Identify Plastics
How to identify plastic chemistry based on its characteristics.
plastic  repair  diy 
june 2016
data parsing and visualization tool
dataviz  parsing  translation 
september 2014
bundle_foodanddrink_bycity_1.jpg.490x0_q85_crop-scale.jpg (490×1576)
two-sided bar chart with width indicating population and height indicating spending (dining out and in). Reference line for average, ranked highest (total) to lowest.

Misses the fact that small-population cities are more likely to be outliers on either end. Related: NYC (largest pop) is near the middle. Also likely skew based on average household size. Legend needed, possibly due to poor color and typography choices.
may 2013
dottedmag/bdrsync · GitHub
"read devices block-by-block and only writing to second device blocks with non-matching content"
april 2013
ryancdotorg/threshcrypt · GitHub
threshcrypt - A password-based implementation of threshold encryption
backup  deadman  security 
april 2013
User Inter Faces
lorem ipsum (lorum ipsum) for faces / avatars
avatar  ui  mockup  design 
march 2013
Naming groups of women
A demonstration of the word issue in divided experiences.
activism  equity  naming  lexicon 
march 2013
SF Startup Survival Guide: How to Find an Apartment in San Francisco « The Art of Living
Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and decided to move to San Francisco for your own startup or to join one of the hundreds (thousands?) here. Making the decision to move may have been difficult, but nothing compared to all the hassles and headaches of moving to this city.
sf  realestate 
january 2013
The Netflix Tech Blog: Asgard: Web-based Cloud Management and Deployment
Netflix developers have been using self-service tools to build and deploy hundreds of applications and services to the Amazon cloud. One of those tools is Asgard, a web interface for application deployments and cloud management.
aws  deployment  devops  netflix 
january 2013
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