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What You Actin' Shy For, by loindexter
this person claims to never have written porn before?? stand back, world, loindexter is about to take you by motherfuckin storm
check please!  kink  dex  nursey  douchebags  bros  porn porn porn porn  fic  ao3 
october 2015 by jedusaur
Life of Crime, by neveralarch
"We've been out at least three times," whispers Clint. "Gyros, prison sex, farmer's market."

"Gyros and prison sex don't count," whispers Carol. "Those weren't dates. Dates don't involve law enforcement."

"You haven't been on the right kind of dates," whispers Clint. "Also, what do you think about amethysts in the engagement ring?"

"Hey," says Bucky. His hands are still over his face. "I don't want ruin anybody's fun, but at least three people in this room have enhanced super-hearing. Just a friendly reminder."
fic  ao3  comfort fic  captain marvel  relationship development  rough sex  nonmonogamy  strong female presence  bros  clint barton  mcu 
april 2015 by jedusaur
Tortall Knights by andromeda_reinvented, hedgerose, penguinutopia
Okay, so: the Tortall Knights are an Original Six team. They’re based in Corus, the capital of Tortall, and they have a long and glorious history. In their early years, they were a total powerhouse who dominated primarily because of a very aggressive playing style. More recently, under the ownership of Roald Conte, they’ve mellowed out a lot-- and, for a while, were pretty much just a really nice bunch of guys who totally sucked at hockey.
other fandoms  ao3  fic  other media  au  bros 
september 2014 by jedusaur
Sid Stills' Blues by shukyou/ladysisyphus
the really amazing long Patrick Stump/Tom Waits one that bewilderingly tries to file off the serial numbers yet leaves in copious identifying details? I don't comprehend that authorial decision but oh man, so good
bandom  patrick  relationship development  comfort fic  fic  ao3  bros 
september 2014 by jedusaur
Six Sundays in July by shukyou/ladysisyphus
the one about LGBT activists in the '80s having het sex in secret
original  livejournal  non-rpf  fic  strong female presence  bros  sbb 
september 2014 by jedusaur
No Homo by RemainNameless
OH MAN. OH MAN. DOUCHEBAG FIC OF MY HEART. This is utter idfic to me, in that I recognize it is not entirely realistic (a frat boy not having heard of bisexuality?) and also everyone is ridiculously out of character, but I love it so much that none of this matters one tiny bit. YMMV. (Also, warning for repression/denial/minor homophobia and also just general douchery.)
teen wolf  stiles  derek  guilt  ao3  fic  porn porn porn porn  comfort fic  au  douchebags  non-rpf  bros 
march 2014 by jedusaur
The Reeducation of Misters Kane and Toews by jezziejay
“You’re a fan?” he says, eyes wide.

“Fuck off,” Jon says, because he’s not going to segue into being unprofessional, he’s just going to dive right in.

Patrick blinks and then twitches. “Then what are you doing here?”

“I just thought that I’d barrel into the middle of your workday and expect you to drop everything so that I can give you shit.”

Patrick gawps at him. “You’re a nut-job,” he says, carefully enunciating each word.

“Yeah? And you’re a piss-poor excuse for a parent.”
jonathan toews  patrick kane  au  fic  ao3  comfort fic  bros 
october 2013 by jedusaur
I Hate You
Dan being a shit to Phil and Phil squawking adorably a lot. D'aww.
vlogger rpf  youtube  video  canon fodder  bros 
august 2013 by jedusaur
Take it out in trade by mermaid
I tweeted a PostSecret about nipple-pinching and said I wanted hockey fic about it, and mermaid indulged me, and it is wonderful.
hockey rpf  patrick kane  jonathan toews  ao3  fic  kink  porn porn porn porn  bros 
august 2013 by jedusaur
Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85. by thingswithwings
"Yes," Hulk says again, through gritted teeth this time, and then starts coming all over Tony's hands and arms. Tony ducks back instinctively, because he was traumatized as a kid by that fucked up Larry Niven article about Superman's potentially deadly comeshots, but while it's copious, it's not particularly forceful, which is something of a relief.
fic  ao3  tony stark  bruce banner  porn porn porn porn  kink  non-rpf  bros  mcu 
july 2013 by jedusaur
You Could Have My Heart (Or We Could Share It Like The Last Slice) by distira
The one where Segs is a fratboy with a beer-pong life commitment to Brad Marchand and a regular babysitting gig for Andrew Ference.
hockey rpf  andrew ference  tyler seguin  brad marchand  fic  ao3  relationship development  comfort fic  bros 
july 2013 by jedusaur
Odd Man Rush by hanet
The way Alex is looking at him, Brandon feels like the kid can somehow read his mind. But he can’t possibly know that Brandon came down here with thoughts of hooking one of Gally’s strong calves over his shoulder and fucking the kid hard enough to make him cry.
hockey rpf  alex galchenyuk  brandon prust  brendan gallagher  ao3  fic  porn porn porn porn  nonmonogamy  bros 
may 2013 by jedusaur
young punks takin' shots, strippin' down to dirty socks by hanet
So this is too notficcy and not well-betaed and yet still somehow pounds my id like a prostate.
hockey rpf  nail yakupov  sam gagner  ao3  fic  comfort fic  bros 
april 2013 by jedusaur
Whiskey Lullaby by hapakitsune
Jeff doesn't call for a couple of weeks, which Rick decides to take a positive sign, and then one Saturday afternoon, he gets a call from the local animal shelter.

