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Stylometry: Identifying authors of texts using R
Few people expect politicians to write every word they utter themselves; reliance on speechwriters and spokepersons is a long-established political practice.
r  author  clustering 
december 2016 by jerid.francom
Clustering Search Keywords Using K-Means Clustering
One of the key tenets to doing impactful digital analysis is understanding what your visitors are trying to accomplish. One of the easiest methods to do this is
r  380  clustering  machinelearning 
october 2016 by jerid.francom
LeaRning Path on R - Step by Step Guide to Learn Data Science on R
Learning path on R provides a step by step guide to become a data scientist using R. The path includes exercises, tutorials & best practices
r  learning  learnR  data  mining  visualization  performance  clustering  machinelearning 
march 2015 by jerid.francom

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