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"Over the course of 2015, I tweeted and blogged the history of the universe, all 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang to the end of the year. ... Compressing the history of the universe into one year is not a new idea: both Carl Sagan and Neil de Grasse Tyson did it. What’s different about the version here? The earlier work uses a linear scale, dividing the age of the universe by the number of days in a year, so that every calendar day covers a constant 37.8 million years in the history of the universe. ... At Logarithmic History, by contrast, I use a logarithmic scale. ...January 1 begins with the Big Bang and covers a full 754 million years. January 2 covers the next 712 million years, and so on. Succeeding days cover shorter and shorter succeeding intervals in the history of the universe."
july 2018 by jbushnell
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