The Google Pixel 3 Is A Very Good Phone. But Maybe Phones Have Gone Too Far.
"A Google Pixel 3 Review In The Age Of Incremental Updates And Unrelenting Trauma"
technology  depressing  2018_mixbook_contender 
2 hours ago
Fiction Exercises from Ben Marcus
Some old writing exercises from Ben Marcus, now buried in the depths of the Internet Archive
5 days ago
Exiting the Vampire Castle | openDemocracy
Mark Fisher: "It is [...] necessary to identify the features of the discourses and the desires which have led us to this grim and demoralising pass, where class has disappeared, but moralism is everywhere, where solidarity is impossible, but guilt and fear are omnipresent – and not because we are terrorised by the right, but because we have allowed bourgeois modes of subjectivity to contaminate our movement."
politics  rhetoric  identity  social_networking 
6 days ago
Motto Books at CCVA - Carpenter Center for Visual Arts
"The Carpenter Center’s bookshop is a collaboration with Motto Books, a bookshop and distributor of books and magazines, based in Berlin. ... [T]he bookshop is one of the only places in the Boston-area that carries small press contemporary art books, magazines, and journals, with an emphasis on international publications and limited-edition projects."
boston_area  book_arts 
7 days ago
The Uses and Abuses of Politics for Sex
Natasha Lennard: "To be blunt: when there’s a popular app for organizing your next queer orgy, how rupturous of our political status quo can the mere fact of such an orgy be?"
desire  identity  nonmonogamy  politics  sexuality 
7 days ago
The Dream Hoarders: How America's Top 20 Percent Perpetuates Inequality | Boston Review
"the real class divide is not between the upper class and the upper middle class: it is between the upper middle class and everyone else"
class  america  2018_mixbook_contender 
7 days ago
When Bad Men Define Good Art – Electric Literature
Jess Zimmerman: "We talk about separating art from artist, but many of the accused abusers aren’t creators—they’re gatekeepers"
publishing  feminism  literary_magazines 
7 days ago
One Year of #MeToo: What Women’s Speech Is Still Not Allowed to Do | The New Yorker
Jia Tolentino: "I grasped, for the first time, the extent to which the past year has made some men crave the poisonous high of feeling wrongfully endangered. I also grasped the scale of the consequences that women and other sexual-assault victims will face as a result. Like the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, these men are borrowing the rhetoric of the structurally oppressed and delivering it with a rage that is denied to all but the most powerful."
women  feminism  2018_mixbook_contender  power  men 
7 days ago
The Book | Typeset In The Future
"Typography and design in science fiction movies"
wishlist  design_commentary  science_fiction 
7 days ago
Imperica - New knowledge for creative polymaths - How to teach a robot to make the bed
Deep Transfer Learning Using Depth Sensing of Deformable Fabric - ​or, "How a robot can make the bed" // @debcha refers to "interacting with large, unconstrained, flexible sheets (instead of small rigid objects)" as a problem which is "genuinely hard and interesting"
7 days ago
Anthology Editions
Drugs, sex, rock and roll, flying sauces, collage, weird illustrations
publishers  wishlist  psychedelia  collage 
9 days ago
New York's Frighteningly Fragile Subway System
Clive Thompson writes, in 2005, about coming troubles for the NYC transit system. Sample: "A more serious, everyday concern associated with water is that it can short out corroded parts of the electrical systems, including that age-old relay wire made famous by the A-and-C fiasco. The Bergen Street fire, too, emerged from a combination of water damage and old wires. Subway workers complain they’ve been forced to construct ad hoc devices to prevent water-related electrical fires. "
infrastructure  transportation  nyc 
9 days ago
Submit — Witch Craft Magazine
Submission period open Oct 1-Oct 14: "The writing that we seek for Witch Craft is that which evokes emotion. That's what makes it magic: transferring or creating a feeling through the ritual of writing."
publishers  literary_magazines 
12 days ago
The Cruelty Is the Point - The Atlantic
On what others have called "performative cruelty:" "Once malice is embraced as a virtue, it is impossible to contain."
politics  evil  depressing  2018_mixbook_contender 
12 days ago
Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040 - The New York Times
"A landmark report from the United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change than previously thought and says that avoiding the damage requires transforming the world economy at a speed and scale that has “no documented historic precedent.”"
