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SpatiaLite download page
the SpatiaLite extension enables SQLite to support spatial data ... in a way conformant to OpenGis specifications
gis  sqlite  mobile  geodjango 
august 2008 by jdunck
Wireless 911 Services
What're the qualifications for a PSAP? Could a citizen-run service qualify?
mobile  fcc  gis  pegasus 
july 2007 by jdunck
Modest Maps
flash-based maps that work on mobile via flashlite
flash  flashlite  mapping  gis  mobile 
april 2007 by jdunck
HOWTO: get the MSL for your CDMA phone
MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) is how cell networks keep you from using phones on someone else's network.
mobile  consumerist  cdma  unlock  cellular  howto 
february 2007 by jdunck
Designing for Mobile - Blue Flavor
103 slides, loads of info, nice links at end
mobile  design  presentation 
july 2006 by jdunck
3rd party lib for python s60
s60  python  miso  helsinki  mobile 
february 2006 by jdunck
A very small, portable, lisp-y implementation.
lisp  proglang  mobile 
february 2006 by jdunck
Opera Mini
Non-sucky free browser on most mobile phones.
browser  opera  mobile  ubiq 
january 2006 by jdunck
Enter a URL
Whacks formatting on arb sites to help display on mobile devices.
google  mobile  mobilizer 
january 2006 by jdunck

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