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BOLT English Treebank - Discussion Forum - Linguistic Data Consortium
The source data is English discussion forum web text collected by LDC in 2011 and 2012. A subset of that collection -- 702 files representing 268,907 tokens -- was selected for the treebank and annotated for word-level tokenization, part-of-speech and syntactic structure.

Data is presented in a a variety of UTF-8 encoded text formats, specifically, plain text, XML, and Penn Treebank. See the included documentation for more information about specific formats.
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yesterday by jerid.francom
R package providing a set of fast tools for converting a textual corpus into a set of normalized tables. Users may make use of a Python backend with 'spaCy' or the Java backend 'CoreNLP'.
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october 2017 by jerid.francom
Tool to produce annotations for the Open ANC
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october 2014 by jerid.francom

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