A free little procedurally generated platformer (regrettably PC and Linux only)
videogames  to_play 
16 hours ago
Adam Cadre's Calendar patterns
Adam Cadre's forty "evaluative patterns"
criticism  narrative 
16 hours ago
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Adam Cadre reviews Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell--a good review, but also uses an odd "set of evaluative patterns" to undergird the review. It would be interesting as an experiment to develop one's own set, or to encourage students to do so, etc.
book_commentary  world-building 
16 hours ago
Redditors are competing to design the most asinine volume sliders - The Verge
This goes well with the "worst phone number dialers" competiton a while back
interface  humor 
17 hours ago
All 213 Beatles Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best
Seems like a clickbait gimmick, but is wonderfully done, and reveals deep insight into the characters of all four Beatles. Contains unexpected pathos and humor; a model of how to do this sort of thing impeccably well.
music_commentary  lists 
18 hours ago
A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump’s success - The Washington Post
"The most comprehensive statistical profile of Trump's supporters so far" reveals that "[s]omething is afflicting the places where Trump's supporters live, but Trump's supporters do not exhibit more severe economic distress than do those who view him unfavorably. ..Trump's support does come from a place of adversity, though" -- Data shows that it may be long-term ill health, or lack of intergenerational mobility
politics  economics 
18 hours ago
Criminal | Episode 68: All the Time in the World (6.1.2017)
"The 'body farm' at Texas State University is a place almost no one except researchers and law enforcement is able to see, because it’s one of very few places in the world that deliberately puts out human bodies to decompose in nature. Forensic Anthropologists observe decomposition in order to help law enforcement discern when and how someone may have died. We asked if we could visit, and they agreed."
crime  body  podcasts 
19 hours ago
ASEMICS – 姚慶健 · Sam Roxas-Chua
Some asemic pieces from poet Sam Roxas-Chua
21 hours ago
The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing
A blog exploring asemic writing "in relation to post-literate culture"
visual_culture  visual_poetry 
21 hours ago
Inside David Lynch: An Esoteric Guide to Twin Peaks
This piece's synthesizing overview is a little weak, but it contained some interesting observations
magic  media_commentary 
21 hours ago
World of Concrete: Inside the Industry That's Building Trump's America Brick by Brick - The Atlantic
Georgina Voss visits a concrete trade show and contemplates the future of America: "As I speak to more exhibitors and attendees, it becomes clear that the scale and variety concrete must achieve in modern construction runs face-first into the material’s complexity. 'Concrete is often regarded as a dumb or stupid material,' writes Adrian Forty, a professor of architecture at University College London, in his book Concrete and Culture. Indeed, concrete seems simple enough: Mix grit, cement, and water, then pour it where you want something solid. But concrete is unwieldy, viscous, heavy, dangerous, 'a real pain in the ass' (several attendees)."
materials  2017_mixbook_contender  america 
21 hours ago
Catapult | Pitching and Moaning: A Guide to Submitting Your Writing | Tony Tulathimutte
This piece is obnoxiously written--it's annoyingly calculated to seem irreverent and off-the-cuff--but all in all it's not a bad repository of advice that students will find helpful, and it contains links to more
22 hours ago
Robot that produces irregular aerosol glyphs
art  robotics 
22 hours ago
Definition Not Found — Real Life
Nominally about asemic writing, although it quickly branches out into related areas (graphical scores, linguistic methods of representing noise and silence, Darius Kazemi's OCR-bot experiment)
visual_culture  art 
22 hours ago
Mary Gaitskill Remains Open to Opposition | The Nation
Larissa Pham on Mary Gaitskill's new collection of essays ("Somebody with a Little Hammer")
book_commentary  empathy  to_read 
22 hours ago
New bombshell report reveals Trump’s lengthy ties to Russian mobsters and money laundering
This piece isn't well written, but it does contain a fascinating array of figures. Key names: Bayrock Group, Bayrock whistleblower Jody Kriss, "career criminal" Felix Sater (later "Satter"), Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, mob informer and memoirist Salvatore Lauria, Soviet hotelier Tevfik Arif, oligarch Alexander Mashkevich, Icelandic bank FL Group
crime  russia  conspiracy  capitalism 
22 hours ago
