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The Noisy Planet
Excellent introduction to noise in the world. Good illustrations, animations and text melded into a web interface... with SOUND.
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march 2013 by jeremiahmoore
Right Whale Listening Network, Cornell, Bioacousti
Cornell-associated site describing acoustic whale detection in shipping lanes of the North Atlantic
acousticecology  whales  noise 
november 2010 by jeremiahmoore
Streetsblog San Francisco » The Nowtopian: Say What?
For us cyclists, the sounds of our whirring wheels and gentle gear changes is a pleasant confirmation of our self-propulsion. One of my favorite aspects of Critical Mass is the completely altered soundscape that accompanies our progress through the City.
acousticecology  sound  noise  sanfrancisco  bike 
may 2010 by jeremiahmoore
Defra, Noise Mapping England
UK Noise mapping site -- these maps generated algorithmically, NOT from actual measurements.
acousticecology  maps  noise  statistics 
june 2008 by jeremiahmoore

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