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Complicite's The Encounter - Bringing binaural to the Barbican
binaural theater show... all audience wearing wireless headphones, a KU100 on stage. an example also at
funny how I wanted it to be more obscure ;)
binaural  theater  sound  soundart 
january 2018 by jeremiahmoore
Let's and create a world class reverberant space for all to share.
soundart  music  reverb  OpenTheTank  from twitter_favs
february 2016 by jeremiahmoore
Experimental Music on Children's TV
Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. via Pocket
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march 2014 by jeremiahmoore
Toxic Suburbia: Fantastic Rocky Flats vistas, plutonium breezes | The Colorado Independent
ARVADA, Colo. – There’s a Spielberg-like quality to the Candelas subdivision rising in the foothills here. via Pocket
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january 2014 by jeremiahmoore
Moving sound to anywhere but the concert hall -
NEW YORK — This has been the season of the concert hall. The one named after Walt Disney turned 10. How that venue has revolutionized musical life in L.A. and beyond has been the subject of much consideration. via Pocket
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december 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Field Recording: Six questions with David Vélez - Sound and vision blog
David Vélez is a Colombian field recordist, sound artist, writer and curator. He is co-founder of the field recording netlabel Impulsive Habitat and chief editor for The Field Reporter. Earlier in the year he spoke about his work at the In the Field symposium. via Pocket
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december 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Euphonia: how a Zoom H4 can change our lives – and you won’t believe how much | sounDesign
What happens then? And what if the sense we are talking about is hearing and the device is a portable digital recorder? Enough to be interested in the theme, as I myself travel with a portable recorder everywhere. via Pocket
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december 2013 by jeremiahmoore
#Soundcloud shout out about #SaveTheTank! #music #soundart #reverb
reverb  music  from_twitter  soundart  savethetank  soundcloud 
march 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Who wants to take a peek inside the #Tank? #SaveTheTank #reverb #soundart #Colorado #BruceOdland
reverb  from_twitter  soundart  colorado  savethetank  bruceodland  tank 
march 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Audiophiles: The hidden musicality of the human voice
Erica Mu's radio segment wherein I describe granular synthesis, and the sounds for Rene Yung's @chinesewhisprs
soundart  from_twitter  publicradio  radio  reel  sounddesign 
february 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Museum for Contemporary Sound Art
soundart  art 
july 2011 by jeremiahmoore
Paul Fuchs, Musician or Sculptor? -
short article on Paul Fuchs and his instruments.  Brief mention of Lime Fuchs.
article  music  musician  soundart  artist 
may 2011 by jeremiahmoore
Sound Delta
Immersive geolocated sound art project - a virual / AR sound overlay for Paris.  Existing / shipping iPhone App.
locationbasedaudiogroup  soundscape  soundart 
march 2011 by jeremiahmoore
Gruenrekorder » The Sound of Snow and Ice | Various Artists
Snow and Ice sounds collected - from all manner of artists and recordists, in all manner of interesting ways of recording.
april 2010 by jeremiahmoore
hear you are --- [murmur]
Stories recorded and edited by high school students in Orange NJ
(linked from Utne article )
(and this better article about the toronto history of the project )
radio  art  soundart  soundmap 
february 2010 by jeremiahmoore
Experimental Sound Studio | Home
chicago based sound arts org
"Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986, dedicated to the promotion, production, presentation, and preservation of innovative and diverse approaches to the sonic arts, and to the integration of these art forms into the public."
acousticecology  recordingstudio  soundart  org  chicago 
january 2010 by jeremiahmoore
EAR ROOM|re-sounding dialogues across the globe
Ear Room is an online publication developing critical discourse and debate on the creative, and explorative use of sound in artistic practice.
soundart  blog 
december 2009 by jeremiahmoore
Margaret Noble - Sound Recordings and Performances
also hosting a blog featuring bits of interesting sound technique, instruments, etc
sound  artist  soundart 
august 2009 by jeremiahmoore
echo sound - bill fontana
bill fontana's design firm - Services for Architects, Urban Planners and Developers
- noise measurement and evaluation
- noise masking and transformation
- sound design as a component of urban planning
soundart  architecture  sounddesign  artist  urbanplanning 
february 2009 by jeremiahmoore
Peter Esmonde - LinkedIn
View Peter Esmonde's professional profile on LinkedIn. The filmmaker who did the Trimpin film.
soundart  art  film  tripin  work 
september 2008 by jeremiahmoore
Johanna Herr - Noise Cuisine
Sound Editor - based in Slovenia - like the format of website
sounddesign  person  portfolio  site  work  sound  soundart 
september 2008 by jeremiahmoore
New American Radio
website of new american radio - contains archives of many wonderful radio pieces. Links appear to be mp3 files but are acutally links to RTSP server which works w/ realplayer but I couldn't get to work w/ quicktime player.
art  radio  soundart 
june 2008 by jeremiahmoore
k a l e r n e - Yannick Dauby notes on sound art
Yannick Dauby - notes on sound art, composition, schaeffer, reduced listening, acousmatics, phonography, soundscape, sound installation.
art  soundart  sound 
june 2008 by jeremiahmoore

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