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2019 Millennial Entrepreneurs and Money Report
The findings of this study show that millennial entrepreneurs are a financially savvy, ambitious group of business owners. Young people often get a bad rap for mishandling their credit and finances, but young entrepreneurs are doing pretty well.
ESB6  ch1  CH2  millenials  Funding  credit  ch14  survey  data 
12 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Sizeup | The U.S. Small Business Administration |
If you are a small business owner, you need to know how your business stacks up with the competition in order to succeed. SizeUp will help you manage and grow your business by benchmarking it against competitors, mapping your customers, competitors and suppliers, and locating the best places to advertise.

To get started, enter your industry and city where your business is located and discover how your business sizes up with the competition. Please note, the SizeUp tool displays the top three results of your search. To view full results, you must complete the sign in process. Please note that you are not required to provide your name, only an email address. Any information provided is sent to SizeUp and is not maintained by SBA.
ESB6  ch7  ch1  competition  competitors  analysis  industryanalysis  marketingresearch  free  Online  comparison 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
7th Annual MBO Partners State of Independence Report
The 7th Annual MBO Partners State of Independence gauges the size, growth, performance and sentiments of a large, multi-faceted, economically powerful–and increasingly confident— segment of the American workforce. Independents are the nearly 41 million adult Americans of all ages, skill, and income levels—consultants, freelancers, contractors, temporary or on-call workers—who work independently to build businesses, develop their careers, pursue passions and/or to supplement their incomes. Notes 3 types of independents (full-time, part-time and occasional).
ESB6  ch5  ch1  gig  freelance  freelancing  statistics  stats  report 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
Insomnia Cookies: From University of Pennsylvania dorm to 100 stores |
Interview with Seth Berkowiz, founder of Insomnia Cookies. Quote: "There is no better time than the present to give it a try. As your responsibilities grow, it's so much harder to take the leap. That being said, I really enjoyed my college experience and entrepreneurship is a sacrifice," Berkowitz said.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  upenn  cookies  quote 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
About — Alexis Ohanian Sr.
Co-founder of Reddit (UVA grad), also involved in Y Combinator, open internet initiatives, and a VC firm. Possible replacement for Michael Dell in Chapter 1.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  example  story 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
Why Startups Fail? A Data Analysis by Autopsy – Startup Autopsies – Medium
Most commonly asked question we receive is what are the top reasons why startups fail. So we did an analysis on over 300 failed tech startups on our database, here’s what we found.
ESB6  start-up  STARTUP  fail  failed  failure  failures  autopsy  ch1 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
ESB6  ch1  statistics  data  self-employed  occupation  industry 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
CHAPTER 1 data - 2016 Business Patterns - gives number of firms by employment size class, plus employment and payroll.
ESB6  ch1  data  statistics  employers  firms 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
CHAPTER 1 - Nonemployer stats by 2-digit NAICS (general industry) code. 2016.
ESB6  ch1  nonemployer  statistics  data  industry 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
For TABLE 1.1 - Table gives workforce numbers and includes breakouts for self-employed incorporated and non-incorporated, but general occupational classes. 2016 data (comparable to business pattern)
ESB6  ch1  table  data  nonemployer  self-employed  statistics  2016 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
Small Business Lending Impact Study | Accion
A longitudinal study on the impact of mission-based lending services on small business in the United States
ESB6  ch1  social-entrepreneur  mission  lending  impact  socialentrepreneurship 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook Draft 2 - Intro
Kauffman's version 2 online guide to building ecosystems, from 2017: entrepreneurs, ecosystems, create, scale, measure.
ESB6  ch1  ch3  ecosystem  ecosystems  data  scalability  report  Online 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
2018 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories | The U.S. Small Business Administration |
The Small Business Profiles are an annual portrait of each state’s small businesses. They gather the latest federal data into state-by-state snapshots of small business health and economic activity. Limited economic data is also provided for the U.S. territories.

This year’s profiles report on state economic growth and employment. They also answer the questions:

How many small businesses are in my state?
How many jobs do they create?
Which industries have the most small businesses and small business jobs?
How many establishments opened and closed?
How many small businesses export, and how much?
Which counties have the most small business employment? 
ESB6  SBA  ch1  states  profiles  data 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
PatentsView - USPTO
Accessible USPTO patent database permitting specialized searches.
