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JavaScript Garden
Best practice collection for JavaScript.
js  csszengarden  webdev 
april 2011 by jdunck
Scalable icons expressed as @font-face
fonts  icons  webdev  html5 
august 2010 by jdunck
Writing Bulletproof Apps with API Errorpoints
Provide predictable ways to receive errors.
api  design  webdev 
august 2010 by jdunck
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.
Lots of useful nuggets in here; I'd not use it whole cloth, though.
webdev  html5  list 
august 2010 by jdunck
A New Type of Phishing Attack « Aza on Design
Replace favicon/title/UI on tab switch, phish for credentials when the user returns.
security  webdev  tabnabbing  blackhat 
may 2010 by jdunck
Busting frame busting
Survey of anti-clickjacking techniques.
security  clickjacking  webdev  iframe 
may 2010 by jdunck
Final Builds Site - Internet Explorer Collection
Install multiple (hacked up) versions of IE side by side.
webdev  ie  testing 
july 2009 by jdunck
Stu Nicholls | CSSplay | Experiments with cascading style sheets | Doing it with Style
Tons of examples for CSS tricks. Could use more explanation, but a more thorough catalog, I have never seen.
css  webdev  list  examples  view-source  webdesign  redesign 
may 2009 by jdunck
typeface.js -- Rendering text with Javascript, <canvas>, and VML
Vectorize a truetype font; render CSS-styled text to canvas. Hot shit.
typography  webdev  javascript 
october 2008 by jdunck
A free implementation of Subspace
crossdomain  js  security  webdev 
april 2008 by jdunck
Python HTML sanitizer.
codelib  python  html  security  webdev 
april 2008 by jdunck
Revision 18: /trunk/mashi_django
A set of adapter functions to use Mako or Genshi templates with Django views.
django  templating  webdev  mako  genshi  python  codelib 
may 2007 by jdunck
Report Magic
Better reporting on top of analog.
webdev  statistics  traffic 
april 2007 by jdunck
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