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Kryptonite Angel Round Terms | Startup Lawyer
Control, dividend, tranches, non-dilution, personal guaranty
startup  fundraising  sharing 
august 2011 by jdunck
sunny bates | • connect and conspire
Recommended by Jason Calacanis and Yancey Strickler
startup  hiring  nyc 
july 2011 by jdunck
Shark Tank – extreme negotiation | LearnVC.com
Personalized food, poker face, subtly revealed BATNA, valuation ranged from $1M down to $150k w/ 4% royalty settled at $430M w/ 4% royalty.
negotiation  startup  financing  vc 
july 2011 by jdunck
Do You Really Even Need VC? | Both Sides of the Table
I contend that the vast majority of companies should never raise venture capital.
startup  funding  msuster 
may 2011 by jdunck
On not hiring - Gabriel Weinberg's Blog
Early on it is not entirely clear what that right position will turn out to be. You have a lot of short term needs, but that doesn't mean they should turn into full time positions.
startup  hiring  burnrate 
january 2011 by jdunck
Working with Talent markets – oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Guru, vWorker
...learn how to manage distributed teams, built through global advertising and competitive trials.
development  outsourcing  offshoring  startup 
january 2011 by jdunck
Effective A/B Testing
An outstanding rundown on A/B testing.
startup  testing  presentation  a/b 
september 2009 by jdunck
OHM Inc. - Home
Recommended on coworking ml, but PR group able to get meetings w/ fortune 500. I'm not sure why a low-capital startup would want to sell to corps, but if they need to, this is an in.
entrepreneur  networking  startup 
november 2008 by jdunck
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