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snaut allows to measure distance between words or documents and explore distributional semantics models through a convenient interface. It was created primarily as a tool for psycholinguists that can be used to measure similarities between words.
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november 2019 by jerid.francom - Visualizing the ASL Lexicon
ASL-LEX is a database of lexical and phonological properties that have been compiled for nearly 1,000 signs of American Sign Language.

It contains:
Frequency ratings
Iconicity ratings
Lexical properties (e.g., initialized signs, lexical class)
Phonological coding (6 features)
Neighborhood density calculations
English translation
Alternative translations (for a subset of signs)
Reference video clip metadata
150  signlanguage  linguistics  tools  visualization  search  asl 
november 2019 by jerid.francom
Welcome // | DiRT Directory
The DiRT Directory is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software.
digital  education  research  tools  dh@wake 
may 2018 by jerid.francom
Laurence Anthony's Software
A suite of software for text and corpus processing and analysis
analysis  analytics  processing  text  tools  software 
april 2018 by jerid.francom
A Sankey diagram builder for everyone
tools  visualization  plotting 
december 2017 by jerid.francom
Fast drawing for everyone. AutoDraw pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help you draw stuff fast.
AI  google  app  tools  clipart 
april 2017 by jerid.francom
awesome-machine-learning - A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software.
machinelearning  380  r  tools  software  nlp 
october 2016 by jerid.francom
Data Science at the Command Line
We data scientists love to create exciting data visualizations and insightful statistical models. However, before we get to that point, usually much effort goes into obtaining, scrubbing, and exploring the required data. The command line, although invented decades ago, is an amazing environment for performing such data science tasks. By combining small, yet powerful, command-line tools you can quickly explore your data and hack together prototypes. New tools such as parallel, jq, and csvkit allow you to use the command line for today's data challenges. Even if you're already comfortable processing data with, say, R or Python, being able to also leverage the power of the command line can make you a more productive and efficient data scientist.
cli  tools  unix  380  datascience 
july 2016 by jerid.francom
GREA: The RStudio Add-In to read ALL the data into R! | R-bloggers
Guest post by Stanislaus Stadlmann Have you also been overburdened by the vast selection of R packages to read different filetypes into R? Do you sometimes
380  r  tools  software  data  reading 
july 2016 by jerid.francom
The advantages of using count() to get N-way frequency tables as data frames in R
Introduction I recently introduced how to use the count() function in the “plyr” package in R to produce 1-way frequency tables in R.  Several
r  linguistics  380  tools  data  tables  xtabs  plyr 
april 2016 by jerid.francom
A short note on mapping text
Kristina had a question. So I started puttering. We came up with this. 1. Grab the text of a blog post (but not too much, or do this in a bunch of rounds). 2. Put it at the end of this URL: like so: Ernesto Rivera Gracias was in El Salvador and…
linguistics  tools  mapping  toponyms 
july 2015 by jerid.francom
OpenRefine : A free, open source, power tool for working with messy data
linguistics  tools  software  data  analytics  cleaning 
february 2015 by jerid.francom
Tool to produce annotations for the Open ANC
anc  corpus  annotation  tools  corpora  american  english  spoken  written 
october 2014 by jerid.francom
colourcode - find your colour scheme is an online designer tool, which allows you to easily and intuitively combine colours.
colors  design  webdesign  tools  generator 
october 2014 by jerid.francom
Lapwing Labs
Lapwing Labs – Dream, Build, Repeat. Founded by Andy Pai, Brian Dentino and Matthew Mueller.
mac  setup  homebrew  programming  osx  tools  shell 
october 2014 by jerid.francom
Repository of language resources collected during the submission process for the Language Resource and Evaluation Conference (LREC).
lrec  reference  corpora  tools  repository  textbook 
may 2014 by jerid.francom
etcML - Home
easy text classification with Machine Learning
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december 2013 by jerid.francom
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