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Video Store Clerk
Using human input to provide training feedback versus known results.
HumanComputation  training  datamining 
october 2008 by jdunck
Learn GIS Online
Offered by ESRI in support of their ArcGIS product, but lots of online courses aren't ESRI-specific,
education  training  gis  selfstudy 
january 2007 by jdunck
Memletics Effective Speed Reading Course
A speed reading course that doesn't promise the moon or charge a rediculous fee. With research citations, even!
selfstudy  reading  speedreading  training 
august 2006 by jdunck
IRE Training || Boot Camps
$500 for freelance, 6 day training on computer-assisted reporting, held in Missouri periodically.
CAR  IRE  training 
march 2006 by jdunck

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