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Orgmode for GTD
I’ve been using Orgmode to implement the GTD methodology for the last 4 years. -==- Rather than explaining the GTD methodology itself or how Orgmode works, in this post I’ll detail how I use Orgmode to implement GTD. -==- If you don’t know Orgmode and are curious about it, you should head to its website first.
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10 weeks ago by jchris
Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman | Technology | The Guardian
All of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed (by Oliver Burkeman)
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september 2017 by jchris
Get More Done By Working Less
“When we define ourselves by our work, by our dedication and effectiveness and willingness to go the extra mile,” he writes, “then it's easy to see rest as the negation of all those things.” -==- Thus our cultural view of rest influences our relationship to rest, creating an aversion—the mistaken belief that rest is for the weak. Because we mistake rest as the opposite of work, we avoid it. This view, however, is flawed.
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august 2017 by jchris
Notational Velocity
NOTATIONAL VELOCITY is an application that stores and retrieves notes.
It is an attempt to loosen the mental blockages to recording information and to scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. The solution is by nature nonconformist.
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may 2015 by jchris
Hard Work and Practice in Programming - O'Reilly Radar
At the Program For the Future event commemorating the 40th anniversary of Doug Englebart's "mother of all demos" in 1968, I was privileged to hear an inspired rant by Alan Kay about the unwillingness of people to work hard to learn new skills.
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january 2009 by jchris
Evidence Based Scheduling - Joel on Software
Software developers don’t really like to make schedules. Usually, they try to get away without one. “It’ll be done when it’s done!” they say, expecting that such a brave, funny zinger will reduce their boss to a fit of giggles, and in the ensuin
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february 2008 by jchris
7 Little Known Ways to Drastically Improve Your Learning at Ririan Project
Whether you’re heading into exams or haven’t seen the inside of a textbook in years, how you learn is going to have a big impact on your life. Unfortunately most people have pretty ineffective strategies for learning. Here are a couple tips for how to
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november 2007 by jchris
Painless Software Schedules with trac — tomster.org
Trac has become an indispensable tool in my geek/work life. I’m running several instances for several projects and just can’t imagine working without it anymore (just as I can’t imagine to not work with some sort of version control anymore).
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august 2007 by jchris
Painless Software Schedules - Joel on Software
So why doesn't anybody make a schedule? Two key reasons. One, it's a real pain. Two, nobody believes that it's worth anything. Why go to all the trouble working on a schedule if it's not going to be right? There is a perception that schedules are consiste
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august 2007 by jchris
voo2do : simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists
there's too much worth doing—choose wisely. -=- advanced task and priority management for busy, ambitious individuals
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august 2007 by jchris
Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive What’s the Big To-Do about To-Do? «
Check out this video by Ryan Carson, a super-organized guy who often blogs earnest explanations of his work methods. For his to-do list, Carson uses a combination of OmniOutliner and Hipster PDA. His method requires quite a bit of dedication on a daily ba
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july 2007 by jchris
More on scientific notes - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog
One of my interests is electronic notebooks, and how different kinds of note-taking and note-storing software products appeal to different kinds of users. Scientists, in particular, need something to keep track of, and possibly annotate, all the papers th
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july 2007 by jchris
ATPM 11.03 - ATPO: Outlining Task Managers, Part 3
In our previous columns we looked at to-do list managers that use outlining and mentioned a few things about the process. We wrap up the topic this month with a look at the “heavy duty” task managers available. For those new to ATPO, we aren’t doing
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april 2007 by jchris
Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips
The 99 tips in this article make up the best in email practices. From how to ethically use the ‘BCC:' to what attachments will make your mobile emailing compatible with everyone else's, this list covers everything you need to know about emailing.
