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Org which supports artists and other arts orgs w/ business advice, and various services
arts  nonprofit  org  organization 
april 2018 by jeremiahmoore
Home | Sound and Music (UK)
amazing UK organization supporting sound and music arts. opportunities boards, career advice, etc etc etc etc etc
music  uk  support  sound  org  nonprofit 
july 2013 by jeremiahmoore
CiviCRM Community Site | Open source constituent relationship management for non-profits, NGOs and advocacy organizations.
CMS for nonprofits. LOTS of modules: membership, events, payment processing etc.

documentation is extraordinarily well written. refreshing.
webdev  wordpress  cms  community  nonprofit  tools  opensource  crm 
october 2012 by jeremiahmoore
film music |
MOBY offers fracks for free to independent and not-for-profit films.
productionmusic  nonprofit  music  musician  library 
november 2011 by jeremiahmoore

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