Introduction to localStorage and sessionStorage ← Alligator.io
Learn how to use localStorage and sessionStorage in your web apps.
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How to Use Local Storage with JavaScript – Tania Rascia
I like making tutorials where you build a small application completely from scratch with plain JavaScript. A to-do list is a common app idea…
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Study Skills Checklist of Students
Use our study skills checklist to discover which study skills you're lacking and where you should focus your study skills preparation.
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5 days ago
Print Canvas Quizzes UserScript | Canvas LMS Community
Print Canvas Quizzes is a script that will allow a user to print a quiz from the preview page. Features Adds a "Print Quiz" button below the question
CanvasLMS  canvas 
5 days ago
There are at least 2 Sides to Every Story | The Perspective
An award-winning website designed to open your mind by showing you both sides of current events, historic conflicts and big debates. Explore The Perspective
news  politics  medialiteracy 
6 days ago
Can Juul e-cigarettes help smokers quit? It's still not clear - Business Insider
A study paid for by e-cig company Juul, which is partially owned by the tobacco company behind Marlboros, suggests the devices may help smokers quit.
juul  research  reasearching 
8 days ago
Juul reduces cigarette smoking risk similar to quitting, study shows
Switching to Juul reduced smokers' exposure to cigarette toxins at similar levels to quitting entirely, according to a study Juul presented Saturday at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco's annual meeting. These are the first clinical data Juul have presented.
juul  research  reasearching 
8 days ago
80s Political Cartoons Condemning Video Games - Album on Imgur
Post with 2181 votes and 113368 views. Tagged with gaming, history, controversial, 80s; Shared by Midgarmerc. 80s Political Cartoons Condemning Video Games
8 days ago
Photographer Peter Garritano reveals what's inside one of NY's secret data centres | Daily Mail Online
The secrets of the internet hide quietly in plain sight at 60 Hudson St. in lower Manhattan. Photographer Peter Garritano captures the heart of the internet exchange in a series of photos from the inside.
60hudson  internet  wires 
11 days ago
The Deadly Double Dice Game: Pearl Harbor Conspiracy? Or All In Good Fun? | Endless Thread
A Redditor finds a mysterious dice game in his grandparents’ basement. It reads “The Deadly Double: A Game to Play at Your Own Risk.” The Endless Thread team helps him investigate the game and finds surprising connections to Pearl Harbor, the FBI and The New Yorker.
hearthis  podcasts  podcast 
12 days ago
Cult for Windows (1998) - MobyGames
(Taken from the website:)Using negotiation and trade, one must resolve a situation involving barricaded cultists in a villa two kilometers away from town. As you play, you wander around the villa, meeting some of the brainwashed cult members (and some reasonable people). You talk to them, find out w...
cult  game  videogamelaw 
15 days ago
MUSIC // BTRtoday
The best emerging and established bands and musical artists in indie, hip hop, bhangra, reggae, jam, punk, garage, electronic, and jazz from around North American and the world at large.
music  hearthis 
15 days ago
Search Results - Products - Lerner Publishing Group
Lerner Publishing Group is committed to providing quality, relevant library and classroom resources that better prepare students for the future while exciting
readthis  gamingbooks  downloadthis 
20 days ago
storage - Mozilla | MDN
Enables extensions to store and retrieve data, and listen for changes to stored items.
21 days ago
Chrome.storage.sync example
Chrome.storage.sync example. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
21 days ago
Should I Stay or Should I Go? - This American Life
A software writer loses his job, but continues to show up at work, sneaking in the door each day and putting in long hours.
hearthis  listenthis 
22 days ago
Extension Workshop | Firefox Extension Workshop. Make the web do what you want. If you can dream it, our open souce API and your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills can make it happen.
Firefox Extension Workshop. Make the web do what you want. If you can dream it, our open souce API and your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills can make it happen.
firefox  addons 
22 days ago
Cross Browser Extension Starter Kit - EmailThis
A foundation to build and run browser extensions & add-ons for Chrome, Firefox & Opera from a single codebase.
chrome  extension  browser  dev  boilerplate  extensions  firefox  design  opera  $framework 
24 days ago
Brendan Eich Proposition 8 controversy - Can it hinder success of BAT and brave? : BATProject
r/BATProject: Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a revolutionary digital advertising and rewards platform from the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox that rewards users in Ethereum-based BAT tokens for any ads they opt into seeing. BAT locally matches ads to users without any tracking or data collection required.

Brave is a new, BAT-enabled privacy browser that blocks all third-party ads and trackers by default.
brave  browser 
25 days ago
ololo - video streaming link search engine
Watch online videos, movies and TV shows with ololo - search for streaming links on openload, streamango and streamcherry.
download  MovieDownload  TVShowDownload  warez  search  piracy 
26 days ago
Free icons!
More than 17,208 free icons in one place. Download all the free icons in PNG or ICO format.
icons  free  design  icon  graphics  resources  ui  ux  vector  webdesign  infographic  infographics 
4 weeks ago
EAVI - Media Literacy for Citizenship
"Investing in media literacy means investing in people. Is there a better investment that Europe can make?"
4 weeks ago
Pear Deck for Google Slides — Pear Deck
Pear Deck for Google Slides is the #1 Slides Add-on making it effortless
for educators to add interactive questions and formative assessments to
their presentations. 
4 weeks ago
Edit fiddle - JSFiddle
Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.
color  colors  firefox 
4 weeks ago
Implement a settings page - Mozilla | MDN
A settings page gives users a way to see and change settings (sometimes also called "preferences" or "options") for the extension.
firefox  extensions  webextensions 
4 weeks ago
Browser Extensions - Mozilla | MDN
Extensions can extend and modify the capability of a browser. Extensions for Firefox are built using the WebExtensions API, a cross-browser system for developing extensions.
coding  browser  extensions  firefox  add-ons  javascript  learning  intent:PlatformDoc  lang:JS 
5 weeks ago
nsane.down - software, as it should be
nsane.down: an insanely fast software updates and software & P2P news site which provides software, as it should be; verified and up-to-date.
news  forum  sw  warez 
5 weeks ago
Propaganda Analysis — Home Page — Propaganda Critic
Propaganda analysis for people of all ages. Resist propaganda. Fight back against fake news, bots, and trolls. Cite this academic source in your papers.
education  misinformation  medialiteracy  media  literacy 
5 weeks ago
90+ Educational Conferences for Teachers & Leaders in 2019
Here's a list of 90+ useful educational conferences to attend in 2019. For teachers, principals, administrators, and other educators. Topics range from policy and issue discussions, content areas, organization updates, networking opportunities, and education-related events.
conferences  confeence 
5 weeks ago
20 Inspiring Midwest Education Conferences for Professional Growth
These twenty Midwest education conferences bring regional teachers together for networking, inspiration, leadership and fun.
education  conferences  conference 
5 weeks ago
Home Assistant
Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
automation  home  hardware  python  iot  home-automation  raspberrypi  homeautomation  assistant  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Scott Adkins - IMDb
Scott Adkins, Actor: Boyka: Undisputed IV. Scott Edward Adkins was born on June 17, 1976 in Sutton Coldfield, England, into a family that for generations were butchers. Along with his elder brother Craig, he was raised by their parents, John and Janet (Sanders) Adkins, in a loving middle-class family. Scott attended Bishop Vesey's Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield. Probably not the best ...
6 weeks ago
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