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How to Research a Quotation | The New York Public Library
If you plan to open an essay with a "famous quotation," be sure that you're right about the source! This article provides great links to help you verify that Abraham Lincoln (for example) actually said what BrainyQuotes.com has listed.
quotes  quotations  research  resources  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG0900 
6 weeks ago by jcmadams
Use ‘Read Aloud’ in Microsoft Word for Proofreading - The Writers For Hire
A quick guide to the "read aloud" function in Microsoft Word (Office 365). Hearing your essay can help you to spot and fix errors, and make proofreading easier.
ENG1112  ENG1111  revision  proofreading  MSWord  ENG0900 
9 weeks ago by jcmadams
Reading Aloud - The UNC Writing Center
Strategies and tips for reading aloud to proofread and edit your work, along with some explanation of why this method is helpful.
ENG1112  ENG1111  revision  ENG0900 
9 weeks ago by jcmadams
Introduction to MLA Style - College of San Mateo Library
This guide has some good, easy to understand guidance on MLA style and citation.
MLA  ENG1112-EE  ENG1112  citation  ENG2610 
april 2019 by jcmadams
Boolean Searching - Interactive Tutorial
This interactive tutorial from the Gutenberg Library walks you through how boolean searches work in academic databases. Very helpful and in-depth!
ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  research  reference  howto 
april 2019 by jcmadams
Boolean Operators
This resource from Northcentral University Library gives a graphic representation to help you understand how boolean operators work in database searches.
ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  research  reference 
april 2019 by jcmadams
MLA Style: Interactive Citation Practice Template
This practice template can help you generate and understand MLA Works Cited page citations.
MLA  styleguides  references  resources  ENG1112  ENG1111  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610 
march 2019 by jcmadams
Commenting and Reviewing on Microsoft Word
While this guide was written with graduate students in mind, it is a clear and simple guide to using Track Changes and leaving comments in a Word document.
ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  MSWord  resources 
february 2019 by jcmadams
Emma Studies - Free Printable Study Planner Pack
This site features free planner and organizing printable documents, including this study planner pack. Download the PDFs and print as needed!
planner  productivity  resources  ENG1111  ENG1112-EE  ENG1112  ENG2610  ENG0900 
january 2019 by jcmadams
Pocket - An App for Reading and Bookmarking
Pocket is a service for web and mobile devices which you can use to bookmark, store, and read web-based articles. Basic use is free!
reading  annotation  apps  ENG1112  ENG1111 
october 2018 by jcmadams
8 Ways to Use Comment Boxes in Microsoft Word
This list of useful techniques is good for commenting on work, or annotating documents while reading.
annotation  ENG1112  ENG1111  ENG1112-EE  reading  resources  howto 
october 2018 by jcmadams
How to Add Comments to a PDF With Acrobat Reader
This guide walks you through using Adobe Acrobat Reader to annotate PDFs. This is useful for research using digital sources.
annotation  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  reading  resources 
october 2018 by jcmadams
"Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One's Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity" - Adrian F. Ward, et al
This is the full academic article discussing the findings of the University of Texas study (2017), discussed in the other links. Read this to help you contextualize the coverage of the results.
ENG1112  article  resources  technology 
july 2018 by jcmadams
"Cell Phones in the Classroom: Expected (and Unexpected) Effects" - Learning and the Brain
This article on a blog aimed at educators discusses a recent (2017) study conducted at the University of Texas, which found that the presence of your smartphone can distract you, even if you think you're ignoring it.
ENG1112  article 
july 2018 by jcmadams
How to Proofread - The Writing Center at UW-Madison
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center has helpful tips and suggestions for successful proofreading.
writing  ENG1112  ENG1111  ENG1112-EE  revision  proofreading 
april 2018 by jcmadams
Using Blackboard:How to Interpret my SafeAssign Report and Score
This video walks you through a few scenarios to help you better understand and read the SafeAssign Report that Blackboard issues when you submit a paper.
ENG1111  ENG1112-EE  ENG1112  Blackboard  resources  SafeAssign  ENG2610  ENG0900 
march 2018 by jcmadams
Your Smartphone Reduces Your Brainpower, Even if It's Just Sitting There
An article in The Atlantic which discusses a recent (2017) study conducted at the University of Texas, which found that the presence of your smartphone can distract you, even if you think you're ignoring it.