ESB6  ch1  ch4  innovation  patents  database  patent  USPTO 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Pixel Press' Robin Rath named to the Upstart 100 - The Business Journals
(Check out links to other articles). Now a 34-year-old entrepreneur, Rath's St. Louis-based company, software development firm Roundthird, created the iPhone game Radial 50, the question-and-answer platform Ask Authentic, and last year, Pixel Press. The company has already landed a significant partnership with Cartoon Network for the Pixel Press game, and raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter.
ESB6  ch1  RobinRath  pixelpress  vignette  vignettes 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Roundthird ::: St. Louis, Missouri
Roundthird. Do what you love, grind, go for home. We are a software creation company based in St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2002. Roundthird is responsible for Radial 50, an iPhone game created by Robin Rath & developed by Jon Gettys, released in 2009.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  RobinRath  pixelpress  history 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Pixel Press | Fundable - Crowdfunding for Small Businesses
The story and features of Pixel Press. Includes short form business plan.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  pixelpress  RobinRath  Funding 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
St. Louis startup strikes major deal with Mattel |
St. Louis startup company Pixel Press announced Wednesday a new partnership with Mattel to manufacture and distribute Pixel Press’ new video game builder Bloxels.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  robinrath  pixelpress  Growth  Video  videos 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Youth Committee & Pixel Press - Youth Committee & Pixel Press
his November Youth Committee hosted a video game workshop on Shaw Boulevard for the Youth Advisory Council. The company that joined us was Pixel Press, a local start-up company that is finding much national success.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  robinrath  programming  communityservice 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
What you can learn from the successful Pixel Press Kickstarter
Pixel Press' history and work environment and how teams are formed and managed.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  programming  start-up  pixelpress  RobinRath 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
St. Louis’s Mow to Own Program Promotes Neighborhood Stability - Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly
Early part of the story of Eltoreon Hawkins. He bought a home from the city for $1000 in 2012, and rehabbed it. He kept the yard up as well as the empty year next door. Eventually became the first recipient of STL's "mow to own" program.
ESB6  vignette  vignettes  homes  STL  StLouis  ch1 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
One House at a Time — We Live Here
Story of Eltoreon Hawkins 24 year old, just graduated Harris-Stowe, but has been running a business helping poor folks buy and rehab homes in St. Louis city.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes  homes  studententrepreneur  minorities  STL  StLouis 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
How This Teenager Turned Her Childhood Hobby Into a Global Business
Story of Bella Weems, who started her business at age 14 and grew it into a major national firm online.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  vignettes 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Generation Z and the Future of Business
Describes social responsibility and a global outlook to appeal to generation Z and millennial.
ESB6  ch1  ch3  social-entrepreneur  internationalentrepreneurship  socialventure  prosocial 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Starting A Business? Make Sure It’s Born Global - Minutehack
UK example of a born global firm - The English tea Shop. Advice on being born global.
ESB6  ch1  ch16  ch15  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  sales  advice  risk 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Is Your Startup “Born Global”? |
Practical born global advice for small businesses - when it pays to be born global.
ESB6  ch1  ch16  risk  risks  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  advice 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Small business born global – RSA Group
However, the vast majority (92%) of SME owners believe they started out as a local or UK business rather than European or global, while four fifths (82%) admit they are more concerned about local risks than global threats. This perception gap is leaving small businesses open to ‘hidden’ or ‘shadow’ risks (i.e. risks beyond their physical footprint that haven’t been recognised or managed), and causing them to miss out on significant international growth opportunities. External perceptions of SMEs also contribute to this ‘shadow risk’, with three quarters (74%) of SME owners saying the view that small businesses are local by default is out-dated. Top concerns related to international expansion include banking security and fraud (75%), cyber-attacks (69%) and economic turmoil (69%). This is a real concern, with almost a third (29%) of SME owners having experienced such an incident.
ESB6  RSA  ch1  ch16  risk  risks  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  security  report  PDF 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Majority of small businesses are born global, not local
The business behaviours identified in the RSA report The New Internationals demonstrate the global nature of even the smallest companies in the UK. Nearly three quarters of small businesses had a website in their first year, while around half used online banking and a quarter had overseas suppliers, overseas customers and cloud storage. A fifth of SME owners also travelled internationally on business in their first year.
However, the vast majority of SME owners believe they started out as a local or UK business rather than European or global, while four fifths admit they are more concerned about local risks than global threats.
ESB6  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  risks  RSA  ch1  ch16 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
What Linkin Park Teaches Us About Corporate Social Responsibility
Linkin Park decided as a group to leverage their skills and fan base to help others in the aftermath of a 2004 Asian tsunami that hit right after they left the area. Using their concerts and web presence they've empowered fans to help, and they've done so themselves. (Might replace Paul McCartney)
ESB6  CSIentrepreneurship  social-entrepreneur  socialentrepreneurs  vignette  vignettes  ch1 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Beyoncé - Wikipedia
Use Beyonce to replace Paul McCartney in Chapter 1 of ESB6e.
