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june 2012
The Infamous Brad - Sometimes, When "All the Facts are In," It's Worse: The UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Report
Lieutenant Pike of the UC Davis Police Department became an internet meme by using high-pressure pepper-spray on peaceful resisters, ...issue a final fact-finding report to the university. The university just released that report, along with their summary (PDF link), and the final report is even worse than the news accounts made it seem.
occupy  ucdavis  ltpike 
april 2012
Forums dealing w/ longevity, mental aides, and AI.
nootropics  brainhealth  forum 
april 2012
Girls and Computers - Adventures in JavaScript Development
In some ways, it is like the very ubiquity of technology has led us back to a world where socially normative gender roles take hold all over again, and the effort we’re going to need to put into overcoming that feels overwhelming sometimes. Words can’t express my gratitude for the parents I have, for that $99.95 investment they made in me, and for fact that I was lucky enough to be 5 and full of wonder in 1982.
inspiration  feminism 
march 2012
Wilson Miner - When We Build on Vimeo
We get to make a dent in the universe. We get to make things. This is a great job.
design  stevejobs  apple  wilsonminer 
february 2012
OWSvsTP.jpg (567×310)
Venn diagram showing common cause and differing cause of Tea Party / OWS.

I think it's a mistake to draw straight disagreement - I do not think OWS is a reaction to Tea Party.
ows  teaparty 
november 2011
ZhxxJ.jpg (1600×1200)
A diagram showing (a slanted view of) the divergent paths of Tea Party and OWS.
ows  teaparty 
november 2011
Documentation | uberblic
The Doppelganger service translates between IDs of entities in third party APIs. When you query Doppelganger with an entity ID, you’ll get back IDs of that same entity in other APIs.
api  identity  xref 
october 2011
Dogpile 0.1.0 : Python Package Index
Like mint cache, but without requiring memcache as a backing store.

A "dogpile" lock, one which allows a single thread to generate an expensive resource while other threads use the "old" value, until the "new" value is ready
concurrency  python  caching 
september 2011
Kryptonite Angel Round Terms | Startup Lawyer
Control, dividend, tranches, non-dilution, personal guaranty
startup  fundraising  sharing 
august 2011
US Debt chart
Infographic showing sources of current debt.
politics  unitedstates  activism  infographic 
july 2011
Anonymous & Lulz Security Statement - Pastebin.com
Hello thar FBI and international law authorities,

We recently stumbled across the following article with amazement and a certain amount of amusement:


The statements made by deputy assistant FBI director Steve Chabinsky in this
article clearly seem to be directed at Anonymous and Lulz Security, and we are
happy to provide you with a response.

You state:

"We want to send a message that chaos on the Internet is unacceptable,
[even if] hackers can be believed to have social causes, it's entirely
unacceptable to break into websites and commit unlawful acts."

Now let us be clear here, Mr. Chabinsky, while we understand that you and
your colleagues may find breaking into websites unacceptable, let us tell
you what WE find unacceptable:

* Governments lying to their citizens and inducing fear and terror to keep
them in control by dismantling their freedom piece by piece.

* Corporations aiding and conspiring with said governments while taking
advantage at the same time by collecting billions of funds for
federal contracts we all know they can't fulfil.

* Lobby conglomerates who only follow their agenda to push the profits
higher, while at the same time being deeply involved in governments around
the world with the only goal to infiltrate and corrupt them enough
so the status quo will never change.

These governments and corporations are our enemy. And we will continue to
fight them, with all methods we have at our disposal, and that certainly
includes breaking into their websites and exposing their lies.

We are not scared any more. Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to
us as you cannot arrest an idea. Any attempt to do so will make your
citizens more angry until they will roar in one gigantic choir. It is our
mission to help these people and there is nothing - absolutely nothing - you
can possibly to do make us stop.

"The Internet has become so important to so many people that we have to
ensure that the World Wide Web does not become the Wild Wild West."

Let me ask you, good sir, when was the Internet not the Wild Wild West? Do
you really believe you were in control of it at any point? You were not.

That does not mean that everyone behaves like an outlaw. You see, most
people do not behave like bandits if they have no reason to. We become bandits
on the Internet because you have forced our hand. The Anonymous bitchslap rings
through your ears like hacktivism movements of the 90s. We're back - and we're
not going anywhere. Expect us.
activism  hacking  anonymous  lulzsec 
july 2011
Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Fantastic engineering management is…
software engineering management is so different from software engineering that it should be an entirely separate career track
management  development  hiring 
july 2011
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