"Hi, is this Rick?" the woman on the other end says.

"Uh," Rick says, "yes?"

"We have a Jeff here," she says. "He's, hm, a little...intoxicated. He said to call you."

Rick debates whether he could get away with strangling Jeff with his bare hands. "What's he doing?" he asks, getting up to grab his keys.

"Mostly crying over the black dogs," she says.
hockey rpf  jeff carter  fic  ao3  bros 
april 2013 by jedusaur
Down by the Brazos by ionthesparrow
Mr. Richards shakes Jeff’s hand. He says, “You’re a real smart boy, son. If you work hard, you could get a scholarship. Go to college.”

“Yes, sir,” Jeff says. “Thank you, sir.” Then they head off down Maudville Road, take a right to head towards the highway. And then they’re gone.

Jeff don’t get no scholarship. He don’t go to college. And he don’t ever hear from Mike.
hockey rpf  au  fic  mike richards  jeff carter  relationship development  ao3  comfort fic  bros 
december 2012 by jedusaur
Tangled by thingswithwings
"I'm sorry, Abed," Troy says sincerely, because his mom taught him to apologise when he made assumptions about people. His mom also taught him not to kiss other boys, but then Troy's mom always had a lot of rules, and Troy can't possibly follow them all.
community  troy  abed  annie  fic  ao3  asexuality  relationship development  nonmonogamy  kink  comfort fic  strong female presence  non-rpf  bros 
october 2012 by jedusaur
Love in Fast Forward by ionthesparrow
Oh man, this feels SO realistic. Like, when an NHL player comes out, this is pretty much how it's going to go. And it's sneakily meta about hockey RPF fandom, too. Love it. <3
hockey rpf  fic  mike richards  jeff carter  ao3  meta  thinky  bros 
october 2012 by jedusaur
Baby-sitters Club The Next Generation #6: Byron and the God of California by zelempa
"That's not possible!" said Jordan. "You can't have two triplets straight and one gay. It's genetic, right? We have the same genes."

"I don't know. Different conditions in the womb, maybe," I said. "Phenotypes... ribosomes..."

"You're just saying science words now," said Jordan, which was correct.
crack  ao3  babysitters club  fic  relationship development  non-rpf  bros 
january 2012 by jedusaur
Sketches by brynnmck
Wonderful heartwarming-but-not-fluffy Ray-centric gen.
bandom  ray  ao3  fic  bros 
september 2011 by jedusaur
the sweet science by graceoftheworld
Brian never knows what to say around Ballato’s boyfriend, how to act. He’s some kind of artist, sweet, weird; Brian likes him a lot, but there’s no place for him in the unit that is Schechter-and-Ballato, kickass wiseass badass crimefighting team, the little world they’ve made for themselves inside the cruiser, no one to rely on but each other. Brian wonders if Ballato doesn’t tell Gerard the same things Brian doesn’t tell Bob.
bandom  au  brian  bob  plotful  holy fucking shit this FIC  fic  livejournal  comfort fic  strong female presence  bros 
august 2011 by jedusaur
untitled Gabe/Travis/Maja drabble by sinsense
It's one of those foolish drunken nights where he has the impulse and says in the next moment, "Let me suck you off?" Gabe gestures grandly at his crotch, and Travis goes and does it.
bandom  gabe  travis  maja  nonmonogamy  fic  livejournal  strong female presence  bros 
may 2011 by jedusaur
To Feel So Bright by desfinado
"Sorry. I just, things with me and Linds and B are so good right now, and we talk about stuff. Stuff like this." Gerard runs his palms down Frank's sides and back up again, like he’s reminding himself it’s really Frank. “Having a kid with someone, it’s this experience, y’know? It brings you together, like you don’t even have to find words for it, you both know how it feels.”
bandom  killjoys  frank  gerard  nonmonogamy  ao3  fic  relationship development  bros 
april 2011 by jedusaur

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