ENG1111  ENG1112  resources  technology 
march 2018 by jcmadams
Hypothesis – Online Annotation
Hypothesis is an open-source, free service that allows you to annotate web-based articles and PDFs, as well as share and collaborate on annotations.
annotation  resources  ENG1112  ENG1111  reading  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610 
february 2018 by jcmadams
Even smart people are shockingly bad at analyzing sources online. This might be an actual solution. » Nieman Journalism Lab
This article by Laura Hazard Owen discusses a study conducted at Stanford which looked at how readers (even highly educated readers) evaluated the legitimacy or usefulness of online sources. There were some interesting findings!
ENG1112  MediaLiteracy  News/Media 
february 2018 by jcmadams
Do Smartphones Help or Hurt Students' Academic Achievement? - The Atlantic
This article looks at several studies that attempt to gauge the impact of smartphone access or use during class. Some findings indicate that having access to or using a smartphone during class can lower a student's grade by nearly a full letter grade.
article  smartphone  ENG1111  ENG1112  academic  habits 
february 2018 by jcmadams
Paramedic Method: A Lesson in Writing Concisely
Exercises from the Purdue OWL website to practice the "paramedic method" of trimming down and streamlining a sentence.
grammar  usage  editing  revision  ENG1112 
february 2018 by jcmadams
Clark State Community College: Academic Dates & Final Exam Schedules
Click here to see key academic dates, and to download the Final Exam Schedule for this term.
ClarkState  resources  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610  ENG0900 
january 2018 by jcmadams
Google Scholar
An academic database search engine that uses Google's algorithms and is publicly accessible (though links may lead to paywalled journals).
ENG1111  ENG1112  research  resources  ENG1112-EE 
december 2017 by jcmadams
Captain Awkward: #1058: It’s that time of year when we need to email professors!
In this advice column post, Captain Awkward (Jennifer Peepas) gives two useful scripts along with general guidance for how best to email your professor or instructor to request an extension, or a letter of recommendation.
resources  howto  ENG1111  ENG1112  college  advice  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610  ENG0900 
december 2017 by jcmadams
Active Voice vs Passive Voice: UW-Madison Writing Center
A good primer on the difference between active and passive voice, and guidance on how to adjust your sentences to favor active voice.
grammar  ENG1111  ENG1112 
november 2017 by jcmadams
The Snopes.com website has been independently researching and fact checking internet rumors and urban legends since 1994.
MediaLiteracy  ENG1112  ENG1111  EvaluatingSources 
november 2017 by jcmadams
This a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics. PolitiFact is run by editors and reporters from the Tampa Bay Times, an independent newspaper in Florida, as is PunditFact, a site devoted to fact-checking pundits.
News/Media  news  MediaLiteracy  ENG1112 
november 2017 by jcmadams
A project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, this site is a non-partisan, non-profit project that acts as a "consumer advocate" for voters by fact checking the claims made by political figures and candidates.
ENG1112  news  News/Media  MediaLiteracy 
november 2017 by jcmadams
Newspapers & Other News Sources - LibGuides at Sinclair Community College
Sinclair's library staff has assembled a useful collection of links that can help you select and locate online news sources, newspapers, articles, and more.
news  News/Media  ENG1112  resources 
november 2017 by jcmadams
List: Breaking News Consumer's Handbooks
On The Media has created multiple, subject-specific guides for consumers of news. This page lists the various guides, most presented in the form of podcast/audio stories.
news  News/Media  ENG1112 
november 2017 by jcmadams
The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook - On The Media Blog - WNYC
This blog-post outlines the "Breaking News Consumer's Handbook" - guidelines for understanding and evaluating news coverage during a fast-moving news story. There is a link within the blog post for a PDF version of the guide.
news  News/Media  ENG1112 
november 2017 by jcmadams
Alltop - Top Op-Ed (opinion editorial) News
This site aggregates (collects links) to OpEd pieces in a variety of publications each day. A helpful link for the News/Media Tracking project as it allows you to quickly locate an editorial on the news story you are following.
News  Media  ENG1112  News/Media 
november 2017 by jcmadams
List of Occupations Ranked by Need for Writing Ability
O*NET is a program that collects nation-wide data on occupational information and requirements. This list ranks occupations across all industries on the basis of the level of writing ability needed to succeed in each job. It's an interesting look at how writing skills may be a part of your working life!
ENG1111  ENG1112  jobs  working  skills  writing 
october 2017 by jcmadams
Wordnik is a website for word lovers! At Wordnik, you can sign up for a "word a day" email that contains definition, history, and pronunciation for an interesting word each day.
language  reference  ENG1111  words  vocabulary  ENG1112  ENG2610  ENG0900 
october 2017 by jcmadams
The CRAAP test - Evaluating Web Resources
This guide to the CRAAP Test can help you score and evaluate sources for their reliability and academic soundness.