ESB6  ch1  mccartney  CSIentrepreneurship 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Matthew Rooda – GSEA
Matthew took his childhood farming experience to create optimal solutions for livestock care. Through his agricultural tech company, SwineTech, he provides farmers with the necessary technologies to reduce piglet deaths. The product tracks sows real time health and teaches mother sows to stand up if they are crushing their babies.
The biggest obstacle Matthew has faced was the discouragement from his university animal welfare specialists about the potential of his business idea. He is grateful for his advisor’s encouragement to keep going and the resilience of his team in spite of surrounding doubts. (2017 innovation award)
ESB6  vignette  vignettes  gsea  agriculture  invention  ch1  workethic 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
How a French 16-year-old is teaching the world to build VR headsets for $100
Maxime Coutté a 16-year old has developed an open sourced, 3-D printable VR headset from a small French village.
ESB6  ch1  vignette  opensource  VR  mentoring  global 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Introducing the Inc. Entrepreneurship Index: 2017 Was Good to Solopreneurs, Not So Much for Job Growth |
Inc. asked me to develop the quarterly Inc. Entrepreneurship Index -- a benchmarked score representing the health of the startup ecosystem. The sources behind the index are broad in scope. They include government data on 60,000 households, payroll records from more than 350,000 businesses via Paychex, and stats on the way thousands of companies are accessing capital, courtesy of Biz2Credit.
ESB6  ch1  data  indexes  Growth  ecosystem  performance  stats  statistics 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
Small Business Quarterly Bulletin - September 2018
proprietor's income, small (and large) business job creation, business births and deaths, self-employment, small business loan supply and demand, business lending, loan approval rates, loan delinquency rates
ESB6  ch1  stats  statistics  data  SBA 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
Frequently Asked Questions about Finance – SBA's Office of Advocacy
The Finance FAQ sketches this full range of debt, equity, and other sources. And it provides data breakouts by industry, demographic group, the businesses’ stage of life (startup or expansion), and business size. It illustrates recent and longer-term trends in lending and equity markets.
ESB6  ch1  ch14  stats  statistics  data  finance  financing  faqs 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business – SBA's Office of Advocacy
Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business, gathers dozens of the latest statistics about America’s small business in one place. The FAQ is updated annually, and it’s a convenient place to confirm facts like the total number of small businesses, their share of employment and net new jobs, plus starts, closures, and overall contribution to the U.S. economy.
ESB6  ch1  stats  statistics  data  SBA  faqs 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
Women's Business Ownership - Issue Brief
Based on 2012 data. Gives a full demographic breakdown. Basis for SBA Infographic.
ESB6  ch1  CH2  women  womenentrepreneurs  womenowned  reports  data 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
INFOGRAPHIC - Women Owned Business Spotlight
SBA stats on women-owned businesses - number, sales, business age
ESB6  ch1  CH2  women  womenentrepreneurs  stats  statistics  data  SBA  infographic 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
INFOGRAPHIC - What's New With Small Business - August 2018
Stats on net new jobs, export percentage, number of firms (30.2 million), demographic breakdown.
ESB6  ch1  stats  statistics  data  SBA  start-up  STARTUP  infographic 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
The Idea Funnel – Love the Problem
A funnel focused on the idea creation and testing process, ending in a business that is growing. The stages are described. Some typical times are given.
ESB6  idea  funnel  ch4  ch1  stages 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
ASE - Characteristics of Business Owners: 2015 Tables
Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs - tables - includes demographics, entry path, reasons for owning a business, experience, etc.
ESB6  data  ch1  CH2  entrepreneur  surveys 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
Where are all the Contingent Workers
BLS released 2017 Contingent Worker Supplement (CWS). The results showed a slight decline in the percent of workers whose sole or main job was an alternative work arrangement from 10.7 in 2005 to 10.1 in 2017. How do we reconcile these findings with the CWS results? Where are all the contingent workers? We offer a few possibilities. A recent paper linking household survey respondents to tax filing data illustrates just how inconsistently people respond in different data sources: just 35 percent of respondents who filed the self-employment (SE) schedule on their taxes reported in the CPS that they are self-employed. Importantly, this discrepancy is increasing.