climate  future  depressing 
12 days ago
Catapult Submission Manager
They're accepting fiction submissions until Oct 31 of this year
publishers  literary_magazines 
12 days ago
Wikipedia Bans Right Wing Site Breitbart as a Source for Facts - Motherboard
For the "credibility / bias" file. Breitbart has "no meaningful fact-checking structure in place whatsoever"
wikipedia  teaching  knowledge 
12 days ago
2-Player RPGs | Make Big Things
Big list of RPGs for two players
12 days ago
The Ultimate Guide To Getting Published In A Literary Magazine
A thorough and useful guide, although for my Marketplace class some of this material is covered by the guest speakers
publishing  teaching 
12 days ago
Boston Public Librarys T-Wharf photos
The T Wharf was part of Long Wharf; it was the central point for fishermen until the establishment of Boston Fish Pier (1910-present)
boston_area  the_past 
12 days ago
On Renee Gladman’s Turn to Drawing
John Vincler on asemic writing at The Paris Review: "I’ve thought about Gladman’s turn to drawing over several months with an oscillating sense of urgency. This is what I wanted to know: What are we reading or seeing when moving through books of writing containing only gesture and abstraction? What does it mean to write free from language?"
language  writing  visual_culture 
22 days ago
Could There Ever Be an AI Artist? | Frieze
Mike Pepi: "[W]hat AI evangelists call AI art [is] limited to accidental offshoots of their otherwise utilitarian attempts to solve a problem of image recognition or categorization."
ai  art_commentary 
22 days ago
Big and Slow — Real Life
"[T]he right response to unending wars and a rapidly warming planet [may be] a shift in aesthetics. ... Perhaps we have to make the real threats *fascinating.* But how, if we lack the cognitive capacity to see them?"
perception  future  disasters 
22 days ago
Jobs, Bullshit, and the Bureaucratization of the World | The Brooklyn Rail
Critiquing Graeber: "Rather than take aim at the predations of the labor market, which forces workers to compete against one another for fewer, poorly-paid jobs, Graeber offers his readership a group self-portrait, an office comedy sending up the minor slights of the cubicle, the email chain, and prepared lunches. In the face of a capitalist world lurching from crisis to catastrophe, shaped by a dramatic polarization of the workforce, tepid productivity figures, a stagnant technology sector operating in monopoly-like conditions, and a decades-long tapering off of profit rates across economic sectors, Bullshit Jobs plays us an old standard: the bureaucratization of the world."
work  capitalism 
22 days ago
The Pizzagate Polity | Melissa Gira Grant
"This fantasy of high-level collusion is what linked Pizzagate to past sex panics, like the alleged Satanic ritual abuse of children kidnapped from day care centers back in the 1980s. At their core, these myths rest on the conviction that “global elites” trade children for sex, while the media look the other way or deny everything. The media does not; if anything, in the case of sex trafficking, they often cover the issue through their own sensationalizing lens. Some journalists have even promoted stories of sex trafficking that were reported to be false. Despite that, these conspiracy theories position the press as somehow themselves party to sex trafficking. If sex trafficking is the far right’s political trump card, it doesn’t take long for them to see sex trafficking in anyone and anything they oppose."
conspiracy  2018_mixbook_contender 
22 days ago
White Supremacy Has Always Been Mainstream | Boston Review
A review of three books looking at "respectable" aspects of white supremacist politics over the last 100 years
race  america  book_commentary  politics 
22 days ago
Making America White Again | The New Yorker
Toni Morrison, in November 2016, after the election: "So scary are the consequences of a collapse of white privilege that many Americans have flocked to a political platform that supports and translates violence against the defenseless as strength. These people are not so much angry as terrified, with the kind of terror that makes knees tremble."
race  power  fear  violence 
22 days ago
Loomings | The Comics Journal
Tegan O'Neil: "Summing up fifty years of comics written and drawn by dozens of talented men and women is a great way of making all those comics seem really banal. Namor hardly needs the help in this department since his solo adventures often strive mightily just to achieve banality in the first place. Seen over the course of the Thomases’ narrative the Sub-Mariner is a guy who keeps getting kicked out of Atlantis despite being prince because he literally picks fights with everyone everywhere. He’s useless for palace intrigue or royal politics because his first instinct when faced with a dilemma is always to punch someone."