ENG1112  ENG1111  resources  ENG1112-EE 
october 2017 by jcmadams
Kurt Vonnegut - How to write with style
A PDF version of an essay with 8 essential tips for writing with style, written by Kurt Vonnegut (author of SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE).
writing  language  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2017 by jcmadams
Dr. Williams : USC Upstate : English Program / Ethos, Pathos, Logos: The 3 Rhetorical Appeals
A detailed overview of the modes of persuasion, how they might be employed, and how we can use them to understand and analyze rhetoric.
rhetoric  reference  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE 
september 2017 by jcmadams
Rhetorical Appeals - Writing Commons
Further reading on Rhetorical Appeals, Logical Fallacies, and other elements of Rhetorical Analysis.
rhetoric  ENG1111  ENG1112  reference  ENG1112-EE 
september 2017 by jcmadams
Todoist: To do list and task manager
Free, easy, online and mobile - many features and multiple "projects" for work tasks, school tasks, etc.
productivity  tools  apps  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  planner  ENG2610 
september 2017 by jcmadams
The Top Ten Gamified Productivity Apps
A list from Yu-Kai Chou with links to apps for a variety of mobile devices.
ENG1111  ENG1112  productivity  resources  apps  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610 
august 2017 by jcmadams
RescueTime is software that can help you build and practice your time management skills. It runs in the background on your computer and tracks time spent on applications & websites and provides detailed reports so you can see how much time you're being productive (or procrastinating).
productivity  tools  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  planner  ENG2610  ENG0900 
august 2017 by jcmadams
CrashCourse - YouTube
Created by John & Hank Green, Crash Course offers videos on a wide variety of topics and subjects. A "crash course" is a fast rundown of a subject, usually covering the major ideas or basics of a topic. Check it out and explore!
ENG1111  video  YouTube  curiosity  ENG1112  ENG2610 
august 2017 by jcmadams
What's Your Learning Style?
A self-guided quiz that can help you figure out your learning style, and which provides tips for students based on their preferred style.
ENG1111  learning  tips  resources  ENG1112  ENG0900 
august 2017 by jcmadams
4 Ways to Download Google Docs - wikiHow
Step by step instructions with screenshots that explain how to download files from Google Docs so that they may be uploaded to Blackboard
ENG1111  ENG1112  howto  GoogleDocs  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610  ENG0900 
august 2017 by jcmadams
Serial Reader - Classic Literature in Daily Bite-Sized Bits
This free app will let you subscribe to a classic text (there are dozens to choose from), and then will send you a chunk of it each morning. "Bite-sized bits" generally take 15-20 minutes to read. Good for if you have a "read more" or "improve my writing" type of Course Goal set!
ENG1111  ENG1112  reading  resources  apps  productivity 
july 2017 by jcmadams
The Washington Post: Discounted Subscription for Students
Instructions for how to get full access to the digital version of The Washington post at a discounted academic rate. (If you have a valid .gov or .mil email address, you are eligible for a discounted subscription.)
resources  references  news  ENG1111  ENG1112  News/Media 
june 2017 by jcmadams
Norton Write Site
A website from Norton publishers that has lots of free resources relevant to ENG 1111 and ENG 1112, including grammar exercises, practice quizzes, and sentence editing practice.
ENG1111  ENG1112  grammar  resources  tools  citation  ENG1112-EE 
june 2017 by jcmadams
Your Logical Fallacy Is...
A website with helpful definitions of some of the most common logical fallacies. (Also handy if you need to link someone to an explanation of why their reasoning is fallacious!)
fallacies  logic  reference  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE 
april 2017 by jcmadams
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Enter in a URL (web address) to see links to what it looked like in the past. (Or to find a site that has disappeared.)
ENG1111  tools  website  research  ENG1112 
april 2017 by jcmadams
Before You Buy Another Planner | Vitae
An excellent article on improving productivity (or just feeling better about your productivity) that starts off with taking a look at how you are using your time, and why a new planner may not be the answer.
productivity  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE 
march 2017 by jcmadams
URLs: Some Practical Advice – The MLA Style Center
MLA's guidance on how to include (and edit, if necessary) URLs for sources listed on your Works Cited page.
ENG1111  ENG1112  MLA  ENG1112-EE 
february 2017 by jcmadams
Why I Taught Myself to Procrastinate - The New York Times
An essay by Adam Grant, examining the creative benefits of procrastination.
productivity  procrastination  habits  creativity  ENG1111  ENG1112 
february 2017 by jcmadams
Works Cited: A Quick Guide – The MLA Style Center
Instructions, explanations, and practice templates for Works Cited citations in MLA Style.
