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Partitioned data frames for 'dplyr'
r  packages  transformation  parallel  textbook 
november 2017 by jerid.francom
Yhat Sciencebox on AWS Marketplace
Yhat Sciencebox is a data science platform that allows you to configure and manage R and Python environments. Sciencebox comes preloaded with your favorite R and Python packages and libraries. Users can
scalability  aws  sciencebox  r  python  cloud  parallel 
february 2015 by jerid.francom
ŷhat | Running R in Parallel (the easy way)
Like a lot of folks, I have a love/hate relationship with R. One topic that I've
seen people struggle with is parallel computing, or more directly
r  parallel  cloud  amazon  aws  sciencebox 
february 2015 by jerid.francom

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