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Dissecting Trump’s Most Rabid Online Following
We dissected Trump’s most rabid reddit following. Here’s what we found.
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march 2017 by jerid.francom
U.S. Presidential Debates Through the Eyes of a Computer | CrowdFlower
Of the presidential talks for each candidate from the last debate, which moments are most consistent with everything they’ve said up to then?
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october 2016 by jerid.francom
Analyzing the first Presidential Debate
A significant chunk of the data that we encounter on a daily basis is available in an unstructured, free text format. Hence, the ability to glean useful bits of
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october 2016 by jerid.francom
Text analysis of Trump’s tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half
I don’t normally post about politics (I’m not particularly savvy about polling, which is where data science has had the largest impact on politics). But this
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august 2016 by jerid.francom
Why Democrats and Republicans Speak Different Languages. Literally.
The Republican National Convention proved yet again that the GOP talks about America and U.S. policy with an entire unique vocabulary. It hasn’t always been this way.
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july 2016 by jerid.francom
ulrich-matter / pvsR
pvsR: Interact with the Project Vote Smart API for scientific research

An R package that facilitates data retrieval from Project Vote Smart's rich online data base on US politics via the Project Vote Smart application programming interface (PVS API). The functions in this package cover most PVS API classes and methods and return the requested data in data-frames.
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july 2016 by jerid.francom

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