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Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: The S stands for Simple
There has been a long running debate in the Application Platform Services Group here at Burton Group between the REST people on one side and the SOAP people on the other. For the most part it mirrors the external debate. In one recent exchange, while disc
advocacy  architecture  humor  funny  rest  soap  webservices  WSDL  xml 
february 2008 by jchris
XML.com: Simple XML Validation with Perl
by Kip Hampton (November 08, 2000) -=- The Problem: Although XML Schemas and RELAX promise fine-grained validation for XML documents, neither are presently available in the Perl world. You need a way to validate the structure of your documents now. Today.
howto  perl  xml  xpath  @toread 
december 2007 by jchris
freeX: Komplexe Datenstrukturen und XML in Perl, Teil 7
Die einfachste Art, XML-Daten in einem Perl-Programm zu parsen, bietet das Modul XML::Parser mit dem Stil »Tree«. Das Modul unterstützt verschiedene Quellen. Die XML-Daten müssen nicht in einer eigenen Datei vorliegen. Wenn Daten im XML-Format ausgeta
artikel  freeX  gnumeric  perl  xml  xml::parser 
december 2007 by jchris
Atom is a simple way to read and write information on the web, allowing you to easily keep track of more sites in less time, and to seamlessly share your words and ideas by publishing to the web.
atom  rss  syndication  xml  web 
september 2007 by jchris
Software Secret Weapons: AJAX Without XML
If you want to get rid of XML in AJAX just don't to send XML as a response. You can send anything else! Here is an example of AJAX without XML, where server instead of XML sends a body of JavaScript function created by a JSP page. This body is then evalua
article  ajax  javascript  json  web  xml 
august 2007 by jchris
Security on the Web
Slides of a conference talk on PKI and the Web. XML Signature, Forms
pki  security  signature  xml  web 
august 2007 by jchris
heise open - Hintergrund - Guest Commentary: The converter hoax
Conversion between Microsoft's Office OpenXML (MS-OOXML) and the vendor-independent Open Document Format (ODF) has been proposed by Microsoft and its associates as a solution to the problems caused by Microsoft's efforts to push a format into the market t
article  opinion  critique  ODF  MS-OOXML  OpenXML  xml  heise 
july 2007 by jchris
Melissa O'Neill: PDF to Keynote
Nice tool and a valid rant on XML PDF to Keynote converts PDF-based presentations (e.g., made using LaTeX with Prosper, Beamer or foiltex) into Apple's Keynote format. -=- Once translated into Keynote format, every page of your original PDF file become
apple  latex  pdf  keynote  osx  tools  rant  xml  critique 
april 2007 by jchris
The Emacs Problem
Let's start by considering the basic problem: how good is Lisp for text processing? That turns out to be a complicated question.
blog  emacs  lisp  regex  xml  xslt  xpath  rant 
february 2007 by jchris
Articles by Tim Bray
Articles by Tim Bray, one of the co-authors of the original XML 1.0 specification.
articles  www  rdf  xml  xsl  oreilly  reference 
december 2006 by jchris
Slashdot | Tim Bray Says RELAX
twofish writes to tell us that Sun's Tim Bray (co-editor of XML and the XML namespace specifications) has posted a blog entry suggesting RELAX NG be used instead of the W3C XML Schema. From the blog:
w3c  xml  xsd  standard 
december 2006 by jchris
Jabber: Open Instant Messaging and a Whole Lot More, Powered by XMPP
A streaming XML technology mainly used for instant messaging -=- Jabber is best known as "the Linux of instant messaging" -- an open, secure, ad-free alternative to consumer IM services like AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo (see the IM quickstart). Under the hood
chat  jabber  opensource  software  xmpp  xml 
november 2006 by jchris
Does XML Suck?
Or: Why XML is Technologically Terrible, but You Have to Use It Anyway
critique  development  programming  xml  xhtml  sgml  standard 
november 2006 by jchris
O'Reilly Network -- Remote Application Development with Mozilla
Editor's Note: This article will explore the uses for remote XUL (loaded from a Web server), contrast its capabilities with those of local XUL (installed on a user's computer), explain how to deploy remote XUL, and give examples of existing applications.
article  development  html  mozilla  programming  web  xml  xul  oranet  oreilly 
november 2006 by jchris
heise online - Tim Berners-Lee will HTML weiterentwickeln
Tim Berners-Lee hat in seinem Blog angekündigt, mit einer neuen Arbeitsgruppe die Entwicklung von HTML wieder aufzunehmen. Die Arbeit an dieser SGML-basierenden Auszeichnungssprache ruhte seit Dezember 1997, als das World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Versio
html  html5  xhtml  xml  tim-bl  w3c  heise  newsticker 
october 2006 by jchris
YAML Ain't Markup Language
YAML(tm) (rhymes with "camel") is a straightforward machine parsable data serialization format designed for human readability and interaction with scripting languages such as Perl and Python. YAML is optimized for data serialization, configuration setting
perl  programming  python  scripting  serialization  xml  yaml 
october 2006 by jchris
Web Style Sheets
Style sheets describe how documents are presented on screens, in print, or perhaps how they are pronounced. W3C has actively promoted the use of style sheets on the Web since the Consortium was founded in 1994. The Style Activity has produced several W3C
css  design  html  xml  xslt  w3c  webdesign  standard 
september 2006 by jchris
Soapbox: Humans should not have to grok XML
Terence Parr, Chief scientist, jGuru.com -=- 01 Aug 2001 -= Today the computing world tends toward using XML for any and all formal specifications and data descriptions. The author, a big fan of XML, asks a blasphemous question: "Is XML totalitarianism a
article  developerworks  opinion  terence-parr  xml  @toread 
august 2006 by jchris
Doc Or Die: XML Isn't "Self-Describing"
I am so sick and tired of reading that XML is “self-describing.” It isn't. I could link to 100 web articles or blog posts that proclaim that it is, and even the popular "Learning XML" book by Eric Ray that I've used to teach XML says it is ("Creating
blog  design  documentation  xml 
august 2006 by jchris
Ajax kombiniert JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, DOM und XML, um die Programmierung interaktiver Webseiten zu erleichtern.
ajax  html  xml  webdesign  javascript  tutorial 
august 2006 by jchris
Unicode Html Apache Perl Xml Notes - The Appropriate Civil Society Wiki
Here's a page with a number of reminders for how to write multi-language Web applications in Perl against Apache, whilst using XML/DOM.pm and CGI.pm.
apache  perl  unicode  xml  encoding  wiki 
june 2006 by jchris
The bibutils program set interconverts between various bibliography formats using a common XML intermediate. For example, one can convert RIS-format files to Bibtex by doing two transformations: RIS->MODS->Bibtex. By using a common intermediate for N form
biblio  bibtex  software  tools  xml 
may 2006 by jchris
Markup Technologies '98 Conference.
Markup Technologies '98 Conference. Agenda and Schedule - Annotated.
markup  paper  reference  history  html  xml 
may 2006 by jchris
Five Across, Inc.: XML Sucks
Welcome to the home of the small but growing resistance to XML
critique  knowhow  parser  xml 
may 2006 by jchris
infimum.dk - Web Technology References
Links to standards, validators and other references.
dhtml  javascript  html  xhtml  xml  reference  standard 
may 2006 by jchris
XML Alternatives
A list of markup/data serialization languages, influenced (or not) by XML / SGML.
xml  markup 
february 2005 by jchris

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