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Muuttaa - digg - Muuttaa is a self-regulating SQL queue - Google Code
Muuttaa is a partitioned, persistent, self-regulating SQL queue that allows you to queue up alterations to your DB(s) and have them ran over time without crippling your DB(s) or the slaves. A common problem facing high volume websites is moving large pieces of data around, backfilling new denormalized columns or running large DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE queries.
scalabiity  digg  to-read  sql  migration 
july 2009 by jdunck
python-sqlparse - Google Code
Hooray, I've wished for this many times.
codelib  python  sql  parser 
april 2009 by jdunck
Common Queries Tree
Lots of patterns for common SQL query problems, some of them quite clever.
sql  howto  mysql 
november 2008 by jdunck
Multi-flavor SQL parser (not Free)
General SQL Parser is designed to deal with SQL statement used by different Database Such as Oracle,DB2,Informix,Sybase,Postgres,MySQL and so on. And we will make it conforms to most of the entry-level SQL99 Standard.
sql  parser  sqlserver  mysql  oracle  db2  informix 
may 2005 by jdunck
Oracle syntax reference
Concise guide to concepts and features of the Oracle database.
oracle  reference  sql 
february 2005 by jdunck
Oracle Commands
hyperlinked oracle sql reference
oracle  reference  sql 
november 2004 by jdunck

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