Vanishing Point: How the Light Grid Defined 1980s Futurism
The light grid as "visual shorthand for a particular type of outmoded futurism"--but also a history of grids, perspective, and computer animation
visual_culture  2017_mixbook_contender 
22 hours ago
The Long, Weird Half-Life of Trinitite - Atlas Obscura
On the creation, and strange political deployment, of trinitite. “The crater seems a lake of green jade… 2,400 feet in diameter,” TIME wrote in September of 1945, after a press trip to the site. “The glass takes strange shapes—lopsided marbles, knobbly sheets a quarter-inch thick, broken, thin-walled bubbles, green, wormlike forms.”
materials  warfare  weaponry  geology 
22 hours ago
America’s Future Is Texas | The New Yorker
A long, in-depth piece on the Texas legislature, focusing on its inner workings and conflicts (a fair amount of stuff on the so-called "bathroom bill")
politics  america  transgender 
22 hours ago
The Art at the End of the World - The New York Times
A thoughtful, lengthy essay about travelling to see Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty." "Another man told us about the speed races over the salt flats, the time records that had recently been broken because, as already established, time worked differently out here; objects could exist in relation to time differently."
time  art  essays  landscape  2017_mixbook_contender 
22 hours ago
Let Them Have Playgrounds | White Noise
Oniropolis' Darran Anderson on the history (and future) of the playground
spaces  play 
22 hours ago
Other Minds | Frieze
Gary Zhexi Zhang on artists "drawing inspiration from extra-human agencies"
art  zeitgeist  biology 
22 hours ago
The Rise of Civil Forfeiture | The New Yorker
"In general, you needn’t be found guilty to have your assets claimed by law enforcement; in some states, suspicion on a par with “probable cause” is sufficient. Nor must you be charged with a crime, or even be accused of one. Unlike criminal forfeiture, which requires that a person be convicted of an offense before his or her property is confiscated, civil forfeiture amounts to a lawsuit filed directly against a possession, regardless of its owner’s guilt or innocence."
law  repressive_state_apparatus  depressing 
6 days ago
Buy The Floor is Jelly from the Humble Store
I love inventive platformers and this looks like a very good one. [@v21 writes "this game is fucking fantastic. 10/10 tranquil frog noises"]
to_play  videogames 
29 days ago
List of games with concealed rules - Wikipedia
"Despite appearances, however, there are no rules to the game, and both the naming of stations and the specification of 'rules' are based on stream-of-consciousness association and improvisation."
game_design  wikipedia 
29 days ago
The Violent and Unforgettable World of Brian Catling
Brian Evenson: "I read The Vorrh very quickly. I found it quite different from any other fantastical novel I’d read. Raymond Roussel appears as a character. Indeed, it reads almost like an absurd symbolist take on the fantasy novel, with its fantasy assembled out of an entirely original constellation of creatures and objects, with the nature of the dilemma at the heart of it revealing itself only slowly. It is a subtle and accomplished book, one that progresses more by feel than by plot, a kind of poetic disaster zone that is as much a barbed commentary on colonization as it is a quest novel. "
books  to_read  fantastic_literature  book_commentary 
29 days ago
The Autocrat's Language | by Masha Gessen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
"Trump’s word-piles fill public space with static. This is like having the air we breathe replaced with carbon monoxide. It is deadly. This space that he is polluting is the space of our shared reality. This is what language is for: to enable you to name “secateurs,” buy them, and use them. To make it possible for a surgeon to name “scalpel” and have it placed in her open palm. To make sure that a mother can understand the story her child tells her when she comes home from school, or a judge can evaluate a case being made. None of this is possible when words mean nothing."
zeitgeist  language  depressing  power 
5 weeks ago
WoodSwimmer - YouTube
"WoodSwimmer is a film collaboration between genius animator Brett Foxwell and Conor Grebel (Bedtimes). The footage was taken through a laborious stop motion process of capturing sections of wood as they are thinly shaved away by a milling machine."
animation  nature  forms 
5 weeks ago
The 50 Best Action Movies of the 21st Century Thus Far - Part 5
This list caught some flak for putting MIAMI VICE in the top spot, but by and large it seems like a sound list to me
filmographies  genre 
6 weeks ago
