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[SOLVED] *nix noob, setting up php dev/test server, almost got it - Ubuntu Forums
Try using sudo netstat -lntp
This will show which process is currently using port 8080. You'll need to resolve that conflict. There's no reason why 8080 isn't a good a port to use, particularly if you have no choice but two services can't listen on the same one.
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january 2012 by jerid.francom
apache2 - lighttpd AND apache on the same server? - Server Fault
Changing the port that lighttpd listens on is pretty staightforward. Just change the "server.port" directive in "lighttpd.conf" (or wherever your OS decides to put the config for lighttpd).

Are you planning on adding a ":81" to all the URLs that refer to the lighttpd content?

If not, you should think about running lighttpd on port 80, moving Apache to another port, and proxying access to Apache through lighttpd. As has been discused on Server Fault already, running lighttpd as the proxy is preferred since it's "lighter weight" than Apache.

Of course, lighttpd isn't the only show in town. Some comparison between lighttpd, apache, and nginx has been the topic of conversation over at Stack Overflow. I don't use lighttpd and I don't know if the memory leak issues that I've seen mentioned in a couple of places have been addressed or not.
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january 2012 by jerid.francom

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