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How to Research a Quotation | The New York Public Library
If you plan to open an essay with a "famous quotation," be sure that you're right about the source! This article provides great links to help you verify that Abraham Lincoln (for example) actually said what BrainyQuotes.com has listed.
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6 weeks ago by jcmadams
Boolean Searching - Interactive Tutorial
This interactive tutorial from the Gutenberg Library walks you through how boolean searches work in academic databases. Very helpful and in-depth!
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april 2019 by jcmadams
Boolean Operators
This resource from Northcentral University Library gives a graphic representation to help you understand how boolean operators work in database searches.
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april 2019 by jcmadams
Google Scholar
An academic database search engine that uses Google's algorithms and is publicly accessible (though links may lead to paywalled journals).
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december 2017 by jcmadams
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Enter in a URL (web address) to see links to what it looked like in the past. (Or to find a site that has disappeared.)
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april 2017 by jcmadams
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know
A useful collection of tips for getting the most out of Google, published at Lifehacker.
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march 2016 by jcmadams

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