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The Active Class » Blog Archive » Do students learn better with peer instruction (clickers)? Does it last? (#aaptsm10)
Students who read before class do as well as those that read before class and also have peer instruction. Practical Q: Does peer instruction increase % who read before class?
education  clicker  research 
august 2010 by jdunck
Squeak book list
A book list "...for those who want to learn more about the ideas and philosophies that influenced the creation of Squeak."
AlanKay  book  list  squeak  education  culture  psychology 
december 2007 by jdunck
Learn GIS Online
Offered by ESRI in support of their ArcGIS product, but lots of online courses aren't ESRI-specific,
education  training  gis  selfstudy 
january 2007 by jdunck
Richard Garlikov
Homepage with essays on philosophy, teaching, learning, education, photography, and... tennis.
pedagogy  logic  ethics  education  learning  teaching 
february 2006 by jdunck
The Socratic Method
An account of "teaching" 3rd grade students binary representation using the Socratic Method.
education  teaching  pedagogy  socratic 
february 2006 by jdunck
Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
Another MIT Sussman book using Scheme, but as a tool for learning Physics.
sicp  sicm  scheme  mit  education  ebook 
january 2006 by jdunck
The Teaching Company - Great Courses That Engage The Mind
High-end audio and video of great professors lecturing.
education  audio  video 
january 2005 by jdunck

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