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Annalee Newitz | Ars Technica
Annalee Newitz is the Tech Culture Editor at Ars Technica. Her work focuses on cultural impact of science and technology. She founded the science and science fiction blog io9.com, and is the author of Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction. Her first novel, Autonomous, comes out in September 2017. She has a Ph.D. in English and American Studies from UC Berkeley, and was the recipient of a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT. She lives in San Francisco with many other life forms, some of which have yet to be identified.
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august 2017 by jchris
John R. Levine
John R. Levine writes, lectures, and consults on the Internet, email and spam, and related computer topics. -==- He has written or co-authored many books including the best-selling Internet for Dummies.
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january 2015 by jchris
How Noam Chomsky is discussed | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
How Noam Chomsky is discussed -=- The more one dissents from political orthodoxies, the more the attacks focus on personality, style and character
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march 2013 by jchris
Schavans Karriere : Die Weiterentwicklung der Annette S. - Inland - FAZ
10.02.2013 · Ihr Ehrgeiz war legendär. „Annette Makellos“ forderte als Landespolitikerin Gesetze, die sie als Bundesministerin in Berlin bekämpfte. Die Bologna-Reform verteidigte sie hartnäckig bis zur Realitätsverweigerung. Große Debatten hat sie nicht angestoßen.
Von Heike Schmoll, Berlin
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february 2013 by jchris
"Geschlossener Kreis": US-Autor Gore Vidal ist tod | FTD.de
Gore Vidal, brillanter Provokateur, Romancier, Dramaturg und Drehbuchautor, starb am Dienstag [...]
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august 2012 by jchris
Interview: Meinolf Schneider / Amekudzi - moodWay
Viele Atari-User der ersten Stunde werden sich noch an Meinolf Schneider erinnern. Aus seiner „Feder“ stammen Esprit, Spacola und BOLO, das als bestes gewaltdarstellungsfreies Computerspiel ausgezeichnet wurde. Später kam dann noch Oxyd. Meinolf heißt inzwischen Amekudzi und was sich sonst noch verändert hat, erzählt er im folgenden Interview.
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april 2012 by jchris
Enrico Zini
One of the founders and main contributors of the Debtags project.
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april 2012 by jchris
Bruce Schneier Facts
Things you might not know about Bruce Schneier
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february 2012 by jchris
Bernhard Kegel
Autor des hervorragenden Sachbuchs "Die Ameise als Tramp"
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august 2008 by jchris
Douglas Coupland - Generation X, etc
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july 2008 by jchris
Dan Weinreb’s Weblog
I have moved my blog from this site to danweinreb.org/blog. Thanks very much to Ivan Krstić for providing hosting and software. If you have any comments on earlier blog entries, please use the new blog, since this one will eventually go away. Thanks!
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december 2007 by jchris
Getting a Computer to Write About Itself by Bill Chamberlain
Bill Chamberlain is co-author with Thomas Etter of RACTER, software that synthesizes prose on microcomputers. The Policeman's Beard Is Half-Constructed is a collection of RACTER's early fiction.
AI  article  people  racter  history 
july 2007 by jchris
Archinect : Features : UbuWeb Vu: Kenneth Goldsmith
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About UbuWeb An in-depth sit-down interview with UbuWeb founder Kenneth Goldsmith on Archinect tracing the history, breadth, philosophy and scope of UbuWeb.
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july 2007 by jchris
Wim Mertens
Belgian composer, countertenor vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and musicologist.
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december 2006 by jchris
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola - Wikipedia
Italienischer Humanist und Philosoph der Renaissance.
humanismus  people  wikipedia 
november 2006 by jchris
old music books/essays on the web
Links to online versions of books/essays on (new) music
composer  ebook  minimal-music  music  people  tom-johnson 
october 2006 by jchris
Signal Without Noise--by Guy Kawasaki
Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.
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october 2006 by jchris
Generative Music - Brian Eno - In Motion Magazine
The following talk was given by Brian Eno at the Imagination Conference in San Francsico, June 8, 1996. Billed as a progressive interactive event featuring original multimedia presentations the Imagination conference featured musician and artist Brian Eno
art  music  generative  brian-eno  people  afterdark 
september 2006 by jchris
Design Issues for the World Wide Web
Architectural and philosophical points -=- These statements of architectural principle explain the thinking behind the specifications. These are personal notes by Tim Berners-Lee: they are not endorsed by W3C. They are aimed at the technical community, to
@toread  architecture  design  rdf  web  w3c  webdesign  people  tim-bl 
september 2006 by jchris
The Computer for the 21st Century
Mark Weiser

The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.
@toread  article  computing  future  hardware  paper  ubiquitous  people  mark-weiser 
august 2006 by jchris
'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says
This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.
apple  steve-jobs  people  @toread 
august 2006 by jchris
Worldguide Interviews: Paul Theroux
I write the kind of travel book that I would want to read myself, if I were the reader. I would want one that was, um, very personal, partisan, not politically correct necessarily, and then about a corner of the world that I happen to be interested in.
people  theroux  interview  literature 
july 2006 by jchris
VisiCalc: Information from its creators, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston
This web site, www.bricklin.com, includes lots of information about VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet program as we know them today. It has material directly from Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, the co-creators of VisiCalc, including scans of origi
history  software  people 
may 2006 by jchris
Free as in Freedom - FAIFzilla.org
This site is the home page for the no-frills online version of Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software. This site is maintained by me, Sam Williams, author of Free as in Freedom.
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may 2006 by jchris
Daniel C. Dennett's Home Page
Daniel C. Dennett, the author of Freedom Evolves (Viking Penguin, 2003) and Darwin's Dangerous Idea (Simon &Schuster, 1995), is University Professor and Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts
author  people  philosophy  cognition  language  mind 
may 2006 by jchris
AI on the Web
This page links to 840 pages around the web with information on Artificial Intelligence. Links in Bold* followed by a star are especially useful and interesting sites. Links with a + sign at the end have "tooltip" information that will pop up if you put
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april 2006 by jchris
Richard P. Gabriel's website
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april 2006 by jchris
Everything Sysadmin
To Limoncelli's blog. Author of "Time Management for System Administrators" and "The Practice of System and Network Administration"
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february 2006 by jchris
Idle Words
Maciej Cegłowski's blog
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december 2005 by jchris

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