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The Prime Database: The List of Largest Known Primes Home Page
Are you looking for the largest known primes? Lists of records? Information on who finds the biggest primes (and how?) You are at the right place! Here we keep the list of the 5000 largest known primes, updated hourly (hundreds of new primes are submi
fun  math  primes  resource  zahlen 
november 2007 by jchris
signbot - make your own animated scrolling text LED sign
Write some text and click Generate Sign to make your own animated scrolling text LED sign to use on MySpace, as your forum sig or avatar, or anywhere else.
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july 2007 by jchris
minifesto - make your own animated text icon
A minifesto is an animated GIF that can be used as a forum avatar or as your icon on LiveJournal, MySpace, Xanga, or anywhere else you like.
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july 2007 by jchris
What's Special About This Number?
divisors algebra primes sums of powers powers/polygonal matrices graphs combinatorics Fibonacci digits perfect/amicable bases repdigits geometry
cool  fun  math  numbers  reference  science 
april 2007 by jchris
OmniCode! Web-wide description for the whole internet!
OmniCode is a replacement for the now defunct 'Geekcode' and more! Without the draconian restrictions Geekcode had on creating tools for creation and decoding, OmniCode is a much more user-friendly alternative.
culture  fun  omnicode  geek  geekcode 
april 2007 by jchris
Hack a Bike - keep on hacking in a free world!
Schon immer mal nachts ohne Transportmöglichkeit in einem fremden Bezirk aufgewacht? "Mal schnell" ein Fahrrad benötigt? In Berlin und anderen Großstädten Deutschlands bietet Die Deutsche Bahn mit dem Call-A-Bike Service Abhilfe.
ccc  fun  hack  hardware  research  security 
january 2007 by jchris
Brad Sucks » Lyric generators
Almost every time I start to do anything creative I look around to see if a decent generator is available to help me out. I don’t know why, but this is how I wound up writing and running a comic strip generator, which turned out to be about a kabillion
fun  generator  lyrics  babble 
november 2006 by jchris
jwz - engineering pornography
From: "Thomas L. Mc Mahon" <tlm@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com>
Subject: Cuts and jumpers (on a different scale)

[Not quite the right mailing list but close. If you don't care about megawatts, bus bars bigger than your wrist, things that cause ground
jwz  geek  engineering  fun  energy  science  story  symbolics 
november 2006 by jchris
Inventgeek.com - Alpha Radiation Visualizer - Overview
Merge a webcam and a smoke detector to produce a source of true randomness
cool  diy  fun  hardware  entropy  random  security  hack 
october 2006 by jchris
Rec.humor.funny jokes and comedy
Welcome to rec.humor.funny, the net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup. This home page features descriptions and history of rec.humor.funny, access to current and old jokes, a searchable archive of past jokes, and an index of other
humor  fun  funny  reference  usenet 
august 2006 by jchris
Mail::RFC822::Address is a Perl module to validate email addresses according to the RFC 822 grammar. It provides the same functionality as RFC::RFC822::Address, but uses Perl regular expressions rather that the Parse::RecDescent parser. This means that th
email  perl  regex  fun  programming  validation 
june 2006 by jchris
www.kunstparker.de - Die Kunst des sinnlosen Parkens
Willkommen bei der ersten - und meines Wissens nach einzigen - Galerie für ordinäre Kunst im Internet! Ausgezeichnet mit dem [...] der Woche. Hier sollen all diejenigen Mitmenschen, die den Alltag in ein künstlerisches Erlebnis verwandeln, ihre Plattfo
fun  gallery 
may 2006 by jchris
Der Neandertaler regiert - Startseite
Optische Illusionen, akustische Illusionen, Rätsel, Denksport -- Ein bißchen Steinzeitmensch steckt in uns allen. Sei es auf emotionalem, perzeptivem oder kognitivem Gebiet, der "moderne" Mensch hat nur eine moderne Jacke an. Und auch eine in Wagenfarbe
fun  @goodie  physiologie  psychologie 
april 2006 by jchris
Museum of Hoaxes
The Museum was established in 1997 in order to promote knowledge about the phenomenon of hoaxes. It plays host to a variety of humbugs and hoodwinks—from ancient deceptions all the way up to modern schemes, dupes, and dodges that circulate on the intern
cool  database  folklore  fun  history  hoax  humor  museum  reference 
april 2006 by jchris
Bonsai Kittens
We here at the Museum are quite certain that the MIT students were not suggesting that people actually torture kittens, just as we are quite certain that Jonathan Swift was not actually suggesting that the rich should eat the children of the poor when he
fun  humor  hoax  wicked  history 
april 2006 by jchris

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