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december 2006 by jchris
Hawk Wings - Plug-ins for Apple Mail
You will find 140+ plugins, add-ons, scripts and helpful apps here. That's a lot. A Top Ten list might help you get started. Otherwise, choose one of the categories below. Browse. Enjoy! -=- Categories: Notification | Added functionality | Integration wit
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december 2006 by jchris
Critical Section - The Tyranny of Email
Email is one of the greatest things the computer revolution has done for personal productivity. Used improperly, it can also hurt your productivity. This article discusses ways to use email effectively. Then it goes beyond that and talks about how to b
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december 2006 by jchris
Geek to Live: Incorporate text files onto your desktop - Lifehacker
Among other things, Samurize displays a constantly-updated text file right on your computer desktop, no text editor or command shell required, for quick and easy visual reference.
desktop  productivity  tools  tips  win32 
november 2006 by jchris
Particletree » A Guide to Email Roundup
Email is fantastic. We use it to stay in touch with friends, contact clients, and handle support requests. It’s easy to use, low cost, and less intrusive than a phone call or meeting. But with email being such an integral part of our lives, are we using
43folders  articles  email  gtd  lifehacks  productivity  @toread 
november 2006 by jchris
Unison File Synchronizer
Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagat
backup  bal  cvs  rcs  scm  svn  osx  microsoft  networking  productivity  sysadmin 
november 2006 by jchris
Remind: The Ultimate Personal Calendar | Linux Journal
Remind is a calendar and reminder program for Linux and most UNIX Systems. I started writing Remind in 1989 because I was fed up with the limitations of the UNIX calendar program. In the last ten years, it has accreted features and has become one of the m
article  calendar  gtd  linux  remind  productivity  tools 
october 2006 by jchris
How to Become an Early Riser
Are morning people born or made? In my case it was definitely made. In
my early 20s, I rarely went to bed before midnight, and I’d almost
always sleep in late. I usually didn’t start hitting my stride each day
until late afternoon.
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august 2006 by jchris
GTDGmail - The Firefox Extension that Combines Gmail with Getting Things Done - home
GTDGmail is a Firefox extension that integrates the highly effective methodology of "Getting Things Done" into the popular email service Gmail.
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august 2006 by jchris
Kdissert is a mindmapping-like tool to help students to produce complicated documents very quickly and efficiently : presentations, dissertations, thesis, reports. -=- Though this application shares some similarities with general-purpose mindmapping tools
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july 2006 by jchris
43F Series: “Back to GTD” | 43 Folders
43F Series: “Back to GTD” -=- Everybody falls off the Getting Things Done wagon from time to time.
@toread  42folders  gtd  productivity  tips 
july 2006 by jchris
Gina on not checking your email first-thing | 43 Folders
Gina has a good post on ways to structure your work day and ensure you get your most important stuff accomplished, and she includes a piece of advice I’ve recently started practicing myself: [...]
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july 2006 by jchris
ThoughtManager by Hands High Software
ThoughtManager is an incredibly versatile and easy to use list manager and information organizer for Palm operating systems.
palm  pda  outliner  productivity  gtd 
june 2006 by jchris
Hitting the High Notes - Joel on Software
For today, though, I want to answer just one question, because if this part isn't true, the whole theory falls apart. That question is, does it even make sense to talk about having the "best programmers?" Is there so much variation between programmers […]
programming  productivity  software  joel-spolsky  @toread 
may 2006 by jchris
Build a Six-headed, Six-user Linux System LG #124
A Multi-Seat Linux Box: This tutorial shows how to build a multi-head, multi-user Linux box using a recent distribution of Linux and standard USB keyboards and mice. Xorg calls this arrangement a "multi-seat" system.
article  cool  hardware  howto  knowhow  linux  productivity  tips 
may 2006 by jchris
Personal and small business information manager: Get organized, Backpack
Backpack, everyone's favorite web-based personal organization tool, helps you keep your to-dos, tasks, notes, ideas, images, and files organized. David Pogue from the New York Times calls it "Very Cool." Featuring fast and useful Javascript-powered effect
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april 2006 by jchris
Organizing my stuff
Nice overview of how one can organize stuff on a unix machine to improve one's work environment
gtd  linux  productivity 
november 2005 by jchris
The Noguchi Filing System
"a rather unconventional filing system, the system proposed and used by Noguchi Yukio … Implementation of the system requires the user to discard many conventional notions about how to store paper documents"
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october 2005 by jchris

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