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Babu Bangladesh! Review: An Imaginative Fictional Biography Of A Political Luminary And A Young Country Born In Violence | HuffPost India
In Numair Choudhury’s imaginative, sprawling novel, Babu Bangladesh!, the story takes on a very different colour. Over the course of five days, the tree’s felling is stalled by a group of student freedom fighters and sympathetic soldiers of the Pakistani Army, and by the vast, invisible power of the banyan itself. It finally falls, its spirit broken, but not before multiple explosives fail to ignite, the army camp is inundated with poisonous snakes, perfectly-aimed tank missiles mysteriously miss the gargantuan tree and Pakistani officers have inexplicable psychological breakdowns.
Bangladesh  NumairChoudhury  biography  fiction  review  IndianLiterature 
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ZhangCunxue  LiuLiangcheng  review  novel  zh  blog 
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Morphosis: Some Thoughts on Fantasy and Violence
The Poppy War has been well-reviewed in SF/Fantasty circles (I can see why) and has generated a good deal of positive buzz. And it is in many ways an impressive achievement, especially for a first novel. My beef is not with this one novel, but with what seems to me a particular aesthetic of somatic ultraviolence that is very widespread in contemporary culture. This, I think, is something distinct from other modes of representing violence. There are plenty of graphic and stomach-turning accounts of wounding and killing in the Iliad (say), but those, in their clinical precision and the counter-intuitive way they coolly describe the heat of battle, work very differently on the reader to a passage like the one quoted above. Homer never describes torture, or gratuitous violence. And for all that he gives us, in Simon Weil’s resonant phrase, a glimpse into Hell, a world ruled entirely by Force, Homer really isn’t interested in cruelty.

No: the source for that particular fascination in later literature is Sadean, and the vibe of contemporary body horror and atrocitypunk owes an unmistakeable, if sometimes subterranean, debt to Les 120 Journées de Sodome. Guillaume Apollinaire predicted that de Sade would ‘dominate the 20th century’ and I tend to think he's been proved right, at least so far as the prevelant constellation of eroticised violence and cruelty is concerned. Are we crueller, in our art, than we used to be? Why might it be that our collective preferences where art is concerned is crueller than our actual lived experiences? It’s a move that predates the relative deracination of social interaction occasioned by social media, I think. But I wonder if our ubiquitous social media have acted as an accelerant.
AdamRoberts  violence  ThePoppyWar  RFKuang  review 
june 2018 by jdmartinsen

SongJun  novel  1950s  ChenXiaoming  zh  ChinaWriter  review 
september 2017 by jdmartinsen
Xue Generis: Can Xue and the Dangers of Literary Exceptionalism -BLARB
Unmoored from such literary bearings, and confronted with the idiosyncrasies of Can Xue’s style, many critics plunge into an experimental-literature-induced zero-sum free-fall, overstating the radical nature of her work to the point of completely bulldozing its characteristics. A recent review claims that “her narratives have no memory … she invests little or nothing at all in the unity of time and place.” But Frontier is nothing if not for its setting, and the trajectories of the people in it. José and Nancy come from Smoke Town, learn about Pebble Town, have a baby, Nancy leaves José … you know, a story, albeit a bit of a disjointed one. Not only does the story have memory in the sense that an arc from one event to the next is completed, but individual characters literally have memories — José and Nancy remember Smoke Town. Consciousness of a fuller palette of experimental styles would make the deficiency of such absolutizing evident.
CanXue  AmandaDeMarco  review  LARB  exceptionalism 
july 2017 by jdmartinsen
Zhou Yaping remarks on Zhang Yin'an's unorthodox fiction (speculative).
ZhouYaping  ZhangYinan  review  sf  ShenzhenSpecialZoneDaily 
february 2017 by jdmartinsen
Waits gives a negative review of Yan Lianke's 炸烈志 and muses on the banal realism of contemporary writers (including Yu Hua in 第七天 and Su Tong in 黄雀记):
waits  YanLianke  review  realism  fiction  novel  zh  Douban 
july 2016 by jdmartinsen
Li Weichang 李伟长 reviews Lu Nei's Along the Flower Street
books  zh  LuNei  LiWeichang  review 
november 2013 by jdmartinsen
Zhou Limin reviews the first three-part installment of Huang Yongyu's serialized autobiography 无愁河的浪荡汉子: 朱雀城. (138 yuan list price). Discursive, with parenthetical asides that leap across eras. Compares it to Shen Congwen, artist-essayists, and traditional literature like Shuihu and Rulin waishi.