comics_commentary  bad_reviews 
22 days ago
Bifo: "Global civil war and the rotting of the white mind"
Franco "Bifo" Berardi: "We must think of the future from the point of view of systemic psychosis"
warfare  america  europe  imperialism  violence  mental_illness  race  future 
26 days ago
The Forest Hymn & Picnic by Cecil Howe — Kickstarter
"The Forest Hymn & Picnic is a forthcoming tabletop adventure game set across the backdrop of a very absurd, unending and often haunted forest. Players take up the lives of oddballs in The Forest Hymn—precocious Animal Folk, lost People, or costumed Ghosts—as they stumble upon trouble in the strange woods. ... Between its pages, The Forest Hymn & Picnic runs a heavily modified version of the very well loved, very brilliantly engineered system from Robert J. Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord. It's a set of rules that champions ease of use, simple maths, and a progression system that gives players a near endless supply of options in creating unique characters through the course of play."
RPGs  kickstarter 
28 days ago
"Alternative Influence"
"The tldr: a giant network of influencers on YouTube is broadcasting reactionary ideas to young viewers - and radicalizing them in the process." A dataandsociety report (50 pages)
hate_groups  internet 
28 days ago
They made that one videogame again but this time it’s called Spider-Man
"When an highly anticipated event game like Spider-Man drops day one reviews and initial reception fawns over the small details, we gush about the swinging because it’s exciting for the first few hours, we appreciate the small quality of life changes and subtle differences from other similar games. We’ve had a decade of these time killing open world games, and it’s been so long our press and our taste has internalised that this is just how games are now. So instead of considering what this game could of been or perhaps should of been, we judge it within the limited scope and structure that we’ve been beaten into accepting."
game_commentary  game_design  bad_reviews 
28 days ago
New York Media to Triple Books Coverage Across Sites -- New York Media Press Room
"New York Media is greatly expanding and reimagining its books coverage, with Boris Kachka in the new role of books editor, overseeing the books “horizontal” across Vulture, the Cut, Daily Intelligencer, the Strategist, and Grub Street, as well as New York Magazine. "
publishing  book_commentary 
28 days ago
Catapult | Don’t Submit. Pitch. | Laura Goode
Laura Goode: "A submission says please pick me, I’ll be waiting. A pitch says catch me or you’ll miss the ball."
publishing  teaching 
4 weeks ago
The World of Today Brought to You by the Financial Crisis - The New York Times
2008-2018 in graphical form. WIsh it was easier to navigate (it's in the "interactive" section though contains no interactivity)
zeitgeist  economics  america  politics  information_visualization 
5 weeks ago
Google Knows Where You’ve Been, but Does It Know Who You Are? - The New York Times
"Google Takeout, a tool for downloading your own Google data, debuted in 2011 and now enables you to export some sort of material from at least 50 different services, including Gmail, Search, chats and payments. The overwhelming volume of this information demonstrates just how deep, and inescapable, our relationships with the company have become. And it can be sneakily transformative. To see months of your own search history repeated back to you in list form is to suffer a strange mixture of your most mundane and anxious — and largely forgotten — moments."
googlization  mobile_technology  2018_mixbook_contender 
5 weeks ago
Sex Scenes: What’s the Role of a 122-Year-Old Painting in a #MeToo World? - GARAGE
"The nymphs point to the discomforting question of encountering [nature] (and by pagan extension, the divine) not in its rage, nor in lovingness, but in its horniness. Lust is a force that every living thing is subject to and controlled by—yet the the nymphs are more than living, they are immortal; they are a representation of the river and what it means for a river to lust after us, to embrace us. "
nature  art  desire  horror 
5 weeks ago
How many people died in Hurricane Maria? An investigation — Quartz
"An investigation by Quartz, Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism, and the Associated Press has identified 487 victims of Maria. It is the most extensive record yet of who died and why. Many families say that the real cause of death was government inaction.

Explore the database of victims in English and Spanish here."
government  infrastructure  atrocity 
5 weeks ago
The Giant Robot Series That’s a Civics Lesson in Disguise – VRV Blog
"It’s an old as dirt observation that mecha anime isn’t really about the mecha, but Patlabor is not only not about the mecha, nor the people piloting them, nor even just the people who have to repair them, but every part of society that giant cop robots would have to coexist with—the pre-existing systems, societies, and bureaucracies they slot into, and the new ones they create by virtue of their existence. The result is a vision of the future focused on the nuts-and-bolts of daily life, luring the viewer in with promises of hot-blooded mech action and then saying “Okay, but what I really want to talk about is how they’d handle the paperwork for pension benefits and property damage”."
robotics  animation  to_see 
5 weeks ago
I Worked With Avital Ronell. I Believe Her Accuser. - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"This is how institutionality reproduces. Even the call to think critically about power becomes a clever smoke screen. ... 'If we focus on this one case, these details, this accuser and accused, we will miss the opportunity to think about the structural issues,' wrote Duggan. This was code. It meant, 'You can talk about structural issues all you want, so long as you don’t use examples of people we know.'"
academia  sexuality  2018_mixbook_contender 
5 weeks ago
Avital Ronell harassment case: Some things aren’t complicated.
