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How to speed up your MySQL queries 300 times | Opensource.com
MySQL has a built-in slow query log. To use it, open the my.cnf file and set the slow_query_log variable to "On." Set long_query_time to the number of seconds that a query should take to be considered slow, say 0.2. Set slow_query_log_file to the path where you want to save the file. Then run your code and any query above the specified threshold will be added to that file.
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may 2018 by jchris
The Performance Impact Of Linux Disk Encryption On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Phoronix
For any Linux laptop users or those concerned about their data's safety on production systems, I highly recommend utilizing disk encryption for safeguarding the data. However, what's the performance impact like these days? In this article with the current development snapshot of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a modern Intel ultrabook we're looking at the impact (including CPU utilization) of using an eCryptfs-based home directory encryption and LUKS-based full-disk encryption on Ubuntu Linux.
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april 2018 by jchris
What Google AMP means for the JavaScript community · molily
By neglecting web performance, the JavaScript community unintentionally paved the way for AMP. -==- Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP) focuses current conflicts on the web like a lense: The mobile revolution, trustworthy and sustainable journalism, content monetarization and advertising, web standardization, web performance and tech industry monopolies.
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february 2018 by jchris
High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly)
Performance is a feature. This book provides a hands-on overview of what every web developer needs to know about the various types of networks (WiFi, 3G/4G), transport protocols (UDP, TCP, and TLS), application protocols (HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2), and APIs available in the browser (XHR, WebSocket, WebRTC, and more) to deliver the best—fast, reliable, and resilient—user experience.
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january 2018 by jchris
How web bloat affects people with slow connections
Popular themes for many different kinds of blogging software and CMSs contain anti-optimizations so blatant that any programmer, even someone with no front-end experience, can find large gains by just pointing webpagetest at their site and looking at the output.

My original plan for this was post was to show 50%-ile, 90%-ile, 99%-ile, etc., tail load times. But the 50%-ile results are so bad that I don’t know if there’s any point to showing the other results. If you were to look at the 90%-ile results, you’d see that most pages fail to load on dialup and the “Bad” and “😱” connections are hopeless for almost all sites.
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january 2018 by jchris
The Website Obesity Crisis
Let me start by saying that beautiful websites come in all sizes and page weights. I love big websites packed with images. I love high-resolution video. I love sprawling Javascript experiments or well-designed web apps. -==- This talk isn't about any of those. It's about mostly-text sites that, for unfathomable reasons, are growing bigger with every passing year.
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january 2018 by jchris
Speculative Execution Exploit Performance Impacts - Describing the performance impacts to security patches for CVE-2017-5754 CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715 - Red Hat Customer Portal
The recent speculative execution CVEs address three potential attacks across a wide variety of architectures and hardware platforms, each requiring slightly different fixes. In many cases, these fixes also require microcode updates from the hardware vendors. Red Hat has delivered updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernels that focus on securing customer deployments. The nature of these vulnerabilities and their fixes introduces the possibility of reduced performance on patched systems. The performance impact depends on the hardware and the applications in place.
intel  meltdown  spectre  vulnerability  performance 
january 2018 by jchris
Saying Yes to NoSQL; Going Steady with Cassandra | Digg About
Perhaps our most significant infrastructure change is abandoning MySQL in favor of a NoSQL alternative. To someone like me who's been building systems almost exclusively on relational databases for almost 20 years, this feels like a bold move.
mysql  nosql  performance  social-software 
march 2010 by jchris

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