books  zh  HuangYongyu  SouthernMetropolisDaily  review 
october 2013 by jdmartinsen
Zhou Mingquan discusses what makes a good Chinese novel using Saotu 骚土 by Lao Cun 老村 as a case study.
books  zh  ContemporaryLiteraryCriticism  fiction  LaoCun  ZhouMingquan  review 
september 2013 by jdmartinsen
Tao Dongfeng 陶东风 critiques Liang Xiaosheng's rusticated youth fiction, 年轮 and 知青. Finds them othering and unnuanced.
books  zh  TaoDongfeng  LiangXiaosheng  review 
september 2013 by jdmartinsen
Review of a new book explicating Wolf Totem.
books  zh  WolfTotem  TheBeijingNews  review 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Hong Zhigang 洪治纲 on Li Peifu's Sheep Gate. 《羊的门》并不是一部完美的小说,但它对中国乡村社会的内在结构却有着深刻的思考,对其潜在的伦理谱系亦有着独到的揭示。
books  zh  LiPeifu  rural  society  HongZhigang  review 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Yu Feng's Masquerade ( 《假面舞会》,禹风著,文汇出版社2013年6月版) as a new shanghai Novel.
books  zh  YuFeng  fiction  SouthernMetropolisDaily  review 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Southern Metropolis Daily reviews Xiao An's book of mental institution essays
books  zh  non-fiction  SouthernMetropolisDaily  XiaoAn  review 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Zhang Yiwei reviews Man With the Compound Eyes for the Oriental Morning Post's book review section.
books  zh  Douban  WuMingyi  OrientalMorningPost  sf  ZhangYiwei  review 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Yang Yifen looks at Ning Ken as a writer.
zh  NingKen  literature  YangYifen  review  ChinaWriter 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Ning Ken considers Yu Hua's Seventh Day and the relationship of fiction to in-the-moment breaking news.
zh  YuHua  NingKen  literature  review  ChinaWriter 
august 2013 by jdmartinsen
Review of 《香巴拉的秘密通道》,短篇小说,苏羊 刊物:《青春》,2012年第5期。
magazine  zh  SuYang  fiction  review 
june 2013 by jdmartinsen
Lu Min's new collection 《九种忧伤》,鲁敏著,花城出版社2013年3月版,29 .80元。 Also here: http://epaper.oeeee.com/C/html/2013-05/19/content_1860239.htm
books  zh  stories  LuMin  SouthernMetropolisDaily  review 
may 2013 by jdmartinsen
A look at Zhao Gang and his short story collection.
books  zh  ZhaoGang  review 
may 2013 by jdmartinsen
Han Shaogong's new novel 《日夜书》: 阅读韩少功老师的最新长篇《日夜书》,我有一种停不下来的感觉,仿佛看到写作者将自己珍藏多年的照片,一张一张地挂在墙上,而这些照片是他用记忆或者眼睛拍摄下来的瞬间,虽然已经泛黄,却依然构图清晰。有的图片的存储格式是G IF格式,有着动态的笑容,甚至是M P4,有着丰富的声音。
books  zh  SouthernMetropolisDaily  HanShaogong  review 
may 2013 by jdmartinsen
Ge Hongbing gives a close reading of 残雪《801室的房客》
zh  GeHongbing  CanXue  short  story  fiction  review 
february 2013 by jdmartinsen
Review of SF-mystery 虚拟街头漂流记.
books  zh  mystery  sf  review 
february 2013 by jdmartinsen
Review of The Erasers -- fiction and poetry from Yang Li, Wu Qing, and others.
poetry  zh  review  magazine  fiction  WuQing 
july 2012 by jdmartinsen
脆弱与勇敢 - 书评周刊·文学 -新京报电子报
我们的怕与爱 by 钟二毛 reviewed in The Beijing News.
zh  review  books  TheBeijingNews  ZhongErmao 
july 2012 by jdmartinsen
零公里处的幽灵 [张定浩]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
Ma Yuan's Cow Ghosts and Snake Demons reviewed, seen as a competent retread of earlier work and themes.
zh  books  SouthernMetropolisWeekly  review  MaYuan 
june 2012 by jdmartinsen
Dong Qizhang's recent books, profiled by Daily Sunshine.
zh  review  profile  books  TungKai-cheong  DailySunshine 
june 2012 by jdmartinsen
时间流中打捞家史碎片 [遆存磊]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
《我未来次子关于我的回忆》,骆以军著,广西师大出版社2012年4月版 reviewed in SMD.
