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AudioMoth - LabMaker
A simple to deploy, inexpensive readymade recorder unit with intervalometer.
Mono only though… uses a MEMS mic.

I like the simplicity of the control interface
I like that in calculates data and power useage
good forum on their website as well
not sure this integrates into Treecorder, but I’m intrigued somehow nonetheless.
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6 days ago by jeremiahmoore
Ernst Karel - Notes on ‘Space of Consciousness (Chidambaram, Early Morning)’
The small city of Chidambaram, Tamilnadu, is home to an ancient and massive temple complex, at the center of which is the famous site...
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9 weeks ago by jeremiahmoore
Impressions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945 | Restricted Data
Description of the sounds of entering Hiroshima after the blast.
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february 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Chinese Whispers, This sunday 2/5/2012, 3pm on Ferryboat Eureka at Hyde Street Pier. #soundscape by yours truly.
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january 2012 by jeremiahmoore
Sound Delta
Immersive geolocated sound art project - a virual / AR sound overlay for Paris.  Existing / shipping iPhone App.
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march 2011 by jeremiahmoore
YouTube - Angel Island Immigration Station Tour - AIISF
See 4:02 where Dan Quan shows the Audio Stations 
See 7:20 where Dan describes the soundscape created for the European Men's Barracks.  The other dormitories have similar soundscapes.
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february 2011 by jeremiahmoore
When the foghorns blow (schedule and timing)
When McKnight pulls the toggle switch, a red light goes on, and he can hear a pier horn moan "MMMmmm" for two seconds. Then it goes off for 18 seconds, then on for two seconds, off for 18, on for two, and so on.

The midspan blast is two tones sounding at once, both higher pitched. It waits 9 seconds, then emits a one-second "errr" that sounds vaguely like a trucker's air horn. Then it waits two seconds and honks one second. Then it waits 36 seconds before starting the same sequence again.

In addition to the traditional foghorns on the bridge, there are 22 electronic fog signals around the bay that are controlled by the Coast Guard. Their sound is an unromantic ping or beep. Only a foghorn on the Golden Gate Bridge sounds like a foghorn.
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july 2009 by jeremiahmoore
cityofsound: Foghorn music in San Francisco
Lovely week-long meditation on San Francisco by August Kleinzahler, over at Slate, with particular reference to the sounds of the city. Here's the opening of the final day, quoted at length: "I enjoy the city sounds of early morning, especially...
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january 2009 by jeremiahmoore

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