“if #MeToo is going to change the way we think, and not just how we identify and punish, we need to learn how to deal with cultural cycles of trauma and pain and power. I don’t know how that conversation should go. Figuring out how to reconcile compassion, due process, repair, and justice feels like exactly the sort of thing these brilliant minds would ordinarily be tackling. Instead, we’re getting hollow invocations of complexity that functionally reinforce the status quo—and righteous defenses of “due process” that privately seek to dismantle it.”
power  academia  sexuality  homosexuality  language  2018_mixbook_contender 
5 weeks ago
Stream Sarah Davachi’s forthcoming album in full - The Wire
"Canadian born, Los Angeles based composer Sarah Davachi's new album Gave In Rest aims to musically embody the mysticism of church spaces from a secular perspective. It’s the result of a summer Davachi spent in Europe undertaking extensive research into Renaissance musicians, their instruments and ways of experimenting."
drone  wishlist 
5 weeks ago
The Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed and the Trumpian Corruption of Language and the Media | The New Yorker
Masha Gessen: "The way in which the news media are being corrupted—even an outlet like the Times, which continues to publish remarkable investigative work throughout this era—is one of the most insidious, pronounced, and likely long-lasting effects of the Trump Administration. The media are being corrupted every time they engage with a nonsensical, false, or hateful Trump tweet (although not engaging with these tweets is not an option). They are being corrupted every time journalists act polite while the President, his press secretary, or other Administration officials lie to them. They are being corrupted every time a Trumpian lie is referred to as a “falsehood,” a “factually incorrect statement,” or as anything other than a lie. They are being corrupted every time journalists allow the Administration to frame an issue, like when they engage in a discussion about whether the separation of children from their parents at the border is an effective deterrent against illegal immigration. They are being corrupted every time they use the phrase “illegal immigration.”"
politics  authority 
6 weeks ago
Contemporary Liberalism’s Worst Idea Yet
On David Remnick and Steve Bannon: "But neither [David] Remnick alone, nor The New Yorker nor its silly festival are wholly to blame here, since they are just a part of this broader ecosystem of self-congratulatory fatuity masquerading as inquiry and thought. It is a brainless ecumenicism that has convinced itself that ideology is extinct and that politics, the struggle for and application of power in society, is a sort of clever salon."
politics  ideology 
6 weeks ago
Harry Bertoia's Complete Sonambient LP Collection by Important Records — Kickstarter
"Beginning in the 1950's, renowned artist Harry Bertoia created beautiful metal sculptures which, when activated, create shimmering ambient drones. He then assembled a massive, harmonious orchestra of these sculptures and called it Sonambient. [...] In 2016 Important Records released an 11 CD box set collecting all 11 of Harry Bertoia's original Sonambient records in replica packaging with a 80 page book of essays and photos. This will be a one time pressing of 500 copies unless we get additional funding and can afford a pressing size of 1000 copies."
music  kickstarter 
6 weeks ago
Opinion | The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult - The New York Times
Yikes: "A century ago, the mere suspicion of being thrust aside by black and yellow peoples sparked apocalyptic visions of “race suicide.” Today, the 'preponderance of China' that Pearson predicted is becoming a reality, and the religion of whiteness increasingly resembles a suicide cult. Mr. Trump’s trade wars, sanctions, border walls, deportations, denaturalizations and other 11th-hour battles seem to push us all closer to the 'terrible probability” James Baldwin once outlined: that the rulers of the “higher races,” “struggling to hold on to what they have stolen from their captives, and unable to look into their mirror, will precipitate a chaos throughout the world which, if it does not bring life on this planet to an end, will bring about a racial war such as the world has never seen.'"
race  depressing  rhetoric  politics  2018_mixbook_contender 
6 weeks ago
The failed Slender Man movie was a nail in the coffin of a dying fandom - The Verge
"If you want to study the life cycle of a meme from a random internet post to a fully realized, culturally known concept — like watching an urban legend that might once have spread through generations of word of mouth, now punched into hyperdrive — you can’t get much better than Slender Man."
narrative  horror  memetics  internet  fandom 
6 weeks ago
Arbitration decision on student evaluations of teaching applauded by faculty | University Affairs
Aribtrator William Kaplan "cited flaws in methodology and ethical concerns around confidentiality and informed consent. He also cited serious human-rights issues, with studies showing that biases around gender, ethnicity, accent, age, even 'attractiveness,' may factor into students’ ratings of professors, making SETs [student evaluations of teaching] deeply discriminatory against numerous 'vulnerable' faculty."