MLA  citation  WorksCited  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE 
september 2016 by jcmadams
Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting: List of Works Cited - YouTube
This video provides a good walk-through for the basics of MLA style source documentation, focusing on the Works Cited page.
MLA  citation  howto  video  PurdueOWL  ENG1111  ENG1112 
june 2016 by jcmadams
Developing Your Thesis | Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
Helpful reading from Dartmouth College's English department on developing, refining, and strengthening your thesis statement.
tips  writing  thesis  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG2610 
march 2016 by jcmadams
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know
A useful collection of tips for getting the most out of Google, published at Lifehacker.
research  howto  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  ENG0900 
march 2016 by jcmadams
Grammar Girl's Editing Checklist
A checklist that can help you locate and correct editing, punctuation, and grammar errors in your work.
grammar  reference  writing  editing  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG0900 
february 2016 by jcmadams
How to Save Pages Files as Word Document Format from a Mac
This walkthrough for users of Pages on Mac OS explains how to save your file as a Word document.
howto  resources  mac  MSWord  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG2610 
january 2016 by jcmadams
Stories By A Contributing Writer Published On NPR.org That Contain Plagiarism : NPR
A very good example of the negative effect that plagiarism and "patchwork paraphrasing" can have on one's work.
plagiarism  ENG1111  ENG1112 
december 2015 by jcmadams
Productivity 101: A Primer to The Pomodoro Technique
Links and resources for using the "Pomodoro Method" -- a productivity method which uses timed work periods alternating with timed breaks. Jessica uses this method to help her focus on all kinds of work, from grading to writing to chores.
productivity  resources  howto  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG2610 
june 2015 by jcmadams
MLA Format Microsoft Word 2013 - MLA Format
This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Microsoft Word 2013 for your MLA Format paper.
MLA  MSWord  guide  ENG1111  ENG1112 
june 2015 by jcmadams
Microsoft Word: How to Set Up MLA Format 2013 - YouTube
A video that goes through step-by-step instructions for formatting your paper according to MLA style in newer versions of Microsoft Word (2013)
MSWord  MLA  video  guide  ENG1111  ENG1112 
june 2015 by jcmadams
100 Most Often <strike>Mispelled</strike> Misspelled Words in English
Here are the 100 words most commonly misspelled ('misspell' is one of them). Dr. Language has provided a one-stop cure for all your spelling ills. Each word has a mnemonic pill with it and, if you swallow it, it will help you to remember how to spell the word.
language  reference  English  ENG1111  ENG1112 
may 2015 by jcmadams
The Best Apps and Tools to Help Build Strong Habits
Apps for both Android and iOS devices that will help you develop good habits, set and reach goals, and manage your time!
productivity  tools  resources  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE 
may 2015 by jcmadams
Habitica | Gamify Your Life
Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you, HabitRPG can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy.
productivity  tools  games  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG1112-EE  ENG2610 
may 2015 by jcmadams
Grammar Girl :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™
The Grammar Girl blog - hundreds of posts to answer just about any grammar question you might have!
grammar  blog  writing  English  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG2610 
september 2014 by jcmadams
Stolen Sharpie Revolution
The classic zine how-to guide by Alex Wrekk
zines  PassionProject  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2014 by jcmadams
750 Words
Write 750 a day! Get a streak going & earn badges!
writing  tools  productivity  ENG1111  ENG1112  ENG0900 
september 2014 by jcmadams
How To Make Games With Twine
A great explainer for how to use Twine to create interactive fiction games.
PassionProject  gaming  howto  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2014 by jcmadams
We Make Zines - a place for zinesters
An online community for zinesters and zine-makers.
zines  PowerPoint  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2014 by jcmadams
How to Make a Zine
Step-by-step instructions on making a zine, from Rookie Magazine
PassionProject  zines  howto  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2014 by jcmadams
Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories
Twine is an open-source program for creating "interactive fiction" games. Easy to learn!
PassionProject  InteractiveFiction  tools  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2014 by jcmadams
GameMaker: Studio | YoYo Games
Game creation software - there is a free-to-access version.
PassionProject  gaming  tools  ENG1111  ENG1112 
september 2014 by jcmadams
How to Email a Professor (with Sample Emails) - wikiHow
A walk-through with excellent tips and suggestions on how to send effective, professional-seeming emails to your instructors.
howto  resources  ENG1111  ENG1112 
december 2012 by jcmadams
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