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Pirate Hobby Broadcaster - Gear
Equipment for low power FM (and AM?) broadcast
august 2017 by jeremiahmoore
Creek - Build a radio station
Build a station where multiple DJs do shows and gather donations from fans. Set up a simple website in minutes. via Pocket
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august 2014 by jeremiahmoore
RT : Our pals are searching for a full time SeniorEditor/Producer. .
radio  from twitter
november 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Amazing job opening at @PopUpMag--and they're especially looking for #radio folks: cc: @AIRmedia @ThirdCoastFest
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october 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Audiophiles: The hidden musicality of the human voice
Erica Mu's radio segment wherein I describe granular synthesis, and the sounds for Rene Yung's @chinesewhisprs
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february 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Snowtape 2 for Mac - Vemedio - internet radio recorder
Records, and auto-splits and tags internet radio streams, adding songs to itunes (or to a folder.)

can rip at original stream quality without transcoding.

review at:
streaming  ripping  software  radio  mac 
july 2012 by jeremiahmoore
Big Shed Audio + Media Production
Group which makes radio and other media projects.  Does stories for NPR, Studio 360, etc etc.
radio  producer  org 
april 2011 by jeremiahmoore
99% Invisible
Fantastic radio / podcast series for KALW by Roman Mars.  Feb 2011 interview w Jim McKee re: product sound design
podcast  radio  good 
february 2011 by jeremiahmoore
Thembi's Aids Diary on Vimeo
Thembi’s Diary is an animation made from a true audio documentary (NPR Radio Diaries). It is recorded by Thembi a South African girl with Aids. Although her disease is harsh for a 17 year old, Thembi talks to her virus every morning. With a calm voice she says that as long as it leaves her alone she will do the same.
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december 2010 by jeremiahmoore
hear you are --- [murmur]
Stories recorded and edited by high school students in Orange NJ
(linked from Utne article )
(and this better article about the toronto history of the project )
radio  art  soundart  soundmap 
february 2010 by jeremiahmoore
The Corner: 23rd and Union
A project of AIR's Public Radio Makers Quest.
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january 2010 by jeremiahmoore
LifeFlow - Shared Stories
Produced by LifeFlow and Earwax Productions, San Francisco, Shared Stories is funded by a grant from the Walter and Elise Haas Creative Work Fund. Additionally, Lifeflow produced three radio programs on cargiving which were broadcast live on KALW.
radio  audio  program 
january 2010 by jeremiahmoore
Streaming Experimental / new music radio from SF and beyond
radio  onlineradio  newmusic  sanfrancisco 
december 2009 by jeremiahmoore
Transom Tool: Recording Phone Calls
great tutorial on recording with Skype, also a run down of just about every other method out there.
reference  resource  radio  tools  prodsound 
november 2009 by jeremiahmoore
YouTube - Ira Glass on Storytelling, part 1 of 4
a set of videos wherein Ira Glass describes the elements of a good (radio) story as he sees it. Two things: Anecdotes, and Reflective Moments.
video  radio 
october 2009 by jeremiahmoore
New American Radio
website of new american radio - contains archives of many wonderful radio pieces. Links appear to be mp3 files but are acutally links to RTSP server which works w/ realplayer but I couldn't get to work w/ quicktime player.
art  radio  soundart 
june 2008 by jeremiahmoore
Ira Glass Radio Manifesto
this american life host Ira Glass discussing his own history in radio, what makes a story good, techniques etc.
radio  resource 
january 2007 by jeremiahmoore
How to Get On This American Life
great article on do-s and don'ts of submitting stories to TAL
radio  resource 
january 2007 by jeremiahmoore

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