes the importance of leg drive....3-second or 5-second pause....The weight fatigues your chest, fatigues your triceps, to get it to move, you need to engage your legs.
(2) Dumbbell floor press. Opportunity to work the lockout portion of the bench press to help with the weak point (weak) triceps are impeding you from getting to a good full strong bench press. The adduction benefits, more activation of the chest; plus a good safety net of using the floor; finally, need to know how to get the dumbbells into position. Benefit of getting the elbows into the right position. Lot harder than the barbell. Cut the weight in pursuit of control
(3) Incline static dumbbell press. Combines elements of isometric strength and concentric strength--demands performance of your concentric strength in a fatigued state. Up (both arms) for one count. Then, bring one arm down to 45 degrees with the chest fully engaged. Then using the other arm, move for 5 reps. Then come down and hold with that arm. Now move the other (resting) arm for five reps. Then now move both arms for 5 reps.
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august 2019 by jerryking
How to Get Bigger Biceps (TALLER & WIDER!) - YouTube
(1) Bend back the wrists. Use a single dumbbell.
(a) do reps so that the top of the dumbbell is always visible to you for the entire duration of the curl. Hold and squeeze at the top (use 'dead wrists').
(b) Never execute witht he curl bar in your fingers (you'll get golfer's elbow). Grip deep in our hands. Never stress your wrists.

(2) Chin-ups (no wrist curls) Bend back the wrists. Grip bar deep into the hand) Lift. Keep the tension on.

(3) High cable curl. Don't curl with your forearms. Use dead wrists. ll the work is to be done by the biceps.
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august 2019 by jerryking
The FASTEST Way to Bigger Rear Delts! - YouTube
Rear delt activation using a wide bar (like you would use on a lat pulldown) and spacing our hands far apart. The setup will demand that your elbows drift away from your sides and place more of the load on the rear delts in the process.
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may 2019 by jerryking
The 6 Best Lifts for NEW Muscle Growth (GUARANTEED!) - YouTube
(1) Deadlifts >>> (a) chest-supported row (T-Bar row); (b) Reverse dumbbell lunge or forward dumbbell lunge. Teaches you how to push hard through that forward leg to get all momentum of your body back up to a standing position. How to push with great force through your legs, one at a time, into the ground. Then go back to deadlifting with both feet.

(2) Squats >>> (value of the glutes when it comes to performing the squat. Don't half rep it. Activate the glutes to help with the bottom of the lift, but you have to get deep enough. A variation of the glute hamstring raise. Initiate the contraction by squeezing your butt cheeks together. Hip flextion.

(3) Overhead Press. Z press. Sit down on the ground, and overhead press from that position.

(4) Weighted Pull-ups. Work on stability of the shoulder blade.
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may 2019 by jerryking
The PERFECT Back Workout (Sets and Reps Included) - YouTube
Here is how to construct the perfect back workout:

1A. Deadlift x 10,8
1B. Weighted Chin x 4RM, 8RM

2A. Deadlift x 6,6
2B. BW Wide Grip Pullups x F,F

3. Barbell Dead Rows (12RM) - 2-3 x 8-10

4. Alternating 1 Arm High Cable Row OR Rocking Pulldown - 2-3 x 10-12

5. Hyper Y/W Combo - 2 x 14-20 (alternate Y/W each rep)

6. Barbell Ladder Shrug Finisher - 1 x F
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february 2019 by jerryking
Stop Doing Chest Flys - I'm Begging You!! - YouTube
Do one-arm cable crossovers PAST midline. Ball the fist of the non-working arm.
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february 2019 by jerryking
6 GREATEST EXERCISES (Old School Edition!!) - YouTube
* Plug energy leaks in your pull-ups. Tighten core, tight legs, buttocks, point feet down and away from the chest down.
* Bench press--keep grips shoulder width, don't go out wide. Focus on adduction across the front of your body towards midline.
* Deadlifts--master the hip hinge. Bar and the knees.
* Barbell curl--cheat the rep on the start. When it gets to vertical, stop cheats. SLOW down the eccentric.
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february 2019 by jerryking
(9) 5 Biggest Arms Workout Lessons Learned (HOW HE DID IT!) - YouTube
(1) Intensity -- go past point of fatigue with drop sets or rest/pause techniques. Push yourself
(2) Full range of motion - full extensions!! Don't short arm it.
(3) Static bicep chin holds up on the chin-up bar. Contract, contract, contract at the top port.
(4) Rocking tricep pushdown.
(5) Stop worrying about what everybody else is thinking, saying, etc. Stop caring about what other people say.
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october 2018 by jerryking
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