The Future of the Past Is Now: Digital Humanities Resource Guide
Inspired by the work of colleagues @ the new Digital Public Library of America and others we've interviewed here at The Junto, here are some bookmark-worthy links to what's going on in the ever-evolving field of the digital humanities. We'll update this list as projects develop, so if you're working on a digital history initiative, please let us…
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may 2016
The advantages of using count() to get N-way frequency tables as data frames in R
Introduction I recently introduced how to use the count() function in the “plyr” package in R to produce 1-way frequency tables in R.  Several
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april 2016
Before they can talk, infants understand basic math concepts.
MathematicsAwarenessMonth  from twitter_favs
april 2016
Topics in Obama/Romney twitter coverage. Glad to see used in journalism research!
gensim  from twitter_favs
april 2016
Los acentos del español
Un juego para descubrir cómo suena en cada país la lengua castellana
322  spanish  spoken  dialects  dialectology 
march 2016
Mapping US Census data and adding Twitter posts – francojc ⟲
Mapping US Census data and adding Twitter posts – francojc ⟲

Experimenting with
from twitter
march 2016
Teenagers Are Not Ruining The English Language
If you think that terms like “YOLO” and “fleek” are poisoning the English language, then fret not: The way Western teenagers speak is in fact not ruining the world’s lingua franca. According to linguistics research published by the American Dialect Society, teenagers do not stand out from several other age brackets when it comes to influencing the evolution of English.
variation  language  change  150  socialmedia 
january 2016
NLTK language data
Repository of corpora and language datasets included with the Python package NLTK.
textbook  repository  corpora 
december 2015
Minimalist Maps: Making World Maps in R - DZone Big Data
R let's you do a lot of things with a lot of data. This article looks at taking various geographical data points to draw interesting, minimalist looking maps of the world.
r  maps  points  lines  polygons 
october 2015
How To Find Simple and Interesting Multi-Gigabyte Data Sets - DZone Big Data
Wanna play with some real Big Data? This introduction to machine learning and processing uses Stack Overflow social data for over a terabyte of test data!
data  analysis  spark  big  bigdata 
october 2015
The Pitfalls of Using Google Ngram to Study Language
Garbage in, garbage out when it comes to big data analysis of language and culture.
google  ngram-viewer  380  150 
october 2015
How to use a Raspberry Pi to browse anonymously | TechRadar
How to use a Raspberry Pi to browse anonymously | Want to browse privately from all your devices? Here's how to configure a Raspberry Pi as an access point that routes all traffic over the anonymous Tor network. How To | TechRadar
raspberry-pi  tor  privacy 
october 2015
Power, Difference and Sample Sizes
In my earlier posts on hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, I covered how there are two hypotheses - the default or null hypothesis, and the alternative hypothesis (which is like a logical opposite of the null hypothesis). Hypothesis testing is fundamentally a decision making activity, where you reject or fail to reject the default hypothesis.…
r  statistics  power 
september 2015
Data Science with R - Video Learning Path - O'Reilly Media
Master all the features of R you'll need as a data scientist, from the basics to more advanced techniques like R Graph and machine learning. Get where you want to go - take an O'Reilly Learning Path.
r  datascience  videos  tutorials 
september 2015
How to Learn Any Language in Less Than 90 Days
With the right framework for learning faster, anyone can reach conversation fluency in any language in 90 days. Here's how to learn any language in 90 days.
language  learning  hacks  frequency  teaching 
august 2015
Generating annotated text in Shiny – francojc ⟲
Documenting an attempt visualize results from text classification algorithm to distinguish Spanish dialects in Shiny
from twitter
august 2015
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