Catapult | What If We Cultivated Our Ugliness? or: The Monstrous Beauty of Medusa | Jess Zimmerman
Jess Zimmerman: "Where beauty is narrow and constrained, ugliness is an entire galaxy, a myriad of sparkling paths that lurch crazily away from the ideal. There are so few ways to look perfect, but there are thousands of ways to look monstrous, surprising, upsetting, outlandish, or odd. Thousands of stories to tell in dozens of languages: the languages of strong features or weak chins, the languages of garish makeup and weird haircuts and startling clothes, fat and bony and hairy languages, the languages of any kind of beauty that’s not white. Nose languages, eyebrow languages, piercing and tattoo languages, languages of blemish and birthmark and scar. When you give up trying to declare yourself acceptable, there are so many new things to say."
women  beauty  myth 
6 weeks ago
Higgs on the Moon | Articles | Inference: International Review of Science
"Is our century-long exploration of the high-energy frontiers coming to an end? ... It is now a realistic possibility that the LHC will not provide any unambiguous answers to the question of what, if anything, might lie beyond the Standard Model, but will instead leave us with a number of confusing puzzles."
6 weeks ago
Another Man’s Liberator: Hopeless Votes for Trump in West Virginia | Literary Hub
Joe Halstead: "there’s a certain psychogeography of West Virginia that is deeply embedded in the minds of Americans"
america  place  politics  economics 
6 weeks ago
Comics for Writers with Tom Hart
A $220 online course, "Comics & Visual Storytelling for Writers"
comics  writing 
6 weeks ago
What If Climate Scientists Are Guessing Wrong?
A clear, lucid response to Bret Stephens' controversial NYT column. "the uncertainty of climate modeling runs in both directions ... There is ... about a 10 percent chance of a temperature increase exceeding 6 degrees Celsius, or 11 degrees Fahrenheit. That would be a civilizational catastrophe, orders of magnitude more dangerous than the likely warming scenarios, and potentially on a scale that could threaten human life. Even if the likely scenarios were completely harmless, the far-right tail alone is horrific enough to justify significant steps."
6 weeks ago
Containers | Free Listening on SoundCloud
"Containers is an 8-part audio documentary about how global trade has transformed the economy and ourselves. Host and correspondent Alexis Madrigal leads you through the world of ships and sailors, technology and tugboats, warehouses and cranes. At a time when Donald Trump is threatening to toss out the global economic order, Containers provides an illuminating, deep, and weird look at how capitalism actually works now."
podcasts  Soundcloud  infrastructure  transportation  globalization  capitalism 
6 weeks ago
Most Unsatisfying Video Is Torture to Watch
There's a faster version of this same footage set to drum and bass music which is extra difficult to watch, but here's the slower original
8 weeks ago
The Fourth State of Matter - The New Yorker
“It’s a good thing none of this happened,” I say to my face.
death  grief  essays 
8 weeks ago
Curious Methods
On mapping a landscape of mud--and about science, probing, inquiry, uncertainty, and flux: "As designers and educators interested in coastal landscapes that are sensitive to change, we came to Gunnison Bay to recalibrate our practice, to better understand the dynamic nature of landscapes in flux. Mud is the perfect field for our investigation."
science  landscape  flux 
8 weeks ago
Sorry to put this on you but I have an honest... | .mattfraction
Matt Fraction's powerful piece advising a suicidal commenter: "i know, motherfucker, i know, i know, i know the hole you are fucking in because I was there myself and if you look hard you can still see my writing on those walls and if you stare long enough i swear to god it’s pointing to up"
9 weeks ago
Jumpers - The New Yorker
On those who jump from the Golden Gate Bridge: “That bridge is more than a bridge: it’s alive, it speaks to people. Some people come here, find themselves, and leave; some come here, find themselves, and jump.”
suicide  death 
9 weeks ago
The Personal-Essay Boom Is Over - The New Yorker
An update on the "first-person industrial complex," from the insightful Jia Tolentino
essays  publishing  zeitgeist  writing 
10 weeks ago
You Should Come With Me Now | the m john harrison blog
You Should Come With Me Now (Comma Press, October 2017) features eighteen short stories and numerous items of flash fiction (many of the latter will be recognisable to habitues of the Ambiente Hotel), written between 2001 and 2015 and organised to bring out the themes the way a novel might. Yes they are short stories, but yes the book is a thing in itself.

