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User Inter Faces
lorem ipsum (lorum ipsum) for faces / avatars
avatar  ui  mockup  design 
march 2013 by jdunck
Wilson Miner - When We Build on Vimeo
We get to make a dent in the universe. We get to make things. This is a great job.
design  stevejobs  apple  wilsonminer 
february 2012 by jdunck
Writing Bulletproof Apps with API Errorpoints
Provide predictable ways to receive errors.
api  design  webdev 
august 2010 by jdunck
How Little Do Users Read? (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Know your audience-- but watch the word count in any case.
usability  design 
may 2008 by jdunck
A List Apart: Articles: Sliced and Diced Sandbags
using divs with widths set to non-transparent image pixel breadth to flow text around irregular images.
css  hack  design  webdev 
september 2006 by jdunck
Designing for Mobile - Blue Flavor
103 slides, loads of info, nice links at end
mobile  design  presentation 
july 2006 by jdunck
tiny icons w/ transparent backgrounds for css-ified color palleting.
icons  design  gif  transparent 
february 2006 by jdunck
TylerHall.ws - Defining CSS Constants using PHP
If you're thinking about using CSS constants, go use Shaun Inman's CSS-SSC instead.
css  design  batshit  security 
december 2005 by jdunck
And all that Malarkey [CSS: Mark-up guides]
Using Fireworks to make progressive approximations and illustrate markup stucture.
css  design  workflow 
january 2005 by jdunck

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