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usethis workflow for package development
In this blogpost I’ll outline the basis workflow you can acquire using the tools in usethis. More specifically I’ll outline a workflow of a R package development.
r  packages  development  tutorials 
12 weeks ago by jerid.francom
Rachael Tatman | Kaggle
A great series of tutorials on various aspects of R and doing text analytics with R.
textbook  tutorials  r  nlp  textmining  transformation  modeling 
september 2018 by jerid.francom
Introducing tidygraph | R-bloggers
I’m very pleased to announce that my new package tidygraph is now available on CRAN. As the name suggests, tidygraph is an entry into the tidyverse that
tidyverse  r  packages  tutorials  network-analysis 
july 2017 by jerid.francom
Who is talking about the French Open? | R-bloggers
I don’t think rOpenSci’s Jeroen Ooms can ever top the coolness of his magick package but I have to admit other things he’s developped are not bad at all. He’s
twitter  r  language  detection  cldr  tutorials 
june 2017 by jerid.francom
Data Science with R - Video Learning Path - O'Reilly Media
Master all the features of R you'll need as a data scientist, from the basics to more advanced techniques like R Graph and machine learning. Get where you want to go - take an O'Reilly Learning Path.
r  datascience  videos  tutorials 
september 2015 by jerid.francom
A Git Workflow Walkthrough - Feature Branches
A blog post about Git, Software Development Process and Deployment from Jim Vallandingham at Bocoup.
git  tutorials 
july 2015 by jerid.francom
Competitions | Kaggle
Kaggle is a platform for data prediction competitions. Companies, organizations and researchers post their data and have it scrutinized by the world's best statisticians.
kaggle  datascience  data  analytics  tutorials 
may 2015 by jerid.francom
Hortonworks. We Do Hadoop.
Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports a 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise, also training, support & services.
hadoop  data  bigdata  development  tutorials 
april 2015 by jerid.francom
WEKA Text Classification for First Time & Beginner Users
59-minute beginner-friendly tutorial on text classification in WEKA; all text changes to numbers and categories after 1-2, so 3-5 relate to many other data a...
weka  textmining  software  tutorials 
february 2015 by jerid.francom
Introduction | learnR
This book will bring you to the world of statistical computing and data analysis with R programming language.
r  gitbook  learnR  tutorials  380 
january 2015 by jerid.francom
The MagPi
We produce a magazine with the intent to help and offer advice to users of the Raspberry Pi. This started out as a simple idea on the well known forums, with a few of us getting together and deciding on a loose outline of what we wanted to achieve.

Over time many have joined and left the team, each bringing their own contribution and ideas to the final piece.

If you had asked us six months ago whether we thought the magazine would be half a year down the line, we would not have been sure. We are now able to offer printed copies, competitions, our own branded Raspberry Pi case, and stable mirrors on a website not entirely made in flash.
raspberry-pi  magazine  tutorials  reference 
december 2014 by jerid.francom
Introduction to Data Analysis
Very good, step-by-step tutorial on basic data analytics
programming  data  r  statistics  tutorials  analytics 
december 2014 by jerid.francom
DataFrame manipulation in R from basics to dplyr | biologyforfun
The aim of this post is to show how to do some manipulations often done on data (ie subsetting, summarizing, ordering …) in R.
r  data.frame  dplyr  data  tutorials 
october 2014 by jerid.francom
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