The Art of Storytelling
Khan Academy course on storytelling
july 2017
Mindfulness, Resilience, and Burnout Subtypes in Primary Care Physicians: The Possible Mediating Role of Positive and Negative Affect | Psychology
Mindfulness, Resilience, and Burnout Subtypes in Primary Care Physicians: The Possible Mediating Role of Positive and Negative Affect
may 2017
The dark psychology of dehumanization, explained
As anti-Muslim rhetoric increases under Trump, more Americans are seeing Muslims as less than human.
march 2017
nodemcu micro controller - tiny wifi & lua powered
lua  microcontroller 
august 2016
Molly Beans - A life in development
The story of a millennial software engineer and her merry band of misfits.
april 2016
Overpass - An open source webfont family inspired by Highway Gothic
An open source webfont family inspired by Highway Gothic.
april 2016
Go Learn
Some rookie Go mistakes we made building Teamwork Desk, and what we learned from them
march 2016
New Image Tools for SmartOS
user-friendly helper utilities for SmartOS
october 2015
Wade Sarver on Gumroad - Cell tech docs
ebooks maybe useful for cell techs? scope of work, deployment checklists, etc?
october 2015
Living the Future of Technical Writing
Article about writing a book using Markdown and dev-tool-mediated workflow.
november 2014
gixlg - GIX looking glass
looking glass using exabgp and database storage of routes
november 2013
Media for Thinking the Unthinkable
interactive papers to guide to understanding
november 2013
Engineering Management
Notes on engineering management from Yishan Wong, Reddit's CEO and former engineering manager at Facebook.
culture  management  business 
september 2013
Nginx and SSL root key security
With Nginx only root needs permission to read SSL certs because Nginx starts as root and then forks to www-data
ssl  nginx 
september 2013
Vyatta::Config - Unofficial Vyatta Wiki
Instructions on extending the Vyatta config format
september 2013
cli-shell-api - Unofficial Vyatta Wiki
Instructions on extending the Vyatta CLI
september 2013
L2tp - SixXS Wiki
IPv6 remote access using L2TP & PPP
september 2013
Introducing Heka
Log aggregation and processing
april 2013
Synnefo | Open Source Cloud Software
OpenStack compatible layer for Ganeti+Ceph
april 2013
Quick XMPP chat bots in Python
python  xmpp  jabber 
april 2013
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