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Frolic in the Autumn Mists
"Is that..." Matt started to say, closed his mouth, opened it again, and shook his head.

Colleen, sitting on the couch, put her face in her hands. She looked tired.

Matt tried again. "I'm assuming that my senses are letting me down right now and that is not, in fact, a dragon?"

"It's totally a dragon!" Danny said, beaming up at them. The green, slinky thing in his lap stretched and yawned like a cat before burping out a puff of fire. "Isn't it awesome?"

"Sweet Christmas," Luke said.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  marvel:defenders  gen/friendship  humour  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
A Week in the Life
Kel would prefer to say they made some new friends and joined a picnic. Toby and Neal would like to point out picnics aren’t usually life threatening.
fanfic  fandom  ao3  tortall  tamorapierce  gen/friendship  humour  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
Small Things
Javert rescues a kitten and lives change.
fanfic  fandom  ao3  lesmis  valjeanjavert  fluff  romance  fixfic  slash 
august 2018 by jennayra
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
While Jim has the flu, McCoy stumbles upon his secret hobby.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  startrek  trekreboot  jimbones  fluff  romance  slash 
august 2018 by jennayra
Shag, Marry, Cuddle, Cliff
In the calm after the storm, Fitz-Simmons play a game.
fanfic  fandom  ao3  marvel:avengers  agentsofshield  humour  fluff  gen/friendship 
august 2018 by jennayra
Teenage ... Dream?
Marian’s return means splitsville for Regina and Robin, and Emma is determined to cheer Regina up—even if it means working a little magic. But when she accidentally awakens Regina’s inner teenager, life gets weird. Well. Weirder than usual.
fanfic  fandom  onceuponatime  emmaregina  humour  ao3  fluff  romance  slash 
august 2018 by jennayra
A Love Song Stuck in My Throat
The corners of Manolo’s eyes crinkled. The hugs had mussed his hair; Maria laughed and smoothed his curl back into place. Manolo attempted a serious look, though it was ruined by the way his mouth kept twitching. He said, mock-solemn, “Joaquin, if you wanted a dance, you should have said.”

Joaquin started to laugh. It caught in his throat as Manolo took his hand and Maria grasped the other. Both of their hands were callused, and Joaquin remembered, dizzily, how Maria had held the sword aloft like she was born to wield it, and of Manolo’s fingers, certain and deft upon the guitar.
fanfic  fandom  bookoflife  ao3  ot3  romance  humour  fluff  manolojoaquinmaria 
august 2018 by jennayra
The Two Weddings Job
A year later, Sophie and Nate finally remember to get married. Looks like Eliot beat them to the punch.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  ot3  het  leverage  alecparkerelliot  natesophie  humour  romance  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
something good can work (and it can work for you)
“When you say ‘we’re making dinner,'” Eliot finally says, “do you really mean ‘Hey you should come over and cook dinner for us so we don’t burn down the apartment?’”
fanfic  fandom  leverage  ao3  ot3  alecparkerelliot  humour  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
I Won't Send Roses
Matt and Foggy's timing has always been wrong, but now that Foggy knows about everything, Matt wants to try and find out everything he and Foggy can be together.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  marvel:defenders  daredevil  mattfoggy  slash  romance  humour  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
Assemble, Disassemble, Reassemble
A series of short stories, following up or tied in to episodes of Avengers Assemble.
fanfic  fandom  marvel:avengers  avengersassemble  stevetony  slash  humour  romance  fluff  ao3 
august 2018 by jennayra
Jeeves and the Tarte de Pommes
Wherein Bertie tries to be Jeeves's ideal gentleman, resulting in mixed metaphors, a Shakespearean book club, ties sabotaged in reverse, romantic epiphanies, and music with the tonal quality of a dying lion.
fanfic  fandom  slash  ao3  jeevesandwooster  jeevesbertie  humour  romance  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
doubt the stars
Eliza knows that Henry is her soulmate, but Henry doesn't know she's his.

She's not going to tell him.
fanfic  fandom  au  selfie  elizahenry  romance  humour  fluff  ao3 
august 2018 by jennayra
And Indeed There Will Be Time
'When Jainan hit the mattress, he knew as a certainty that he would also be asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. This was an utter waste of having Kiem in the same bed. Even so, Jainan’s last, startled thought was that there would be time. They had all the time they could want.'

Or: a little of what happened in those three days after they were rescued from the mountains.
fanfic  courseofhonour  ao3  jainankiem  slash  romance  fluff 
august 2018 by jennayra
Lord Drake's Bequest
"To my great-nephew Arthur I bequeath Tintagel Distribution, wholly and without reserve, save for one condition. You must marry, and stay married, for a period of no less than six months. You're a wonderful businessman Arthur, but a full life needs love and companionship, not just a string of affairs. Settle down young Arthur, and your life will be the richer for it."
fanfic  fandom  au  merlin  merlinarthur  romance  fluff  ao3 
august 2018 by jennayra
Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City
Steve and Tony accidentally start a national do-gooders association and fall in love.
fanfic  fandom  marvel:avengers  movieverse  fluff  romance  slash  ao3  stevetony 
august 2018 by jennayra
Slow Path
The one where Amy and Rory have another daughter.
fanfic  fandom  dwidth  het  kidfic  doctorwho/torchwood  amyrory  humour  heartwarming  fluff 
october 2011 by jennayra
The one where they are ice-skaters.
humour  romance  au  startrek  trekreboot  jimbones  slash  livejournal  fanfic  fandom  fluff 
august 2011 by jennayra
Pairing: Pendragon/Merlin
The one where Arthur writes fic and Merlin betas.
merlin  au  meta  slash  fanfic  fandom  fluff  humour  awesome  merlinarthur  romance  livejournal  kinkmeme 
august 2011 by jennayra
Lay Me Down
The one where they are both in Sweden. Sequel to "The Shape I Found You In".
fanfic  slash  romance  angst  sherlockholmes  awesome  bbcholmes  holmeswatson  humour  fluff  livejournal  fandom  sidestoryorsequel  heartwarming 
july 2011 by jennayra
The Shape I Found You In
The one where Sherlock is in Sweden. Prequel to "Lay Me Down".
slash  awesome  fluff  epistolary  fanfic  fandom  humour  romance  sherlockholmes  bbcholmes  holmeswatson  livejournal  heartwarming 
july 2011 by jennayra
Burnt Grounds
The one where Scorpius is temporarily blind.
harrypotter  fanfic  fandom  fluff  romance  angst  epicfic  albusscorpius  slash  ffnet  nextgen 
june 2011 by jennayra
Up to Something
The one where James is the most oblivious brother ever.
harrypotter  humour  fluff  romance  fanfic  fandom  livejournal  albusscorpius  nextgen 
june 2011 by jennayra
The one with the adoption that will rot your teeth. Seriously.
slash  inception  kidfic  fluff  arthureames  romance  heartwarming  fanfic  fandom  livejournal 
june 2011 by jennayra
The one with the fish and poetry.
startrek  fanfic  jimbones  fandom  slash  romance  humour  fluff  livejournal 
may 2011 by jennayra

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