Several of the full-sized stories, including “The Crisis”, “Jack of Mercy’s” and “The Old Fox” have never been published before, although you may have heard me read one or two of them at events (including Irradiating the Object at Warwick U, and the notorious Stoke Newington pop-up gig in 2015); several more have appeared online, or in limited or out-of-the-way publications such as The Independent on Sunday, and will therefore be new to most readers.

Formal & generic boundaries, as usual, go unrecognised. Fiction empties its seed into its alter ego, nonfiction. Landscapes are written about, but there will be no landscape writing. Ghosts appear, but not in the ghost stories. Animals feature heavily, but there is nothing here that might be described as “animal fiction”. There is a story which seems to be about dogs until it takes a startling & inexplicable turn for the worse; and another which makes telling reference to the DNA of Richard the Third’s horse. There is less sex than you would expect, but some hauntology. Other content includes: a distributed sword & sorcery trilogy; two or three full-size sci-fi novels, one of which is two sentences and forty eight words long (fifty if you count the title); several visits to that non-place Autotelia, some that identify as such and some that don’t; and two final dispatches from that other non-place Viriconium, neither of which would get house-room in an anthology of epic fantasy. There is a very angry story which seems to be about an invasion from the astral plane; or perhaps space; or perhaps the financial services industry. If you can read, you can read these stories.

