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flay | gemcutter | awesome gem hosting
Flay analyzes code for structural similarities
ruby  codelib  refactoring  steal  python 
january 2010 by jdunck
flog | gemcutter | awesome gem hosting
Flog reports the most tortured code in an easy to read pain report.
ruby  codelib  testing  steal  python 
january 2010 by jdunck
Ariel: About
Like TemplateMaker, but in Ruby, and with a different (better?) algorithm
nlp  parsing  ruby  codelib  Screenscraping 
july 2007 by jdunck
A directory-mirroring client for s3
codelib  ruby  s3  amazon  backup  rsync 
november 2006 by jdunck
Pablotron: Rubilicious
Delicious bindings for Ruby. The online API reference is available here,
codelib  delicious  ruby 
december 2004 by jdunck
rubydotnet is a .net interop ruby extension module.
# Use the Microsoft .net framework and any other CLS compliant .net class library from ruby
ScriptEmbed  interop  ruby  dotnet 
december 2004 by jdunck

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