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Top 25 best films of 2018 countdown
This is my favorite annual look at the best films of the year. Love the way the guy pulls everything together into a ten-minute video highlight reel.
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11 weeks ago by jdroth
Beneath the surface of Bruce Springsteen
Fascinating in-depth interview with Bruce Springsteen about self and creativity.
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12 weeks ago by jdroth
Former Chief of Disguise at the CIA explains how spies use disguise
This is interesting on more than the superficial level. She notes how Americans unconsciously reveal that they're American while traveling abroad, from the way they stand to the way they eat.
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october 2018 by jdroth
Bands + singers realize from crowd reaction that they've made it big
This is an awesome comment thread on Reddit with lots of fun reactions as artists like Snow Patrol and Mumford & Sons realize they've hit the big time.
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october 2018 by jdroth
12 letters that didn't make the modern alphabet
This is FASCINATING stuff. Here's a list of twelve letters that once say varying degrees of use (some were common as recently as 100 years ago!) but have been relegated to the dustbin of history, for the most part. Also could include the German double-S thing: ß.
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september 2018 by jdroth
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