You Should Come With Me Now is published by Comma, one of the UK’s strongest and most interesting small presses, in October 2017.
science_fiction  fantastic_literature  books  wishlist 
10 weeks ago
Now in stock: Abstract Comics: The Anthology - Fantagraphics
"Abstract Comics, edited by Andrei Molotiu, an art historian as well as one of the best-known contemporary abstract-comic creators, is the first collection devoted to this budding genre. It gathers the best abstract comics so far created, including early experiments in the form by cartoonists primarily known for other types of comics, such as Gary Panter, Patrick McDonnell, or Lewis Trondheim, and pieces by little-known pioneers such as Benoit Joly, Bill Boichel and Jeff Zenick, as well as by recent creators who have devoted a good part of their output to perfecting the form, such as Ibn al Rabin, Billy Mavreas, Mark Staff Brandl, and many others. It also features first attempts, commissioned specifically for this anthology, by well-known cartoonists such as James Kochalka, J.R. Williams and Warren Craghead."
comics  books  wishlist 
10 weeks ago
Alt Right conspiracy image generator / Boing Boing
Random political images with conspiracies drawn on them
11 weeks ago
Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
Interesting (if obviously slanted) read on the collapse of the Amended Settlement Agreement to the Authors Guild v. Google lawsuit
googlization  information  archive  law  intellectual_property 
11 weeks ago
The Bombing Encyclopedia of the World | Limn
"In a series of lectures delivered to the Air War College in the years after World War II, Dr. James T. Lowe, the Director of Research for the Strategic Vulnerability Branch of the U.S. Army’s Air Intelligence Division, described the elements of “The Bombing Encyclopedia of the World.” The Bombing Encyclopedia, he said, was “a huge index of basic, factual information that is being built up on all potential objectives of air attack throughout the world” (Lowe 1948:6). [...] The Bombing Encyclopedia was a remarkable effort to organize a massive amount of information that could be rapidly queried to identify air targets in the event of a future war. What is perhaps surprising is the nature of the bombing targets it identified, and thus of the data being assembled. These targets were not just military installations, but an array of industrial plants, service facilities, and other vital structures of the industrial economies of the world. And the information collected in the Encyclopedia did not only relate to the immediate military relevance of a particular facility, but also to the complex web of economic interconnections into which it was embedded: the number of employees, the volume of its total production, the raw material inputs it used, and the finished products it produced"
warfare  information  archive  networks 
11 weeks ago
Keeping the Books | Limn
Proponents of the blockchain propose "that money, contracts, even law and government, can be built on nothing but meticulous, automated, collective maintenance of the archive."
archive  computers 
12 weeks ago
Preface: The Total Archive | Limn
"This issue of Limn asks authors to consider the way the archive—as a figure for a particular mode of government—might shed light on the contemporary collections, indexes, databases, analytics, and surveillance, and the collectives implied or brought into being by them. At the very least, we have demanded more precision than is found in breathless mainstream media accounts of big data: Is a database an archive? When is an index a database? How is a collection of paper records different when it comes with tiny spot of dried blood on it than when it does not? What differences make a difference when we talk about a seed bank instead of a seed database or a repository of open access documents instead of a pirate library of scanned books? Indeed, are digital collections ‘archives’ at all—do they undermine the existence of archives traditionally conceived?"
12 weeks ago
World Spirituality Classics 1:The Ecstatic Music of « LUAKA BOP
OK: "Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda’s devotion to spirituality was the central purpose of the final four decades of her life, an often-overlooked awakening that largely took shape during her four-year marriage to John Coltrane and after his 1967 death. By 1983, Alice had established the 48-acre Sai Anantam Ashram outside of Los Angeles. She quietly began recording music from the ashram, releasing it within her spiritual community in the form of private press cassette tapes. On May 5, Luaka Bop will release the first-ever compilation of recordings from this period, making these songs available to the wider public for the first time. "
wishlist  spirituality  to_hear 
12 weeks ago
A sourcebook with a variety of mini-RPGs, plus campaign materials for Apocalypse World
12 weeks ago
We Sit Together
"WE SIT TOGETHER presents twenty-five of [Francis] Cape's beautifully reconstructed benches drawn from twenty utopian sects"
artifacts  utopia  community  books 
12 weeks ago
The Despair of Learning That Experience No Longer Matters - The New Yorker
Interesting piece on the decline in "return to experience" and the (possibly related) increase in "deaths of despair" among middle-aged white Americans. Controversial, but interesting
work  mental_illness  death  america 
12 weeks ago
RA: Remembering Mika Vainio
An appreciation of the deep discography of Mika Vainio (of Pan Sonic)
discographies  to_hear 
12 weeks ago
The Fake News Course Sillybus – The Fake News Reader – Medium
A syllabus of "fake news" related readings and assignments, with an antic sense of humor at play behind it
teaching  news  information 
12 weeks ago
Assignment: Post-Fact Checking – Medium
A depressing reminder that the logic of "triangulation"--checking a story from three distinct sources--is no longer wholly viable in our current turbulent media environment
teaching  news  information  media_ecology  knowledge 
12 weeks ago
MLA 8 vs MLA 7
"In previous editions of the MLA Handbook, researchers were required to locate the citation format for the source that they used. For example, if a magazine was used, researchers needed to locate the specific citation format for periodicals. Due to the various ways that information is now received, in books, websites, lectures, tweets, Facebook posts, etc, it has become unrealistic for MLA to create citation formats for every source type. Now, there is one standard, universal format that researchers can use to create their citations." It'd be nice if this site included what that is, but it does at least show how to cite a tweet.
12 weeks ago
The Great Photo Book Round-Up Review: Who Makes The Best Photo Books?
Still hoping to make a photo book one of these days; this was the best resource I found for sorting the players in the field
photography_advice  projects  personal_publishing 
12 weeks ago
Conspiracy-Pseudoscience – Media Bias/Fact Checking
Media Bias / Fact Check's list of "conspiracy" or "pseudoscience" sites
conspiracy  news  teaching 
12 weeks ago
Methodology – Media Bias/Fact Checking
This source looks a little rough, but they have a good four-point metric for assessing bias. Almost all of this would be worth integrating into a class exercise on assessing sources:

