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RMarkdown Driven Development (RmdDD)
In this post, I describe RMarkdown Driven Development (RmdDD?): a progression of stages between a single ad-hoc RMarkdown script and more advanced and reusable data products like R projects and packages. This approach has numerous benefits.
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11 weeks ago by jerid.francom
Project Environments • renv
The renv package helps you create reproducible environments for your R projects. Use renv to make your R projects more:

Isolated: Installing a new or updated package for one project won’t break your other projects, and vice versa. That’s because renv gives each project its own private package library.

Portable: Easily transport your projects from one computer to another, even across different platforms. renv makes it easy to install the packages your project depends on.

Reproducible: renv records the exact package versions you depend on, and ensures those exact versions are the ones that get installed wherever you go.
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september 2019 by jerid.francom
R package interface to query the data sharing platform FigShare.
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august 2017 by jerid.francom

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