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a bicycle built for two by lazulisong (G)
Bucky knows it's going to be a bad one when Steve wakes up again, lifts his head up from the side of Bucky's fancy electric hospital bed, and says, "Now don't get mad until I explain."

His voice has the tone that had meant he'd got into another fight and had two black eyes, or found a HYDRA nest and accidentally forgotten to tell Bucky or the other Howlies that he was going in to clear it out, or that he'd met a stray dog on the way home from the store and given it his share of meat for supper ...
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Captain_America  humor  fluff  fake_relationship  marriage-of-convenience  injury  Pairing:Bucky/Steve  author:lazulisong  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  via:sabriel 
june 2014 by jenna_marianne
Hearth Fire Tales by Kenzi_Ro (G)
Years after Erebor was reclaimed, Bilbo Baggins set out from Bag End for another adventure, leaving his nephew and adopted heir with the family of his gardener. Some time later, the lights in Bag End are lit, and Frodo goes to investigate.


A story in which little Frodo Baggins meets a King and stories are shared. (2,499 words)
via:sabriel  fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  fandom:Lord_of_the_Rings  fluff  storytelling  kids  gen  author:Kenzi_Ro  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne
Not Quite First Sight by Ias (G)
After a heavy dose of dwarvish medicine, Thorin falls for his intended all over again. (2,762 words)
via:sabriel  fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  fluff  amnesia  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  author:Ias 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne
One More Adventure by tirsynni (G)
When Bilbo leaves the Shire for the last time, he travels around with Dwalin, Nori and Bofur before finally settling in Rivendell. Dwalin POV. Dwalin/Nori, past-Bilbo/Thorin (2,001 words)
"Well, that's that," he said. "Now I'm off!"
They went out into the hall. Bilbo chose his favourite stick from the stand; then he whistled. Three dwarves came out of different rooms where they had been busy.
"Is everything ready?" asked Bilbo. "Everything packed and labelled?"
"Everything," they answered.
"Well, let's start then!" He stepped out of the front-door.
It was a fine night, and the black sky was dotted with stars. He looked up, sniffing the air. "What fun! What fun to be off again, off on the Road with dwarves! This is what I have really been longing for, for years! Good-bye!"
-The Fellowship of the Ring
via:sabriel  fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  drama  angst  sad  grief  author:tirsynni  Pairing:Dwalin/Nori  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne
Turn At Last To Home Afar by CallicoKitten (G)
“You know,” Bilbo says after a few minutes of silence. “I think I might write it all down, publish it. It might help people remember, you know? Maybe Frodo will remember his story too.” (1,982 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  fluff  modern_day  reincarnation  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  author:CallicoKitten  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  via:sabriel 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne

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