6 weeks ago
Errol Morris on Steve Bannon’s Dangerous ‘Dharma’ | Boston Review
Errol Morris: "The permission to hate seems to be a really big part of what Bannon offered to voters and to the Trump campaign. "
politics  to_see  media_commentary  interviews 
6 weeks ago
Viscous SPH Castle - SIGGRAPH 2015 - YouTube
Entry point into a world of weid SIGGRAPH videos: "theres so many mathematicians trying to turn stuff into goo more realistically i think half are trying for supervillains half have a secret slime kink" (@freezydorito)
videos  animation 
6 weeks ago
Liber Exuvia – Elytron Frass – gnOme books – BURNING HOUSE PRESS
"An interactive grimoire devoted to the sundry incarnations of a self-beheading mantis"
magic  to_read  wishlist  weirdos 
6 weeks ago
Send Anarchists, Guns, and Money | Jacob Siegel
On Cody Wilson (also Nick Land, Curtis Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug) "The crypto-anarchist-alt-right alliance ... is reactionary postmodernism. It combines skepticism towards progress with faith in technology, elitist contempt for the masses ... and related disdain for the corrupt elite. And it is, in a typically postmodern sense, suspicious of the relationship between narrative and reality. [...] New political factions are forming at the crossroads of post-politics, crypto-anarchy, and 'exit' that appeal to widespread sentiments about the futility and corruption of our democracies. "
hate_groups  zeitgeist  politics  fuckwits  2018_mixbook_contender 
6 weeks ago
Women’s Media Is a Scam | The New Republic
"Women’s media ... has never been scammier. The product sold by Refinery29, Bustle, PopSugar, and TheSkimm is bad. I asked a group of women journalist friends to name the worst villains in the game off the top of their heads, and the answers flowed easily: the GirlBoss publishing platform, Babe.net, the Lily. Once we had ads for shampoo—now we have sites pretending they aren’t secretly running a branding agency from inside their feminist publishing project. It’s like Coca-Cola trying to sell you self-care. Seen from its most depressing angle, the rise of these websites is part of a wider deterioration of choice, quality, and consciousness across the all media products branded 'feminist.'"
media  media_ecology  women  feminism  publishing 
6 weeks ago
Exclusive: Burning Man, a utopia for guests, was hell for many workers | Salon.com
"Salon spoke to several former and current employees and volunteers for Burning Man, who painted a picture of a dangerous and stressful work environment and a toxic management culture that contributed to a number of suicides of seasonal employees, at a rate far greater than the national average. Those who spoke exclusively to Salon recalled tales of labor abuse, unequal wages, on-the-job-injuries including permanent blindness and a management that manipulated workers who were hurt or who tried to fight for improved conditions."
work  subculture 
6 weeks ago
Subset Games | Into the Breach
A game in an XCOM vein but with a "Japanese monster movie or Pacific Rim" twist
videogames  to_play 
6 weeks ago
“How Laws Die”
On why obscenity laws against most porn are no longer enforced
porn_industry  law 
7 weeks ago
Ten Stages of Genocide
from Genocide Watch’s Gregory Stanton
7 weeks ago
The Internet of Garbage by Sarah Jeong - The Verge
"Today, The Verge is publishing an interim edition of Sarah Jeong’s The Internet of Garbage, a book she first published in 2015 but has since gone out of print. It is a thorough and important look at the intractable problem of online harassment.

