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[1907.07073] RadioTalk: a large-scale corpus of talk radio transcripts
RadioTalk, a corpus of radio program transcripts, that includes program metadata, turn boundaries, gender, etc.
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maybe the trick is to articulate what you’ve been thinking rather than what you’ve been doing
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Revisiting The True Weight of Things – Jack Cheng
So the rocks at a shrine erected in 711 have the same message as a technique developed in the 1890s reviewed in a book from the 1970s read by me in 2011 thinking back on a trip to the shrine a year before. That message: you can have goals, but you must not get too worked up over them. You must not clench and snort and prepare for a certain way of lifting, because there are many ways of lifting, some more natural than others. The real preparation is learning to be expectationless, to let go of your preconceived notions of what lifting entails. Wishes come true for those who approach a challenge with the appropriate force. No more, no less.
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