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Grand Idea Studio
Electronics / Hardware hacking and building.
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september 2011 by jeremiahmoore
Why malware for Macs is on its way | ZDNet
viruses, malware, trojans, botnets and other hacks appear poised to come to the mac
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may 2011 by jeremiahmoore
Mac Pro (Early 2009), Mac Pro (Mid 2010): Supported display configurations
Apple support article on connecting Three displays to a 2010 Mac Pro (requires $100 active dual-link Mini Display Port to DVI adapters). This involves the default video cards on 2010 Westmere mac pros.
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november 2010 by jeremiahmoore
ProTools Prefs & Database Helper and Multi Hardware Setup
tech  protools  software  studio 
january 2010 by jeremiahmoore
Titanium Software - Deeper
Unlock more options within Finder, Safari, etc
tech  osx  mac  application  utility  software 
april 2009 by jeremiahmoore
Lectro to Sennheiser G2 adapter - rec.arts.movies.production.sound | Google Groups
Pin connections for adapting a lectrosonics-wired Sanken COS-11 to work with Sennheiser G2 system.
prodsound  tech  wiring  wireless 
april 2009 by jeremiahmoore
Apple Powerbook G4 Parts for Repair - Titanium DVI
Site recommended by Josh for powerbook / mac hardware fixit stuff etc
mac  hardware  tech 
january 2008 by jeremiahmoore
Powering Electret microphones (lavaliers etc)
Detailed info on how powering works for lavs, and basic wiring therefore.
mics  microphone  tech  resource  lav 
december 2007 by jeremiahmoore
Spherico - BWF and FCP 5.1.2
Tech details from Spherico on how Final Cut Pro handles BWF Broadcast Wav
sounddesign  tech  reference 
april 2007 by jeremiahmoore
Location Sound Corp. -- Tech Tips
Lavalier Mic technique and info from location sound corp
prodsound  mics  tools  tech  reference  technique 
march 2007 by jeremiahmoore
QuickTime Playback Compatibility Chart
Excellent resource for what version of quicktime will play what codec
reference  software  audio  tech  mac 
november 2006 by jeremiahmoore
Animated Knots by Grog
Knots Knots Knots, Ropes Ropes Ropes -awesome page
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september 2006 by jeremiahmoore

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