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giCentre: Handy
<3 @JeffClark: Handy is a Processing library that supports sketchy rendering of graphics - /via @arnicas @ndiakopoulos
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october 2012 by jenlowe
Mercurial repositories index
you can download the source code for the #resonate @toxiclibs workshop here
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april 2012 by jenlowe
Diana Lange Portfolio Generative Grafik
Diana Lange's portfolio of generative graphics and "abstract, but not arbitrary" data vis is beautiful:
processing  generative  graphic  portfolio  woman  inspiration 
february 2012 by jenlowe
Christopher Warnow / » A Thousand Milieus
RT @arnicas There's today gone! MT @brainSteen: Amazon recs net now a Processing tool using the @Gephi toolkit library.
gephi  processing 
november 2011 by jenlowe
Nils Aall Barricelli
Bonus! Alexander Galloway recreates Nils Aall Barricelli's simulations using #processing:
cabinet  essay  math  organism  processing  evolution 
october 2011 by jenlowe
Unfolding - Interactive Map Library for Processing and Java
Yes, please! Thx @tillnm! MT @moritz_stefaner In case you want to work with maps in processing, here is your os library:
unfolding  processing  java  maps  geographic 
september 2011 by jenlowe
Rounded rectangle - Processing Forum
void roundedRect(float x, float y, float w, float h, float rx, float ry)
  vertex(x,y+ry); //top of left side 
  bezierVertex(x,y,x,y,x+rx,y); //top left corner
  vertex(x+w-rx,y); //right of top side 
  bezierVertex(x+w,y,x+w,y,x+w,y+ry); //top right corner
  vertex(x+w,y+h-ry); //bottom of right side
  bezierVertex(x+w,y+h,x+w,y+h,x+w-rx,y+h); //bottom right corner
  vertex(x+rx,y+h); //left of bottom side
  bezierVertex(x,y+h,x,y+h,x,y+h-ry); //bottom left corner

rounded  rectangle  processing 
august 2011 by jenlowe
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