zh  future  SouthernMetropolisWeekly  review  books  LuoYijun 
june 2012 by jdmartinsen
Beixing reviews Wang Xiaobo's 红拂夜奔. (repost of 2000.1.20 piece)
zh  books  review  BeiXing  WangXiaobo 
april 2012 by jdmartinsen
Review of Ma Boyong's Tang Dynasty spy pastiche. Perceptive evaluation of the appeal and limitations of Ma's body of work.
zh  OrientalMorningPost  review  books  mystery  MaBoyong 
april 2012 by jdmartinsen
鲤鱼洲的枯涸岁月 [遆存磊]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
Review of Annals of Liyu Zhou, edited by Chen Pingyuan. Makes special mention of 扁担谣, whose author notes that it is a mixture of fact and fiction that was written at the behest of the authorities. Interesting examination of historicity.
zh  WuQiGanxiao  SouthernMetropolisDaily  books  review 
april 2012 by jdmartinsen
有“告别”的姿态缺“年代”的味道 [胡传吉]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
Review of 告别的年代 by 黎紫书. Praises the sense of time and place, notes that it's a complex narrative that requires a patient reader; says not enough attention to plot details.
zh  SouthernMetropolisDaily  books  review  LiZishu 
april 2012 by jdmartinsen
曹寇小说的“操行评语” [何同彬]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
Review of Cao Kou's new short story collection, Tree Growing on the Roof 屋顶长的一棵树.

short  stories  zh  review  books  SouthernMetropolisDaily  CaoKou 
april 2012 by jdmartinsen
Oriental Morning Post reviews Annie Baobei's ten-year collected works.
zh  books  review  OrientalMorningPost  AnnieBaobei 
february 2012 by jdmartinsen
《邂逅集》60年后再出版 [李建新]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
Wang Zengqi's short stories get reissued in their original form 60 years after first publication (the 1980s versions were substantially edited).
WangZengqi  books  review  zh  SouthernMetropolisDaily 
december 2011 by jdmartinsen
Bao Shu reviews Qian Lifang's latest, Fate 天命.
QianLifang  sf  SouthernMetropolisDaily  books  review  zh 
november 2011 by jdmartinsen
从历史与文学的边缘出发 -书评·文学-新京报电子报
The Beijing News profiles Yang Xianhui about his new book, Chronicle of Southern Gansu.
YangXianhui  history  Gansu  books  TheBeijingNews  review 
november 2011 by jdmartinsen
Review of Septameron 七日谈 by Dao Erdeng 刀尔登. Reviewer feels that the author's storytelling is outstripped by philosophizing.
SouthernMetropolisDaily  books  review  DaoErdeng  zh 
november 2011 by jdmartinsen
鬼事 [顾文豪]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
Southern Metropolis Daily reviews Luan Baoqun's second book of traditional ghost stories, 说魂儿:扪虱谈鬼录之二.
ghosts  LuanBaoqun  books  review  SouthernMetropolisDaily  zh 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
历史能戏说,但不能漏说 -书评·社科-新京报电子报
Review of The Other Half of Chinese History by Gao Honglei. 《另一半中国史》 作者:高洪雷 版本:文化艺术出版社2010年8月版 定价:49.80元
TheBeijingNews  books  review  history  zh 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
Positive review of Ge Fei's latest, 春尽江南.
GeFei  books  review  SouthernMetropolisDaily  zh 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
奇书《七日谈》:温暖的刻薄 -书评·文学-新京报电子报
Review of the peculiar stories in Seven Days of Conversation by Dao Erdeng (aka 37 aka 邱小刚).
DaoErdeng  HuangZhangjin  books  TheBeijingNews  review 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
贾平凹笔下的中国病人 [任瑜]__鲜橙互动 南都网 南方都市报 新闻互动网站 南都数字报
A review of Jia Pingwa's latest.
JiaPingwa  books  SouthernMetropolisDaily  review  zh 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
孙世祥,《神史》,以及沉默的大多数 -书评·关注-新京报电子报
The Beijing News looks at the Sacred History, the posthumous rural epic by Sun Shixiang. Includes comments on literary merits, and the supposedly authentic rural voice:
SunShixiang  rural  fiction  zh  TheBeijingNews  review 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
A review of A Female Reporter by Ma Xiaoyu. Reviewer compares it to Wu Xuan's _Strangers_.
zh  books  review  SouthernMetropolisDaily  MaXiaoyu 
october 2011 by jdmartinsen
北京十年 by 罗孚 -- a mid-century look at the capital.
LuoFu  Beijing  review  books  DailySunshine  zh 
september 2011 by jdmartinsen
Taiwan writer critiques Han Han's recent work.
HanHan  DailySunshine  books  review  zh 
september 2011 by jdmartinsen
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