ESB6  ch1  ch5  ch6  part-time  parttimebusiness  surveys  data  contrarian  analysis  self-employment 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
The Ups and Downs of Small Business Employment: Big Data on Payroll Growth and Volatility | JPMorgan Chase Institute
In particular, publicly available aggregate data provide an incomplete view of the ways in which employment in the sector shapes the financial well-being of small business owners and their employees. Downloaded the PDF report
ESB6  ch1  ch3  ch18  HRM  employees  employment  data  surveys  reports 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
D&B U.S. Business Economic Trends, Health Index - D&B
A monthly D&B listing (replaces in a way the old failure report) covering health of US small businesses based on payment delinquency rates, credit card delinquency rates and credit card use.
ESB6  ch1  ch3  environment  environmentalscanning  data  database  health 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystems / New Report from The Hamilton Project
This study developed an empirical framework for measuring entrepreneurial ecosystems both in terms of their local industrial mix as related to new business opportunity termed the “entrepreneurship space,” and entrepreneurial ecosystem indicators that assess the vibrancy and vitality of the economy’s entrepreneurial output.
ESB6  ch1  ch3  ecosystem  ecosystems  measures  ranking  Rankings  SBeconomy  Growth  data  environment 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
Profile | The Kauffman Index |
Stats on startups and growth for mainstreet and growth firms in the USA.
esb6  ch1  stats  startups  growth  mainstreet  kauffmanfoundation 
may 2017 by jeromekatz
At the Extremes: Student Debt and Entrepreneurship | Young Invincibles
Report on study of young entrepreneurs and the effects of student loan debt.
esb6  ch1  demographics  debt  studentloans  data  survey  rates  startup 
august 2016 by jeromekatz
Small Business Revolution Documentary on Vimeo
25-minute video on US small businesses and their owners.
esb5  esb6  ch1  smallbusiness  history 
july 2016 by jeromekatz
How To Start A Startup
Infographic based on Paul Graham's "How to start a startup".
esb5  ch1  ch7  startup  startups  start-up  stages  advice  howto  how-to  infographics  infographic 
december 2015 by jeromekatz
Is the Banking Industry Living on Borrowed Time?
Why traditional banking is facing competition from FinTech startups.
esb5  ch1  ch7  online  strategy  web2.0 
august 2015 by jeromekatz
Kauffman Sketchbook - "Land of Opportunity" |
Immigrant story about entrepreneurship, being motivated, having passion, surviving failure, being persistent.
esb5  esb.esb5.videos  ch1  ch2  passion  motivation  persistence  immigrants  resilience  failure 
january 2015 by jeromekatz
Kauffman Sketchbook - "StartupVille" |
The 4 elements of a successful startup community - led by entrepreneurs, with a long-term commitment, inclusive, engages the community, e.g. Boulder CO.
esb5  esb.esb5.videos  videos  ch1  ch2  ch3  environment  how-to  DIY  STARTUP 
january 2015 by jeromekatz
Kauffman Sketchbook - "Go Be An Entrepreneur" |
A great overview of a basic approach to entrepreneurship - team based, action oriented.
esb5  esb.esb5.videos  videos  ch1  ch2  ch4  ch19  ideas  teams  problemsolving  businessmodel 
january 2015 by jeromekatz
Kauffman Sketchbook - "The Itch" |
What makes a great entrepreneur? Someone who is bothered by something (has an itch), is impatient about solving it, is monomaniacal about solving it, and has some skill as a consumer of that kind of product.
esb5  esb.esb5.videos  videos  ch1  ch2  ch4  passion  ideas  DIY  ideaspotting 
january 2015 by jeromekatz
Kauffman Sketchbook - "Myth-Busting Entrepreneurship" |
Talks about new firms as key, 30-40 year old founders as key, incubators not working.
esb5  ch1  esb.esb5.videos  myths  advice  videos 
january 2015 by jeromekatz
Is Starting A Business Safer Than Your Job? [Infographic] - StumbleUpon
Work for others or yourself? A great info graphic. Pretty balanced. Pretty current.
esb5  ch1  self-employed  salaried  unemployed  comparison  infographic 
june 2014 by jeromekatz
The John Stevens Shop - 5 of the oldest businesses in America - CNNMoney
This article profiles some of the oldest small businesses in the U.S., including Bachman Funeral Home, founded in 1769, and Bixler's Jewelers, which opened in 1785. "We still have people who come here because their grandmother said we're the only place to buy jewelry," said Joyce Welkin, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Bixler's founder
esb5  vignette  vignettes  ch1  oldschool  oldest 
december 2013 by jeromekatz
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