After a year on The Verge’s staff as a senior writer, Sarah recently joined The New York Times Editorial Board to write about technology issues. The move kicked off a wave of outrage and controversy as a group of trolls selectively took Sarah’s old tweets out of context to inaccurately claim that she is a racist. This prompted a further wave of unrelenting racist harassment directed at Sarah, a wave of coverage examining her tweets, and a final wave of coverage about the state of outrage generally. This is all deeply ironic because Sarah laid out exactly how these bad-faith tactics work in The Internet of Garbage."
internet  to_read 
7 weeks ago
"cymatic sands" t-shirt / Thomas Bey William Bailey
"The first in a series of bold, singular shirt designs by sound artists, based on visual interpretations of sound and selected by Thomas Bey William Bailey. The first design from TBWB is based on vector imagery inspired by Hans Jenny's experiments with "cymatics": a radical means of sculpting matter with electronic tone generators. A subtly placed Japanese ‘waveform’ text anchors the chaotic design in place. "
7 weeks ago
A 100-page document made up of sentences found on the Internet
collage  poetry  internet 
7 weeks ago
What algorithmic art can teach us about artificial intelligence - The Verge
Tom White's "Perception Engines" "take the data that machine vision algorithms are trained on — databases of thousands of pictures of objects — and distill it into abstract shapes. These shapes are then fed back into the same algorithms to see if they’re recognized. If not, the image is tweaked and sent back, again and again, until it is. It’s a trial and error process that essentially ends up reverse-engineering the algorithm’s understanding of the world."
ai  algoworld  art 
7 weeks ago
Most of the time, innovators don’t move fast and break things | Aeon Essays
“it’s essential to reflect more critically on our collective myths about innovation.”
8 weeks ago
canvas-sketch/README.md at master · mattdesl/canvas-sketch · GitHub
"canvas-sketch is a loose collection of tools, modules and resources for creating generative art in JavaScript and the browser using the <canvas> tag. It is designed to help create artworks and images with code, randomness, algorithms, and emergent systems.

You can use canvas-sketch to export high-resolution PNG for Giclée prints, render image sequences for GIF and MP4 loops, generate SVG files for mechanical pen plotters (like AxiDraw), automatically git hash your artworks for long-term archiving, and much more."
printing_process  generative_art 
8 weeks ago
Print Processing.org
Using Processing to make prints or PDFs
printing_process  generative_art 
8 weeks ago
What Charlottesville Changed - POLITICO Magazine
"A year later, we’ve asked some of the most thoughtful people we know—from historians to a former CIA director to researchers of extremism—to put this shocking moment in context: What did Charlottesville change? Was it a moment of reckoning for our society? Did it fracture the movement known as the “alt-right,” or did it strengthen it?"
hate_groups  america  politics 
9 weeks ago
Preventing Another Charlottesville: New Tools for 50 States | Georgetown Law
"Every state has a legal basis to restrict private militia and paramilitary activity at public rallies, new research at Georgetown Law finds"
law  hate_groups 
9 weeks ago
Seymour Hersh’s New Memoir Is a Fascinating, Flabbergasting Masterpiece
“[O]ne of the most compelling and significant books ever written about American journalism. Almost every page will tell you something you’ve never heard before about life on earth.”
books  book_commentary 
9 weeks ago
Robot Odyssey: The hardest computer game of all time.
"Visionary, absurdly difficult games such as this gain cult followings. It is the game I remember most from my childhood. It is the game I love (and despise) the most, because it was the hardest, the most complex, the most challenging. The world it presented was like being exposed to Plato’s forms, a secret, nonphysical realm of pure ideas and logic. The challenge of the game—and it was one serious challenge—was to understand that other world. Programmer Thomas Foote had just started college when he picked up the game: “I swore to myself,” he told me, “that as God is my witness, I would finish this game before I finished college. I managed to do it, but just barely.”"
10 weeks ago
English As She Is Spoke (1884) – The Public Domain Review
"Pedro Carolino wrote this classic in the genre of unintentional humour to help Portuguese students peer into the murky bubble of English. Instead he added considerably to the murk. It seems Carolino knew next to no English and had no Portuguese–English dictionary to hand. Thus he was forced to embark on a convoluted workaround. For each entry he first consulted a Portuguese–French phrasebook, then a French–English dictionary. This complicated translatory journey led to some hilarious results. Carolino tried to cover his tracks by claiming in the preface to have made his book 'clean of gallicisms and despoiled phrases.' As just a quick glance at the book’s pages betrays, this was more than wishful thinking on Carolino’s part. "
language  humor 
10 weeks ago
Free Speech Scholars to Alex Jones: You’re Not Protected - The New York Times
Digging in to the legal difference between an "opinion" and a "false statement of fact"
law  rhetoric  conspiracy 
10 weeks ago
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