(1) Biased Wording/Headlines- Does the source use loaded words to convey emotion to sway the reader. Do headlines match the story.

(2) Factual/Sourcing- Does the source report factually and back up claims with well sourced evidence.

(3) Story Choices: Does the source report news from both sides or do they only publish one side.

(4) Political Affiliation: How strongly does the source endorse a particular political ideology? In other words how extreme are their views. 

In addition, they are working on factoring in what I call "credibility:"

Factual Reporting: VERY HIGH = a score of 0, which means the source is always factual, sources to credible information and makes immediate corrections to incorrect information.

Factual Reporting: HIGH = a score of 1 – 3, which means the source is almost always factual, sources to mostly credible low biased information and makes immediate corrections to incorrect information.

Factual Reporting: MIXED = a score of 4 – 6, which means the source does not always use sourcing or sources to other biased sources. They may also report well sourced information as well, hence it is mixed. These sources need to be checked.

Factual Reporting: LOW = a score of 6 – 8, which means the source rarely uses credible sources and is simply not trustworthy for reliable information. These are the sources that need to be fact checked for intentional fake news, conspiracy and propaganda.

Factual Reporting: VERY LOW = a score of 9 – 10, which means the source almost never uses credible sources and is simply not trustworthy for reliable information at all. These are the sources that always need to be fact checked for intentional fake news, conspiracy and propaganda.
news  teaching  conspiracy  propaganda 
12 weeks ago
Left + Right: The Combined Post-#Election2016 News “Ecosystem”
This series (misleadingly reported on in the Guardian) reveals some interesting results. Short version: right-wing sites link heavily to YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, and one another. Left-wing sites link heavily to the NYTimes, Washington Post, and Trump's Twitter
internet  politics 
12 weeks ago
Underrated figure in the CD-R drone underground
drone  bandcamp 
12 weeks ago
Calendars : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce
It's reassuring to know that the Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints still exists
wishlist  resistance 
12 weeks ago
Gender bias in student evaluations: Professors of online courses who present as male get better marks.
"Students gave professors they thought were male much higher evaluations across the board than they did professors they thought were female, regardless of what gender the professors actually were. When they told students they were men, both the male and female professors got a bump in ratings. When they told the students they were women, they took a hit in ratings. Because everything else was the same about them, this difference has to be the result of gender bias. ... Students penalized the perceived female professor in all 12 categories, including in qualities that women are usually assumed to excel at, such as being caring and respectful."
academia  depressing  gender 
12 weeks ago
Cold Facts | Pitchfork
Lindsay Zoladz on music, connection, and the Internet
music  internet  zeitgeist  relationships 
april 2017
"$43,125 to $13,227"
How much Charlotte Shane made in a year, and how
publishing  work  writing  capitalism 
april 2017
Eat Shit (2007) | Jazzkammer
"Originally released on CD by Asspiss Records in 2007"
noise  bandcamp 
april 2017
‘Blame Liberals’ | The Marshall Project
Interview with Naomi Murakawa: "Princeton political scientist Naomi Murakawa seeks to upend assumptions about the politics of crime and punishment. She argues that conservatives, playing the politics of racial animus, helped quadruple the incarceration rate, but they were not alone. Rather, she points to “liberal law and order” ideas first expressed by Harry Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and even the NAACP. These liberals believed that federalizing crime policy would “professionalize” the justice system and prevent racial bias. But in fact, federal funding and federal oversight of courts, sentencing, and policing helped build what Murakawa calls a “carceral state” that disproportionately punishes people of color."
incarceration  repressive_state_apparatus  interviews  politics  control 
march 2017
Why Arendt Matters: Revisiting “The Origins of Totalitarianism” - Los Angeles Review of Books
"[T]otalitarian movements succeed when they offer rootless people what they most crave: an ideologically consistent world aiming at grand narratives that give meaning to their lives. By consistently repeating a few key ideas, a manipulative leader provides a sense of rootedness grounded upon a coherent fiction that is “consistent, comprehensible, and predictable.” (Arendt)"
totalitarianism  reality  ideology  politics  power 
march 2017
A History of Race and Racism in America, in 24 Chapters - The New York Times
"I’ve selected the most influential books on race and the black experience published in the United States for each decade of the nation’s existence — a history of race through ideas, arranged chronologically on the shelf ... together, these works tell the history of anti-black racism in the United States as painfully, as eloquently, as disturbingly as words can."
race  books  lists  bibliographies 
march 2017
Hannah Black on the new world disorder - artforum.com / slant
"If goodness is a category that cannot comfortably include the perpetrators of genocide, mass incarceration, and slavery, then there has never been a good president, although some do more violence than others. Some people have known this forever, but knowledge is complicated and doesn’t proceed naturally from either identity or experience."
zeitgeist  power  violence  time 
march 2017
Ur-Fascism | by Umberto Eco | The New York Review of Books
1995 essay from Umberto Eco, worth reading at length, which culminates in a 14-point list of "features that are typical" of fascism
control  power  government  politics 
february 2017
The Spy Revolt Against Donald Trump Begins | Observer
On tensions between Trump and the NSA / CIA, "fearing Trump and his staff cannot keep their best SIGINT secrets."
crypto  politics 
february 2017
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