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One More Adventure by tirsynni (G)
When Bilbo leaves the Shire for the last time, he travels around with Dwalin, Nori and Bofur before finally settling in Rivendell. Dwalin POV. Dwalin/Nori, past-Bilbo/Thorin (2,001 words)
"Well, that's that," he said. "Now I'm off!"
They went out into the hall. Bilbo chose his favourite stick from the stand; then he whistled. Three dwarves came out of different rooms where they had been busy.
"Is everything ready?" asked Bilbo. "Everything packed and labelled?"
"Everything," they answered.
"Well, let's start then!" He stepped out of the front-door.
It was a fine night, and the black sky was dotted with stars. He looked up, sniffing the air. "What fun! What fun to be off again, off on the Road with dwarves! This is what I have really been longing for, for years! Good-bye!"
-The Fellowship of the Ring
via:sabriel  fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  drama  angst  sad  grief  author:tirsynni  Pairing:Dwalin/Nori  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
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